Sunday, 11 May 2014

Pops of Colour using Mehron

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It's no secret that this past few weeks I have been using the make-up brand Mehron from Treasure House of Make-up on a lot of my make-up jobs. I've always been a massive fan of one of the products I am going to tell you about today, but I fell in love whilst using the brand at Paris Fashion Week in March 2014 and even more in love 3 weeks back at Fashions Finest show Renaissance in Nottingham. As well as one of today's products being one of my favourite make-up products EVER their Velvet Serum Primer is now my favourite primer I have ever tried too. Every product I have told you about over the past 3 weeks has come from an honest opinion from a professional freelance make-up artist (myself) and I'll say it again... this brand won't let you down!!!

So today I have to tell you how amazing some of Mehron's eye colours are.

Intense Pro Pigment Palettes - £51.18

WOW these palettes of pigments are as the title says...INTENSE.

They come in 3 different intense palettes of pressed shadow pigments each containing 8 different colours related to the name of the palette. The shadows are matte and so strong and rich in pigment that all you need is one swipe over the palette with a flat brush and when placed on the eye or skin the colour beams straight back at you with an intense wash of colour. The texture feels velvety and to look at it looks silky and matte with a strong pop of colour. All the shades are either bright or deep and rich. I find the variety of shades Mehron have put together in these palettes in the 3 colour combinations all work together so well.

The palettes come in 3 names; EARTH – which I think is perfect colour match for creating a sophisticated look, WIND - to create an edgy look and FIRE - creates a bright look.

They are also available as single shadows ideal if you cannot afford the palettes or would like to test or use only one colour. - £7.31

Metallic Powder and Mixing Liquid – £8.68

This product is incredible! One of my all time favourite products in my kit and has been used over and over. The product is a loose pigment powder with a "molten metal" effect. Nothing like your normal loose pigment shadows, this is something different. The powder is ultra-fine and so easy to use. Can be used dry for an intense powder pigment shadow on the eyes with a metal likeness to do it or it can be mixed with a product from Mehron called 'Mixing Liquid'. Now this is where things get exciting! Have you ever seen a full body paint where the model looks like metal? Well this is the product!!

Simply mix a small amount of mixing liquid with metallic powder and by magic it creates a metallic liquid makeup. Simply apply it over the body or desired area with a brush or sponge or even pop it into an airbrush gun and watch the transformation. I absolutely love this this product! The affects you can create are endless. Whether you want boldness, beautiful, dramatic or that full on metal body paint affect this product is the one to use! Comes in 4 colours of, gold, silver, bronze and copper.

Precious Gem Powder –
Mehron's loose pigment powder comes by the name of 'Precious Gem Powder' and wow it really is a precious gem! Very strong pigmented ultra-fine powder that gives an intense affect with a small amount of product. The powders are shimmery and glittery making them idea for that night out or to create a dramatic high fashion or glamorous look. Simply apply dry with a flat brush or can be mixed with the mixing liquid for a wet application making the colour even more intense. Quick, simple and incredible results.

All of these products including the full range of Mehron Make-up can be bought in store or online at Treasure House of Make-up in Stockport. Friendly helpful staff and quick delivery. Perfect for any make-up artist or home use.

All product can be found here via MerhonUK and Treasure House of Makeup