Friday, 03 October 2014

Kaoska Fashion Show

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After towing and froing to nail that agreement in place for iDeLick Media to become the principle media service for Kaoska Fashion House at this event. We arrived in the capacity of a Reporting to focus on various people that serviced this event.

If you haven't been to the Hilton Hotel or any of their many brands, The Double Tree was just a short jaunt from Marble Arch underground station. Entering the building, Nomy Khan the Director of Fashion at Kaoska, laid on for his guests an extra ordinary fruit-filled Champaign courtesy of John Squibb, Pommarina brand. The refreshment did not take long to work as the guests went fully into networking and the 'hello darling' kissy kissy. Pictures were taken on the Kaoska red carpet backdrop and photographers hustled and haggled to get their pictures of the finely fashionably dressed ladies and suited gents.

Our first encounter was with Fashion Designer Hirika Jagani a graduate from London College of Fashion. Hirika from India engaged us with her travels around India to produce a collection of evening wear. She took us through the steps taken to ensure the full process used in the production was ethical and sustainable. She laid emphasis on the production of the dye that was made using only organic material. Hirika informed us that her careful overseeing of the dye production process was to ensure no products or ingredient was used that would harm anyone or the environment.
We also managed to have a brief word with two other Fashion Designer who also had made garments that were shown on the runway. Aina Brence gave us a treat with her dresses designed to inspire confidence and empower women.
It was Fashion Designer Suzanne Nicolson who brought humour and ladishness to the show with her collection of man's scarfs and woolly cardigans. Aina had the guys take to bicycles to add a rememberable spectacle for her segment of the show.
Show Director of Fashion at Kaoska Nomy Khan giving a personal touch to the models before they entered the runway.