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How to wear the turtleneck

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Turtleneck style

The weather has quickly turned from mild to freezing and during these rapid temperature drops we need as much warmth as possible to get us through our day.

I find that on those days my trusty old turtleneck provides the perfect amount of warmth, while still looking chic.

Transform the way you wear this classic winter item with some helpful tips and ideas.

Basic And Neutral

This can be like you Monday morning look, when you really do not have the energy, after the weekend to think very hard about what to wear for that day. So keep it simple and in a neutral colour.

What is more simple and basic then Black, look chic and Monday ready in an black sleeveless turtleneck, paired with black pants and jacket.


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Or the basic thrown together look, in beige, grey and black.


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For a stylish look, wear it underneath a dress, a super easy combination to pull off and it looks great underneath any kind of dress.


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Close to the body or in chunky knits paired with prints


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Or in a cosy and comfy chunky knit


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For that street chic look rock it with dungarees


Or the 70’s vibe with suede mini skirt and knee high boots


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Oversized With Knee High Boots

A laidback everyday casual look, the oversized gives a more relaxed look, compared to the fitted turtleneck, pair it with leggings or skinny jeans or just stockings and knee high boots.


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Also a great piece with those flare jeans


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