Thursday, 18 April 2019

The Ultimate Holiday Beauty Prep Guide

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The Ultimate Holiday Beauty Prep Guide result
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We’re all ready for a holiday escape, right? When it comes to your mindset and the level of stress that everyday life tends to impose on you, you can probably land immediately into a luxurious beach chair with a mojito in your hand. You don’t really need to prep for that, you’ve been bracing yourself for that very moment of bliss for months now! However, when it comes to your skin, your nails, and your lovely locks, you could do them a favor by taking a few days to get ready for that upcoming lounging.

Now, before you say that all it takes is a single afternoon to achieve all of your holiday beauty goals, give this guide a chance. After all, you don’t want to find yourself rushing to get your nails done, get a decent haircut, and to get rid of all that unwanted hair – all the hassle might cause you to forget a crucial part of your prep! This way, you can start your holiday in style: cool and relaxed, and above all, stunning!

Put Your Best Foot Forward

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The harsh winter winds, cold weather, and all the stress have surely taken their toll on your complexion, but keep in mind that your feet have suffered, too. You’ve been wearing heavy booties, plenty of layers, and if you’ve been religious about your workout routine, then your feet haven’t really had a chance to relax. Dealing with hardened skin, layers of callouses, and dry skin patches can be a pain in the neck.

The sooner you start preparing your lovely toes, the easier it will be for you to transform them into Cinderella-worthy material! Use the weeks prior to your vacation to go heavy on the file. Right before you take a shower, file away at your dry skin to remove any excess. Then, the warm water and the exfoliation will open up your pores, getting your feet ready for a rich lotion. A few weeks later, you’ll have silky-smooth feet!

Pamper Your Locks

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About a week before your holiday, it’s time to tend to your tired strands. The same environmental factors that impact your skin and your feet have a profound effect on your hair, plus the relentless usage of styling products and heat can only increase the damage.

Make sure you go for a trim to get rid of those split ends, and get a deeply nourishing mask to revive your locks. If you’re headed to a sunny beach, you need to make sure your hair can stand the salty water and the sun exposure, so it’s vital to focus on moisture and protection.

Sort Out Your Makeup

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We all love to give our lips a touch of vibrant red for a night out, or some blush and mascara to keep the contours of our face vivid and bring out our most wonderful features. However, holidays and makeup don’t mix too well, especially if you plan to spend your days sunbathing, slathering on sunscreen, and enjoying the waves. Still, there’s a solution that brings you the best of both worlds!

As a part of your prepping ritual, head to a reputable aesthetic clinic nearby, where you can take your pick from a selection of permanent makeup procedures. From getting your eyebrows done to perfection, to giving your lips a tint of long-lasting paint, you can avoid clogged pores, smudgy eyes, and running mascara in a matter of a few hours!

Deep-cleanse Your Pores

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A few weeks before you escape to your little oasis of beauty and rest, devote some of your time to your skincare regime. For starters, most of us are guilty of neglecting our exfoliation needs. To get the best results without overburdening your skin, use natural exfoliants such as coffee or sugar scrubs, once or twice a week, and always follow up with a rich moisturizing lotion.

Use a mild facial exfoliant and don’t forget to stay true to your sunscreen ritual. Of course, we assume you’ve used your facial sun protection lotion throughout the year, so all you need now is to stay consistent to prevent any damage. An occasional exfoliation will help your skin absorb the ingredients even better!

Wax At The Ready

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Finally, as your pièce de résistance if you will, and not the most soothing of rituals on the list, waxing is a must-do for ladies who would like to enjoy soft skin for the duration of the vacation. While it’s not recommended to get it done on the very day of your travels, only one or two days before your trip will be more than enough to give your skin some time to recuperate and be beach-ready.

This will leave you plenty of time to deal with the mani-pedi essentials, choose what to pack for your skincare and beauty for the holidays, and simply bask in that freshly groomed body of yours!

Your body deserves some pampering in the days and weeks before it’s vacation time. Use these tips to prepare for the holiday rush, and you’ll look and feel your best when the fun begins!