Monday, 29 June 2015

Nail Tips

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A women’s journey with nail polish starts as a young girl, the little Barbie set of nail polish which you would get as a gift and you would paint your little nails and your friend’s nails. So much fun!! But those days making a mess of it, was fun as you get to do it all over again. But now with our busy lives and wanting your nails dry five minutes ago and nails polish smudges just not going with your OOTD. (outfit of the day)
Here some quick tips for those messy painting and for a quick dry fix

Dip Your Tips

This is a great tip for doing your nails on the run, just run your nails under cold water or place it in a bowl with cold water, for a few minutes. Then, gently touch your nails to feel if they are dry. If the polish still feel a bit tacky, put it back under for another few minutes.

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Hate it when your polish just goes all over, you can avoid that by lining your nails with Vaseline or white craft glue before you apply your nail polish.

Another quick dry, cooking spray –

Non -stick cooking spray is another great tip to dry your polish fast.

cooking spray

The one I often do, is to fix a smudge by adjusting it with the tip of my tongue

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Roll Rather Than Shake

I often do this, I shake the polish before applying it but it is better to roll it, to avoid air bubbles forming.

rolling nailpolish

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I hate it when my nail polish is too thick as applying it becomes messy, so my last tip is to place your nail polish in the fridge for 15 minutes before applying it. As this will thin it out and make it easier to apply.

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