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Interview with How2Girl Courtney Sixx

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Beauty professional and qualified nail Technician Sarah Bacchus had the opportunity to interview How2Girl Cortney Sixx for Fashions Finest when she was in London and here's what she told us.

For us at Fashions Finest we love the finishing touches like nails. But what’s the one key style statement or accessory you can't live without?

Faux and lashes and a mesh choker is a must.

Can you give us one main beauty hack, makeup or fashion tip you have learnt from being a model?

Nude heels always make your legs look longer! Also hemorrhoid cream to diminish the appearance of cellulite temporarily as well as puffiness under eyes.

What's your 5 key items every girl needs in their closet this season and how would you suggest they make it your own?

Embellish these 5 must have pieces this season using your favourite earrings, broaches, pins and patches.

1. The statement choker. Play around with your fabrics like denim, lace, bandannas, and sexy ribbons and trims available at your local fabric store.

2. Leather jackets. (think Gucci) Add sew or iron on patches to your favourite leaver jacket. Floral's, hearts and stars are all over Gucci's new collection.

3. French Barrettes. Add a fun pop of colour to cashmere, wool and sequin Barrett's by adding a mink or faux Pom Pom using a safety pin making the Pom pins interchangeable.

4. DIY Thigh high staple heels inspired by Kendall Jenner's DSquared2 number at the MTV Movie Awards. Using a pair of scrappy black heels, loop long strand of black suede through back of ankle strap and then wrap one length of chord to mid-thigh. Hold in place and wrap other side criss crossing over. Secure by tying in a bow at the top.

5. Dress up any mini backpack with faux flowers using your hot glue gun. Inspired by Diane Von Furstenberg.

What's your most treasured item in your wardrobe that you have customized?

Bell bottom jeans with sewn on leopard back pockets.

What's your least favourite trend?

Too short of shorts are unflattering no matter how slamming your bod is.

You have so many amazing ideals but where do you get your inspiration from?

The Runway, festivals like Coachella and street style while I'm traveling to Europe and Japan.

Are you influenced by past decades and if so what ones do you love?

Love the 70's!!!

If you could have one designer create a dress for you who would it be and what would it look like?

Marchesa!!!! It would be super frilly with lots of ruffles.

What tips do have for Fashions Finest readers wanting to be more creative with their style?

Rather than splurging on pricey designer duds, head over to Zara or Top Shop for on trend pieces that will most likely only stay hot for one season. I especially love hitting up Top Shop for amazing accessories! For example, buy a pack of their earrings and stud out an inexpensive denim jacket or add them to your favourite sneakers.

Fashions Finest is always inspiring new designers to take a leap of faith and show case their designs. Would you ever consider launching a Courtney Sixx or the How2 range!?

Yes! Top Shop would be my dream!!! A whole HOW2GIRL accessories line!

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