Saturday, 31 August 2013

Feed your style imagination

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One of the reasons why I went into fashion is because I got fedup with being part of the boring crowd and began to introduce into my life 'Style'.

This meant I had to look deep into myself and make a decision that I have had no regrets and made my life much much more happier. I feel like I'm getting things done and I'm meeting lots of interesting and fabulous people.

I actually find that when my sense of fashion has been fed, I really feel invigorated and a new. But this can only be accomplished by feeding yourself with great fashion shows and encouraging yourself to move away from the boring crowd. They are the ones that are stuck in a time warp. You do not have to be rich to dress stylish. You just need to feed your imagination and live your dream and not someone else's expectations.

One of the best ways to feed your style imaginations is by visiting fashion events. Let's look at it this way. You can't call yourself fashionable, if you at the least find out what the latest fashion styles are to work around or from the display.

My biggest bug bare in the past was my work was my fashion and I always dressed for work. By breaking that tie or restriction, I found that everyone can be stylish. In the word of one of my favourite designers Gregory Hod Williams, life is to short to be part of the boring crowd...

So my message to you all, men and women... Change and feed that change. Change is one of those inevitabilities, so why not embrace it and the new you in the fashion of your choice and not someone else's.

Onwards and upwards

Fashions Finest: London Fashions Week Shows

Designer: Moyaah
Model: Gracia-Denise Coleman
Image by: Trevor Fogah Griffiths, iDeLick Media