Tuesday, 22 July 2014

An Instagram star inspiring A-List celebrities …

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For those who aren't already hooked on the social site Instagram, then now is the chance to get signed up, especially if you're looking for fashion inspiration.
Photo sourced from Instagram

Whether you're aware or not, people are now making a living from their Instagram pages, something people would never have predicated happening just a few years ago.

Nowadays, people with a lot of followers are inspiring people around the world, including celebrities, a prime example of someone who does this is the fabulous Antoinette Marie.

Antoinette is a fashion stylist, creative producer and all round beauty from Sydney and just recently, she has been the talk of the town, not only for her magnificent sense of style, but also for inspiring Khloe Kardashian into copying one of her fabulous frocks.
Photo sourced from Instagram

This inspirational frock is by designer Constantina and Louise and Khloe wore the embellished gown to the wedding rehearsal of her sister, Kim Kardashian this year which gave the designer a lot of public attention, even making their website crash several times!

One of the greatest things about Constantina and Louise is that they believe all women belong on their runway and their mission is to infuse a 'Dare to Dream' sense with their collections, which make women feel and look beautiful.

The Constantina and Louise collections feature easy to wear designs with a hint of ethereal fantasy and extravagance which beckons women all over the world to lift the veil and illuminate their inner goddess.

Antoinette is the epitome of the Constantina and Louise's outlook on women and her Instagram proves this as it shows off her wardrobe full of to-die-for clothing, accessories and shoes, which many women would love to wear, and you can find an excellent selection of designer brands at Hurleys.

Each of her outfit choices will easily inspire you to take tips from her style as her unique and eclectically assembled outfits, picture perfect posts and breathtaking beauty will make your eyes turn green with envy.
Photo sourced from Instagram

With over 600,000 followers it was no surprise that such a huge celebrity was drawn to Antoinette's Instagram page and this is why all the top designers are eager for her to wear their clothes.

Antoinette might be inspiring designers to work with her and women into wearing fantastic her clothing items, but she is also inspiring people in a sense that she you to work hard and succeed, as luxurious fashion items don't come for free unless you earn them.