Wednesday, 01 July 2015

Henna tattoo design

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I have always wanted a tattoo, but it not so much the pain, it’s just that it is permanent that puts me off the idea. So I decided to go for something that is not so permanent but still beautiful, a henna tattoo.

The use of henna for body art has been used for centuries with the ancient Egyptians and Indian women using this form of temporary tattoos for religious ceremonies, wedding festivals, and body adornment.

I found the lovely Yamini Mehendi /Henna artist on facebook and we met up in Starbucks and while enjoying a cup of coffee she completed my beautiful henna tattoo.

She created a beautiful design, from her organic henna which she produces herself. I was delighted to see the finished product and how quickly she was able to do the intricate designs.

Yamini has a growing clientele as Henna body art has become a very popular trend among western women. Many of her clientele come to her with their own design ideas or like in my case she can easily create a design for you on the spot.






Another trend that I love is the temporary body art, and wanting to keep with the Henna I fell in love with the Vandana collection from Bohemian jewellery tattoos.

Bohemian Jewellery tattoos has a range of designs from classy, edgy boho chic to festive Greek fun.

bohemian jewellery

There Vandana collection takes its inspiration from Henna traditions, beautifully detailed with mixed metallic and hints of black. The 4 sheets of transfers tattoo are perfect to mix and match and the metallic colours sets off beautifully against your skin tone and enhance any outfit with a touch of edginess and sexy elegance.
The designs are great and you can make it the focal point of your entire look whether it a beach day look or a night out look.



Find out more about Yamini on her facebook page @ OR shop your Bohemian Jewellery tattoos on

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