Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mehron professional makeup

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On Saturday evening I was very lucky to be part of Fashions Finest show Renaissance in Nottingham. Deborah St Louis asked me a while back now if I would be interested in leading the creative team backstage. Of course I jumped to the chance. I brought on board 2 make-up artists, 2 make-up assistants, 2 hair stylists and a nail designer. Some of these girls I had previously worked with and knew their high standard of work already, for the others I did a casting where I was spoilt for choice.

I chose my team and began work on creating a look to suit all models and all designers' designs that were being showcased. I have to say, and not being bias at all, that I am very proud of my team. Every single one of them delivered over my expectations making the night backstage a successful stress free relaxed working environment. Well done girls!!

On the night we were very lucky to be sponsored by make-up brand MehronUk. Treasure house of makeup who are based in Stockport are the leading providers for Mehron in the Uk and provided the make-up for the show. They sent along 3 make-up kits for myself and the other 2 fully qualified make-up artist's Nichole Spencer and Charlotte Hearn for us to use. I had previous experience of working with the brand at Paris Fashion week in March 2014 where the make-up team was sponsored by Mehron, again from Treasure House, but for the other girls in my team it was their first experience. Well, all I can say, is it won't be their last!

The girls fell in love with the products, especially the Mehron Celebre HD Foundation and today I'm going to tell you a little about the products. BEWARE, to fall in love too.

Mehron Celebre HD Foundation - £9.14 (single pot)

Mehron claim this foundation is an oil-free and fragrance free cream make-up that delivers satin-smooth, buildable coverage that is non greasy and great for all skin types. My verdict... is that they are absolutely right. This foundation glided onto the models skin so easily. I used my Duo fibre brush to stipple on the product and then buffed the product into the skin as I do on all my foundation applications on models. This is how I create a base or step 1 after skin prep for creating a flawless skin. I was so surprised to see the results. Not only did the foundation work as a foundation base in one application but also as a concealer and 2nd base of foundation application. I gazed at the models skin for a few seconds amazed at how flawless the models skin looked with one application. The creamy texture if needed is buildable allowing you to build coverage to what the particular individual needs or likes. This foundation really does give a perfect flawless result with very little product. It's ideal for fashion runways, HD TV and every day wear and what's more the creamy texture works on all skin types and colours coming in 20 different shades

Mehron HD loose mineral finishing powder - £10.05

This powder from Mehron gives a perfect matte finish and compliments the Celebre HD foundations perfectly. The powder was very ultra-fine which is a must when working with powder for TV or flash photography. It gave an excellent coverage and staying powder keeping our models shine free all night under the hot lights on the catwalk. It was very easy to apply, simply sweep over the skin with a powder brush.

Mehron Cheek Powder - £5.48 (single) Palette £36.56

We were lucky enough to have the cheek palette so we could experiment with more than colour. On my design I decided to choose 2 different cheek colours depending on the models skin tone. I'm so glad we had this palette. The colours I chose were 'Rosewood' and 'Mocha'. They complimented the models skin perfectly. The powder was very rich and vibrant in colour which meant very little product was needed. It glided onto the girls skin perfectly, looking silky and smooth with a pop of colour. No dry patches or uneven pigment, just beautiful rosy cheeks. The palette is excellent value for money as very little product is needed. It comes in 8 beautiful shades to match every skin tone.

Mehron Eye and Cheek 8 colour combo palette - £36.56

This palette is one of my go to palettes in my professional make-up kit. I received this palette whilst working at Paris Fashion Week last month and brought it onto the make-up look at Renaissance. It has 4 incredible cheek powders that I have just talked about including the 2 shades I chose for the make-up look last Saturday, plus 4 very strong eye shadow powders. The pigment in these shadows is so intense that all you need is a small amount to give the eye a full wash of colour. The powders are so velvety and smooth and don't crease. If you've always wanted a face blusher or shadow powder where you get a quick instant pop of colour then this palette really is for you. 1 slight sweep over the colour with a brush is all you need. Excellent value for money...this palette will last and last and last.
All of this make-up can be bought along with the full range of Mehron professional make-up from Treasure house of make-up in stockport. The team are friendly, welcoming and helpful. You can order online and are guaranteed quick delivery. Come back next week to my blog where you will be able to read about more Mehron products.