Monday, 06 October 2014

Essex Fashion Week 5th Annual Fashion Show

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When we received the invitation to attend the 5th Annual Essex Fashion Show, there was a bit of apprehension as we had heard about it in the past, but we only knew as much that it existed. After a brief debate with our Editor at Fashions Finest we decided to visit in the capacity of a reporter with the intention to update our Blog.

On arriving in Fairlop Essex, oh yeah! That feeling of being in the open countryside confirmed good shoes was a must as the Lake View Marquee was accessed by what could only be deemed as a country lane. Any other shoe of a softer type might have needed a good scrubbing after wear.

We arrived a little early than norm just to see the organisation and transformation of the event for the attending public. As done when seeing something new, there is a pause in front of the Marquee and to say, it was admirable.

On entering into the registration, I would say that arriving early might have thrown the organisers a bit. I was promptly vetted and given the all clear VIP classification with a warm feeling that they understood why we attended and to ensure we had a great time. Knowing that this Fashion Week was apart from the London and other Fashion Weeks around the world, we didn't know what to expect from the attendees to this event. I am use to situating myself during fashion week around Somerset House with the droves of fashion seeking public dressed stylist, off the wall, bazaar, avant-garde, ect. But the view by most people attending a typical Fashion Week could be taken as dress to impress.

Well, did Essex Fashion Week deliver? That is for you to decide. We just made sure we captured the most stylish and fashionably dressed visitors.
Designer on the night were Dentelle Bleue, Jane Norman, Dirty Angels, Tresor, Freeport Braintree, Matthew Hubble, Tryme To Live, Confetti Couture, Kryolan.