Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to create a classy, sultry beauty look on a red head

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On Sunday I worked on a photo shoot with a photographer I have worked with many times before in Nottingham and a model I had been in contact with for a while over Facebook but had not yet met. As always I planned the hair and make-up looks I wanted to create before arriving at the studio in Nottingham by assessing the models features, skin colouring and hair through images only. I decided to use Mehron Make-up apart from the odd product here and there as I had had such fabulous results the weekend before using the brand at 'Renaissance' where Mehron had been the make-up sponsor. The make-up was provided by Treasure House of Make-up based in Stockport.

For this particular look on my photo shoot on Sunday I decided I wanted to create a classy, sultry beauty look on a red head. I had to make sure the products were right as my model was very fair skinned and anything too dramatic would be too much. I have to admit, that once again Mehron didn't let me down.

After skin prep I began by using 'Mehron's Velvet Finish Primer Serum'. I had previously tested this on my skin and my gosh my skin had never felt so silky smooth. This product is exactly what it says in the title a 'Velvet Serum'. It feels very much like a hair serum, and we all know how amazing hair serum is! It's a rich serum product that glides onto skin very easily leaving the skin looking matte, along with all the benefits of hydrating and protecting the skin and decreasing the appearance of fine lines and working as a primer I can promise you your skin will never feel so good. Being a make-up artist I have tried a lot of primers and I can honestly say from the heart this is the BEST I have ever used. This primer is perfect for dry skin but also perfect for oily as it absorbs oil. I recommend EVERYONE to go out and buy this product, whether you're a make-up artist or someone wanting to use an amazing product at home. This is more than a 10/10 is a 100/10 product. My professional kit and home care routine for myself will never be without this product again. £18.28

I created the base on my model using the 'Mehron Celebre HD Foundation' as spoke about on last week's blog only this time I set with 'Mehron Celebre Pressed Powder'. I absolutely loved the finish of this powder. It is so good at absorbing oil that I didn't have to top up my model's face once throughout the whole shoot from the many hot lights beaming down on her. The finish on her skin felt almost satin and gave an even finish all over. Perfect colour match and so easy to apply. I used a powder brush and swept over her skin giving perfect results. £11.88

I am a massive fan of cream blusher for many reasons. Personally I feel cream products on photo shoots under lights and flashes look better. They set better; they look better and apply better. The 'Mehron cheek cream palette' did not disappoint me. It contains 8 beautiful varied colour tones from warm, cool and rosy hues. I personally use a contour stipple brush (duo fibre) to apply cream blusher. By using this brush little colour is picked up and goes onto the models skin in small dots like an airbrush effect. I then use a clean stipple brush to blend and work that cream into the models skin. The Mehron palette gave incredible results. The product is a rich cream with a strong pigment and only one application of cream on your stipple brush is needed. This palette will last for so long because of the high pigment in the product. The colours will compliment every skin tone. On my model Rosa I used shade Bronze. £36.56

For my model's eye make-up I used an NYX Jumbo pencil in shade bronze and Mac scatter pigments over the top to give a slight glitter pigment affect. I finished off by using 'Mehron' mascara in black. It performed superb. My model's eyelashes were enhanced with no clumps and I think you will agree that those lashes look long! £7.31

To finish off the look I used 'Mehron Lip Night palette' it contains 8 rich colours that come in the form of a lip cream. The Mehron lip creams are an excellent product to apply colour to dry lips as the cream contains a conditioning formula to keep them smooth and supple. The product was so easy to apply and looked incredible. Throughout the shoot I did not need to top up the lips as the staying power of this product was strong. Mehron also do a 'day palette' again 8 different shades. These 2 palettes combined are all you need to have a variety of extreme fashion lip trends. On my model I used 'Oh Chocolate' from the night palette. £36.56

All of this make-up used on my look and the full Mehron professional make-up range can be bought from Treasure House of Make-up in Stockport. You can also order online at Treasure House of Make-up any questions feel free to comment and I shall get back to you.
Photographer: Rubicon Photography
Model: Rosa Dela
Make-up and Hair: Victoria Davies
Make-up: Mehron, NYX and Mac