Monday, 31 March 2014

Lady’s Day

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Ladies day; dating as far back as the 18th Century. We ladies must put in more effort than usual down at the races. The majority of us are aware of the grand fashion weeks in the world's most famous cities but aside from that; the elite have their own fashion show. It is as much about style as it is horse racing.

The Royal family are particularly well known for making a conscious style effort on these occasions. Some may choose a certified co-ordinating suit whilst others may slide more towards the classic 'lady-like knee-length dress'. However, one thing is for sure, hats are the ultimate style statement: the more ostentatious the better.

Besides the hats, one mustn't reveal too much skin, reservation is glorified and ladies, sensible footwear please. It is going to be a long day and sinking into the grass, getting caught tripping up and bruises are not allowed in 'Lady-dom'. To co-inside with this, there will be champagne and other alcoholic beverages available throughout the day and it is most advised that pace is key. This brings us into another matter or long, white dresses. No no no no no. Mud is an awful enemy of fashion and to be standing around all day trying to impose a 'Gone with the Wind' look is definitely off the cards. Or off the bets if you like.


Alongside fashion a pretty face is nothing without a brain. Know your horses! Do not turn up to a race without knowing what is actually racing. Whilst you are checking your ticket, check for dress codes! Fashion faux pas is intolerable.

Good luck!

written by Savannah Liu