Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Sports day relay!

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I'm sure I won't be alone here in admitting that I never really enjoyed Physical Education at school. Just the memory of having to wear those horrendous two stripe, nappy-styled 'knicker -shorts' and my 'not-so cool' back then-tracksuit was not enjoyable, nor clever. Nor was the general 'sport' element for that matter either!

Of course, times have changed and my kit would probably command retro- respect these days but, Sports Lux? Luxury sports styling?! Was this really a trend I wanted to follow after so many years of trying avoid that very activity?

Sports Lux styling was everywhere last year due to the anticipation and excitement of the Olympics. Aerodynamic and streamlined, clothing incorporated zips, Velcro, neon and go-faster metallic stripes. Then, the controversial platform trainer followed and well, nothing else much wearable from the trend thereafter in my prejudiced opinion! Admittedly, I wasn't smitten and wished to see the back of this trend.

However, you can't always get what you wish for and our recent tennis victory did nothing to quell this growing obsession for all things sports related! Lucky for me though, Philip Lim, Alexander Wang and Chanel were evolving the 'sports-lux' look during last Septembers' Fashion week and the result was a more wearable and re-energised look taking influence from those very retro influences I once despised wearing!

Philip Lim: paying homage to the girl's netball team favourite racer- back and pastel shades of lilac and orange not seen combined together since the eighties. Alexander Wang also saluting a 'high-five' to the eighties with this skirt; not dissimilar to the colour schemes we all used to sport upon our tracksuits and 'HEAD' bags back in the class of eighty six! Images

Directing us equally well by replacing harsher angles fashioned during 2012 with the slouch fit, Chanel then reinvented the iconic 'Frankie says' eighties slogan print t-shirt seen here modelled by Cara Delavigne in their advertising campaign featured below. Even the likes of Victoria Beckham, Mulberry and Max Mara were also in on the act, going for gold with their athletic, cross- Atlantic inspired collections. 

Cara Delavigne modelling Chanel's eighties slogan slouch t shirt. Source:

I have to admit that I am finally appreciating the 'new' more aesthetically pleasing 'Sports lux' now. Taking you to down town Brooklyn, via a few basketball courts on the way, this look successfully amalgamates distinct street styling from the nineteen eighties and nineties together in a clever, more wearable way.

Street lux is definitely the new sports lux and I couldn't think of a better way for any of us to dress 'casual- cool' during these forever changeable climes! And, here are some of the best buys around at the moment, so reasonably priced that you might even consider saving for that trip to New York one day to experience the very origins of this freestyle and expressive look. 

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