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Colour me bad!

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With a little dab here and a splosh there, fashion has been under siege of an explosive art attack this year. Now, I hate to say it but, but back in London Fashion Week in February 2013 when I first saw Brian Chan's art/ fashion extravaganza at Fashions Finests' show at the Westbury hotel, I did think we would be seeing more of him and, sure enough, I was right as usual!
Brian's debut show for Fashions finest at the Westbury hotel London Fashion Week February 2013. Photograph: Stoyanov and Jones photography
Brians' recent show on 'Britain's got talent' Image

Who could forget his debut show on Britain's got talent and the mixed reactions he got from the judges! Albeit Simon Cowell wasn't his greatest fan, but Alicia Dixon wasn't seeing red when she complimented Brian on his bright and colourful work and put him through to the semi-finals.

Stating from the outset that he wanted to make fashion an art form, Brian certainly got us thinking about moving art into our wardrobes and talking about whether this was a good or a bad thing. I'm sure that a lot of us were probably too scared to wear Brian's art work and maybe some of you didn't get it but, to me, he was on the money, I did get it. Brian was delivering a very fashion-forward prediction and a much more Avant-garde take on this year's flourishing paint splash trend. To me it was a 'no-brainer', we had to take note and use his art work as inspiration on how to dress this season.

Following on from Brian's ground-breaking fashion show during London fashion week, more art was then in store for us at Paris Fashion week 2013. First we saw bright paint splashed garments from the YSL fashion house and then, Chanel's legendary Karl Lagerfeld showcased yet another memorable art show in his less than shy trademark style!

True to eccentric form, Lagerfeld entertained audiences with his art/ fashion exhibit which even incorporated original artwork adorning the walls to compliment the art work walking down the catwalk and other giant walking pieces of art work such as a giant robot and bottle of Number 5. Clothing wise, as if undecided as to what colour pallet to use, white fabric on key garments displayed a range of paint pallet tester cards in bright hues of primary colours. like the after math of a trip to a DIY store to select bright paints for a teenager's bedroom, the fabric invited you to pick out your favourite colour scheme and choose between a range of contrasting colour schemes thereafter.
Image: Bing

And it worked! I particularly like the playful nature of the fabric and the way your eye gets drawn to your favourite shade and colour panel. For me, the blue and the purples sandwiched between the yellows catch my eye, and I can imagine that this dress could be enjoyed by a variety of different people for a variety of different reasons and visual benefits. The handbag too, being the perfect accessory to provide more paint pallet drama to the rest of the outfit. What was there not to like about this colour extravaganza?

Above, our crowd pleasing fabric then takes centre stage upon more familiar silhouettes such as the skater skirt, midriff bearing top and skirt set and who could not like the combination of the iconic red box jacket dressing the fifties style striped swim suit?

Moving forwards from last year's geometric pattern clashing trend, we are also introduced to the art of pixel pattern clashing, using the same print but in opposing directions and then style clashing produced by adding unusual components to clothing such as the unexpected lace edgings and ruffles.

And before I finish this write up it must be noted that Lagerfield had not only succeeded in making art from something we would usually dispense with and not see as art but, he has done one thing that no other man has done successfully before and that is to combine the black hi gloss stiletto with white socks!

Now, I'm sure that very few of us can honestly say that a man wearing white socks under sandals would not rouse a giggle or fits of laughter from us but, white socks under stilettos... no problem! We're not laughing here!

Perhaps it was the mild winter or maybe Brian Chan and Lagerfeld sensed that we were growing old too fast and we needed some fun this season. For years now Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicky Minaj have been dazzling us with their bright fashions. Colours we have sported but combinations many of us dared not to endorse. Some side line trends copied by the high street such as Gagas' iconic glasses and bright block coloured separates but never have we had so much colour crammed into single garments as now.

With so many rainbow fashions available right now, we can but not chose to partake in this colour invasion this season and become a walking and work of art. So, dare to be brave this season and colour every day with these beautiful garments I have found for you.
Dress from for a mere £16.00 White dress just $11.95 from

Make a Technicolor statement in these Vans £57 or bring on the sunshine when it rains with this rainbow jumper Wild fox White Label £100.00 found on Asos market place.

Last but not least, don't out rule this eighties and those iconic primary hues adorning this dress, famously sported by Michelle Keegan during ITVs Lorraine awards, just a mere £25.99 from Zara.

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