Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Beach Babe Hair

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Summer is just around the corner and so is holiday season. I love nothing more than relaxing on a beach with beautiful golden sands listening to the waves, catching some rays with a cocktail in hand. But we ladies all know how harmful the sun can be to our hair. It's a known fact that sun, sea and chlorine have damaging effects on the hair.

So whether you're off abroad, to the English coast or simply enjoying the sun in the comfort of your garden or Local Park special hair care in the summer is a must!

The Solution???

Mark Hill has brought a holiday hair care range out ideal for the summer months. His expert team have put hair through the toughest conditions to create products that are excellent for protecting the hair through the summer season along with great smelling products.

There are 7 super products in this range that come in mini size bottles ideal for overseas travelling at the check-in desk.

1, Holiday Hair Sunshine Shampoo
A luxurious shampoo to gently cleanse the hair clean keeping moisture locked in to sun stressed-out hair. £1.99

2, Holiday Hair Sunset Smoother Aftersun Conditioner
A super affective nourishing and repair conditioner for sun-damaged hair. £1.99

3, Holiday Hair Cover Up Protection Spray
A product to cover up/provide a barrier on the hair and scalp from the sun helping to replenish lost moisture. £5.99

4, Holiday Hair Sun, Sea, Frizz-free Anti Humidity Spray
A simple spray to not only help protect the hair from the rays but also keeps the hair smooth, frizz free and glossy. £5.99

5, Holiday Hair Beach to Bar Shampoo
If you don't have time to wash your hair between the day and evening out then this product will get rid of the sand, sea salt and chlorine refreshing your hair and style. £5.99

6, Holiday Hair Beach Babe Sea Salt Wave Spray
This product instantly revamps or creates soft beach babe waves in your long locks ready for a day at the beach. £5.99

7, Holiday Hair Summer Loving Protection Serum
This is ideal for adding extra moisture to sun-stressed hair. Use on damp hair and dry hair to define.