Monday, 07 February 2011

You Must Give America its Props

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America has always been accused of having its racial problems and that people from the African American community don’t do so wellblack_eyed_peas_superbowl in the states, but I think that even though it may still have issues compared to many other western countries America has come a long way (Obama for instance), but this is not what this piece is about.

Being that I am a night bird, I am at my computer working watching Super Bowl 45 (not sure if I understand it, as I can never understand why when they have not even scored a touchdown, every time they move a few inches they celebrate like they have won the whole Super Bowl), anyway its half time and they bring on the entertainment and for a number of years now it has been top black artiste that have been headlining the half time entertainment.

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It is estimated that over 95 million people watch Super Bowl.

This year it was Black Eyed Peas and Usher that took centre stage and this is bearing in mind that more white people watch Super Bowl than any other race, but America seems to be more integrated and accepting of the different cultures and genres of music that it has in its rich country.

Not sure if we would ever see JLS and Leona Lewis as the sole or main headline acts of a similar type of event held in the UK.