Friday, 26 December 2014

5 'Positives' Most Rising Models Have adopted

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Camilla Pagliarosi Rising star and our choice for the one to watch.
IDLK3522Photographer: Trevor Fogah Griffiths, iDeLick Media. Make up artist: Carmelina Nina Farrag

The coming of the New Year often brings in the wish to change a habit or bringing about of a new attitude in the form of a New Years Resolution. With all good intention, for some, this new habit or attitude normally last for about a couple of months. And then a return to the old debilitating habits that leaves a Model with potential way off the selection list.

1. Time Keeping

Attending a casting is very much the first hurdle for Models who travels to see the Organiser of an event that requires Models wishing to work or volunteer. Registering at the advertised time is the first opportunity a Model has to make an impression on an Organiser and put them in a strong position to make selection. Even if you are not selected, a great impression will be left with the Organiser and leave a positive message and experience for the next casting.

Advice: be on time for the casting and remember there will always be a next time.

2. Communication

Some times, especially on a Sunday, there are a lot of disruption to transportation and route in major cities. The disruption are sometimes advertised and some time not. A Model that is running late should always communicate promptly to the organiser that there is a problem and give an expected time of arrival.

Advise: If a Model really want to impress the organiser, keep in contact with the Organiser. Also, give the Organiser a call the night before the event to let them know how much you are looking forward to attend their event. Then, use that magical phrase, 'Thank You'.

3. Happy Face

Remind yourself to wear your 'happy face' before you even think about pressing the bell at the event's location. Always assume that everyone at the event is on a happy vibe and are ready and set to make the most out of the event. As a bonus, they extend their 'happiness to be here' attitude to everybody they meet. Even if there is a Lift Attendant or a Porter, they will so to say, spread their joy.

Attendees should note that there would be a few people running around fixing and asserting their will as they are the Organiser or part of the Organisational Team and they have a job to do.

Advice: Ask if a Team Member needs assistant. Or to say with no apology, stay where you have been allocated and sit down out of the way. But it is always a good thing to ask if help is need.

4. Respect

I believe that if a person wants respect, then they have to 'be respectful' to others. Most Organisers have a vision and look to put their plans in place well before the Model has even been selected. These plans have been agreed and might even have been rehearsed behind closed doors and all information extended only to those belonging to the Organisational Team.

Advise: There is belief that everyone is very much tied together in the fashion industry and whether known or unknown. It is also believed and a given that they have organisational ethics. Also, noting that there is a specific way to communicate with respect and in a 'warm-style' to the Organiser about any part of their plan. Anyone NOT involved at the Planning Stage of an event should be wise enough NOT to impose their plan or on any member of Organisation Team. My advice would be to find out what relationships exist before trying to enforce an expectation.

5. Do Not Gossip

Speaking well of everyone is the key to going further with your modeling career. When meeting someone at an event and having at least one or more good things to say about people and their craft is one of the most positive things a new Model can do.

There is a common assumption that when a Model has been selected, they have power to influence. This is a myth and can be assured a 'myth' just speaking to Organisers, Models or other Creative that are enjoying a great career. Most people entering into Modeling will not be aware of the sensitiveness of this industry and the investments that have been made were people have given great amount of time and effort to there craft. Also that most of the Specialist, Creatives and Generalist do not 'wear their credentials on their sleeves' so to say or in short 'boost' about themselves or their merits.

Advise: Remember that just because a person is not spoken about, does not mean that they are 'a body' and is open for sarcasm or ridicule. And remember, 'if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all'.