Monday, 21 September 2015

Suit Up

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A perfectly tailored suit is not just professional but makes you look polished and stylish whether it’s for work or fun. Suits are back on trend as seen at the Topshop Unique -Working Girl runway show at this year’s London Fashion Week. So get your suit on ladies!!

Here are some of my favourite suit looks.

Mix and match textures and prints for a more luxurious look. Pairing texture like a tweed or wool with a silk or satin adding depth and interest to your office outfit.

primarkuk 81132232079239


Long gone are those dated, retro boxy suit shapes, keep it fresh and contemporary by going for more modern cuts. Like this Etienne Deroeux trouser suit with its wide leg trousers and trendy modified blazer for an updated twist.

laredoute 103130301942176

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Go beyond the basic black and opt for darker, richer colours for autumn and winter or select shades like charcoal grey, navy, brown or even plum to add that pop of colour for a sophisticated, work-appropriate attire.

dorothyperkins 8244841522672313

Keep it stylish and super sexy with a tuxedo style suit paired with a pussy-bow blouse and black stilettos.

primarkuk 81132472807677

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