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The French Fancies with killer style …

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One of the worst things about fashion nowadays is that no one has a mind of their own, instead people turn to high street stores and wear what the retail industry is telling them is 'in' to wear.

It is the fashion icons from decades ago, whose children you need to be looking at, as these are the people who ooze class, sophistication and timeless style – which you can't buy from any typical shop – you are born with it.

An example of some of these iconic children are the off-spring of the sensational beauty and 60s icon, Jane Birkin. Two of her girls, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon, are the epitome of style with their French femininity and edgy rocker looks.
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As you may be aware, Birkin was the 'IT' model of the 60s, not only known for her beauty, modelling and acting career, but also for her choice of men, whom over time fathered her three girls.

First of all it was the James Bond Composer, John Barry, whom she had the talented photographer Kate Barry with – which ended in tragedy as she sadly died earlier this year.

Then there was the magnificent, French God of music and sex appeal, the mighty Serge Gainsborough whom she had Charlotte with, and then came along Lou whose father, Jacques Doillon was a very famous director.
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With all the beauty, talent and reputable statuses each of the parents shared in the celebrity world, it was no shock that Charlotte and Lou would end up following in similar iconic footsteps to their mother and fathers.

This is shown today, as the sisters are often featured in the fashion Bible, Vogue and modelling for top end designers such as Givenchy. Their whole lifestyle and look will make any fashion day dreamer want to move to the star's homeland of Paris and swoon ...
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Charlotte who was born in the UK, was brought up in France, and is therefore fluent in both French and English – meaning her acting and singing is adored in both countries.

The natural beauty is rarely seen wearing make-up and she always looks as though she has thrown things together, but in a way that always looks effortlessly chic, a look which not many women can pull off.

Her extremely petite frame is often covered in jeans, Converse or boots and tailored shirts and jackets, a look which she describes as "not very fancy", which of course is extremely admirable considering her wealth.
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Charlottes younger sister Lou has carried on her mothers remarkable beauty, and even sports the same hair style her mother was known for in her hey day.

Lou, like her family, hasn't escaped their lucky streak of having sensational style, and when she isn't strutting the catwalk or playing her music, she can be found roaming the streets of Paris in a nonchalant fashionable manner.

Her style is similar to her sisters, except she has more of an indie, boho vibe as she often wears quirky hats, over sized jackets and braces with her jeans.
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Both sisters, like many Parisians, stick to the same colour palettes, which often consists of navy, black, white and grey and these colours are the ones to opt for if you want to mimic a look like theirs.

Ultimately though, the greatest thing about Charlotte and Lou's style is because they don't flash their wealth in their clothing and they don't show off and flaunt their figures, they wear 'regular' clothing, but in a way that when they team it together, they are just that cool, they make everything look superb.
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If you're looking for a touch of the French fancies look, then look at the footwear on Elia B – simple, classic and chic, just like Charlotte and Lou.