Saturday, 16 November 2013

Prada’s new Mini Bags

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I absolutely adore Prada's new mini bag collection for the Fall of 2013. 
They are a much more upscale take on the classic 'satchel' with the added embellishments and the elegant fastenings at the front. Prada have introduced a modern twist on account of the size which enables the user to take it through the daytime and into the night whilst keeping up appearances. The minimalism of these mini bags combined with the classic Prada sparkle and the simplistic, geometric cut is what makes these bags so wearable.
They come in a variety of different colours and styles and I have taken quite a fancy to the aqua blue colour block satchel as it provides that bit of vibrancy every monochrome lover needs! A few different variations for the fasteners are also shown as well as a decision for the round or the square shape.
I normally stand by my square bags but the red mini bag with rounded edges and the gold piece really is sweet. Satchels are, and have proven to be, timeless and are showcased all year round and if the strap is tucked away, what do you know? You have a darling little clutch.

I love the thought of pairing the red mini bag with slim, tailored trousers, a fitted blazer and heeled boots. Oh! And of course lashings of your favourite matte red lipstick.

The bags may be little, but it sure provides the statement every outfit needs.

Written by Savannah Liu