Monday, 04 November 2013

Trending with leggings

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We've become more and more fascinated with leggings than every before. More so 'treggings', but I'm really not so fussy about terms, especially when they only seem to keep evolving by one or two letters each time. But for the curious, treggings, in my opinion and in the most simple way, give a trouser fit but a leggings' feel. Its great really, no longer do we have to walk around with leggings that do nothing for the shape; the 'treggings' evolution now allows us to portray a slim, figure-hugging posture in the most flattering way.

But I'll keep it simple; we are loving the figure-flattering leggings! The patterns of what seems like a re-vamped wardrobe piece has been sculptured to fit unto the human body, in just the right places. And while we love to keep up with what's hot in fashion, its not always easy to find the right outfit for our leggings. Here are a few ways to keep recycling our fashion-favourite while looking chic and stylish every time!

Ofcourse, there are a lot more ways to wear your leggings (or skinnys), but I find these four ways to be pretty distinct and easy to create. So whether you are going for a smart/casual look for a semi-formal function (1), wanting the comfy, casual, yet chic look (2), up for a snazzy 'ready-to-hit-the-town' look (3), or just the retro girl on the block (4), its leggings all-day, every-day!
How would you style your leggings for a 5-day week?