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How To Wear A Cardigan

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Following on yesterdays, Key wardrobe pieces for the summer-autumn transition, here are some tips on How to wear a cardigan

A Cardigan is a key piece in every woman’s capsule wardrobe but it is important to wear the right cardigan with your outfit.

The waist-length or cropped cardigan

This is the classis and most common style


Do not wear them;

• With long tops as the contrast in lengths is not flattering as it creates a weird shape and proportion on the body.

DO wear them;

• With fitted and flared style dresses, or
• High-waisted skirts

Note: the hem of your cardigan should not go more than a few inches past the waist band of your dress or skirt

laredoute 1031301068180775

Cropped Cardigan @ www.laredoute.co.uk

laredoute 1031301712068063

Cropped Cardigan @ www.laredoute.co.uk

The Oversized Cardigan

Oversized cardigans can be a little tricky to style.

Do not wear it with;

• This style can look bulky so do you do want to pair it with loose fitting bottoms as the wideness on top and bottom will make you look wide
Stay away from boyfriend jeans and maxi skirts. The wideness on top and bottom will make you look… WIDE.

Do wear it with;
• Skinny jeans or leggings as this will keep your bottom half slim

oversized cardigan

Image Source Pinterest

La redout 1a

Cardigan @ www.laredoute.co.uk

A Wrap Cardigan

Wrap cardigans have the same basic shape as the oversized cardigans but are more fitted and less bulky.

Do not wear it with;

• With a short skirt, it might not be as bulky as the oversized cardigan, the draped length will create an out of balance proportions when wearing it with a short skirt.

Do wear it with;

• With dark coloured jeans or trousers, the draped labels will elongate your silhouette and be more flattering to your figure.

laredoute 1031301803675116

Image Source Pinterest

wrapped cardi

Image Source Pinterest

Boyfriend Cardigan

Do not wear it;

Do not wear it with full skirts or dresses because the hem of the cardigan will cuts the body at the wide area of the skirt rather when wearing it with skirts or dresses go for a waist length cardigans.

Do wear them with;

• jeans, knee length pencil skirts, or shorts
• boyfriend cardigans will go with almost anything as long the bottoms are fitted

oversized boyfriend cardi

Image Source Pinterest

boyfriend cardigan

Image Source Pinterest

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