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Your Winter Hat Selection

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With gashing winds blowing us in all directions and the ever so annoying raindrops ruining our hair a winter hats will be our go to protection when leaving the house and bracing all that wind and rain.

A hat is not just a hat anymore!! Add it to your look to make a make a statement.

The number favourite the knitted or crocheted beanie, great for keeping your ears warm and those fly away hairs in check.


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If you a no fuss kind of girl then the simple plain black beanie would be your thing. The nice thing about the plain black beanie is that it can be worn with anything and it will not mess up the vibe of your look as it blends right in.

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The bobble hats are for those of us who would like to be a little bit more fun and playful. The cute pompom-like ball on top is pretty eye catching and a great pick for the girly girl.

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A touch of Parisian chic!! Just add a beret. They have a very artsy look and feel

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The trapper take out this bad boy if it is really cold and snowy and you want to go for bit of a tomboy vibe. Best of all, the fur, is a great element to add texture to your outfit.

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