Friday, 20 September 2013

John Rocha SS14 LFW

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Following the recent close of play of London Fashion Week, the magnificent spectacle of talent is testament to London being dubbed the forward-thinking, fashion capital of the world.

Paving the way in the sartorial stakes was budding designer, Simone Rocha who dazzled her audience at London Fashion Week with pearl clad haute couture, showing that pearls are experiencing somewhat of a renaissance at the moment.

Rocha's innovative juxtaposition of bridal with grunge was both thrilling and unexpected, adding another dimension to her unique vision. Meanwhile chunky, contorted chokers and embellished hosiery placed pearly whites firmly in the spotlight.

Taking note from Coco Chanel, Rocha has made pearls her signature motif. Her placement of these iridescent beauties on her black garments injects a fierce synergy into her collection whilst their inclusion on her white pieces creates a pretty, feminine and romantic look.

Rocha's unique vision and edgy femininity has enabled her to create an eclectic, fierce and magnificent collection.

From Rocha's spectacular display at London Fashion Week to the up and coming pearls exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum which is unveiled this weekend, it seems that pearls are experiencing somewhat of a renaissance at the moment.

Get the look with a stunning long pearl necklace from Winterson and double (or even triple) it up for a bold, layered look. Alternatively punctuate your pins with a pair of stunning embellished tights from Red or Dead.


Written by Rebecca Jones