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How To Wear A Belt

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 Belt it

A belt cinches your waist and defines your figure, some simple trick and tips when wearing belts.

Wearing your belt just above your waist line elongates your lets and accents your bust and if you are trying to hide your little belly, wear your belt close to your rib.

Why wear a belt;

• A belt can define your waist line and it elongate your body
• Belt can take a simple outfit and jazz it up
• Belt create beautiful silhouette
• Tie outfits together
• Adds contrast

How to wear a belt1

How to: tie your belt at the thinnest part of your waist, narrowing and defining your waist.

• You can wear it with
• A long flowy skirt
• Over a cardigan, but opt for skinny belts rather than chunkier wide belts
• With a fitting skirt or cocktail dress
• To cinch a bulky winter jacket

How to wear a belt2

How and why wear a high waisted belt, like the Japanese style Obi belts

• It accent your bust
• It lengthens your legs when paired with a flirty or loose fitting or A-line dress

How to wear a belt4

Belted for your body shape

Tall and Straight

• Wide belts create the illusion of hips and curves
• Lower skinny belts to add volume to your hips
• Try high contrast by using a belt in a different colour or a patterned bel

How to wear a belt3


• Match your belt colour to your pants or skirt to lengthen your legs
• A thin or medium belt is best as it will not overpower your small frame
• Wear hip belts to hide your short-waist or to create the illusion of being curvier than you are

How to wear a belt5


• Belts with stretch that cinch your waist and define your silhouette
• Belts in dark colours that will visually slim your figure
• Wear your belt at the smallest part of your waist to create an hourglass figure
• When wearing a wide or high belt place the belt at least 2 inches lower than your bust line, if you’re busty

How to wear a belt2

Some basic belt ties to add more glamour to any outfit;

How to wear a belt7

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