Thursday, 02 October 2014

Dear Frances

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My first impressions of Dear Frances latest collection, SS15: Girl Of My Dreams were very sophisticated, modern and wearable. I've never heard of this brand before (but I have now, obviously!), so upon my arrival I spoke to the designer, Jane Frances, a little bit about her background, which Jane also explained that the brand is quite new. Actually, I was very surprised to hear that, as I can honestly say that the designs and the quality of the footwear are right at the top against many successful luxurious brands. I have to admit that it's very rare for me to go back home and constantly think about a brand, unless I was totally blown away by what I saw.

I've recently developed more interests in minimalism. And I'm currently searching for a perfect pair of shoes (most preferably a pair of boots) for autumn and winter seasons, which I already have my eyes set on a pair (or two) from Dear Frances. I don't really like online shopping either, unless I've seen that product with my own eyes before (then constantly dream about them, haha). I don't really get influenced to buy something online - retouched images does not persuade me well enough. I rather try things on and view them closely, you don't get that personal experience viewing them on the internet.
Of course, I picked up a few pairs of Dear Frances in the showroom and viewed them up-close. The most amazing part was when I found out how light they were! Usually, shoes that are made out of thick wooden heels or wooden platforms are meant to be quite heavy, but Frances did an amazing job as every pair were light-weight and the leather were soft. I can imagine myself wearing most of this collection next summer; the open toe clog-style heels (which you can choose between low or high), cute flats, sandals and even trainers. They are simple yet stylish pieces that any women should own, the neat and sharp cuts are combine elegantly with see-through glass or fabric. They are made for this era, very contemporary and most importantly so wearable! 

Written by Fashions Finest blogger Boonya Rodpunyar