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Yellow Sunshine

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Walking around the shop over the weekend I spotted a lot of yellow, not really a colour that I would wear in a complete outfit. The colour of gold, butter and ripe lemon are often associated with happiness, laughter and good times, the colour of the sun. Found on the colour wheel between green and orange.

Sunshine yellow might not compliment all our skin tones, so find the right shade of yellow that works for you. When out shopping hold the colour up to your face and see what it does, does it brighten and lift your face or does the colour make you fade into the back ground.
Have a look at the shades of yellow, you are bound to find the right shade for you.

Yellow shades

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Choosing the right yellow for your

A very dark or deep skin tone - Deep Colouring characteristics:
Hair colour ranges from all sorts of black, ash black, bluish black, reddish black to chestnut brown, and even dark auburn.

Eye colour is usually brown, black-brown, dark brown, medium brown, dark hazel or dark green.

Skin tone varies - from olive, dark olive, tan-brown to black skin

Darker skin tones like Alex Wek, look gorgeous in golden yellow

 Yellow 4

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 Yellow 2

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Also remember that your undertone will determine the right Yellow for you.

Warm Undertones look best it in rich, golden colours such as marigold, bright yellow, jade, moss and lime.

Cool undertones looks best in true colours like lemon yellow

Yellow 3

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Lighter skin tones – Soft Colouring

Ladies in this category have the most neutral colouring in the colour analysis because they have are a mixture of warm and cool undertones
Light brown hair, lighter eyes and skin tone, many mixed women with lighter eyes and/or skin tone fall in this group.

 Yellow 1

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Dominant characteristics

Hair colour is often described as mousy - warm and cool - and often without any natural highlights.

Eye colour is typically hazel or brown.

Skin tone appears neutral, a little bit of warm and cool.

If you have a warm undertone try buttermilk yellow and if your undertone is cool try lemon yellow.

Compliment your yellow with

Complimenting colours

If yellow is your base colour you can pair it with blue, turquoise, pinks and purple just make sure to match the shades of the two colours you are pairing

Splashes of yellow

splashes of yellow

Be bright, let the sun shine and spread happiness Have fun with yellow!!!

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