Friday, 05 August 2022

The LCF Outdoor Art Installation

Written by Hannah Deacon
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As one of the world’s most vibrant districts, Soho is known for its diverse art and culture and this week unveils an exciting outdoor exhibition with the London College of Fashion, UAL.

Soho x LCF Installation5 resultPh. London College of Fashion

Soho is a buzzing and young destination in the capital and it will house London College of Fashion's young talents with a must-see outdoor art installation.

LCF student Eleanor Parry Hensley with her work resultPh. London College of Fashion

The London College of Fashion in Soho

The LCF leads the world in fashion business, media and design education, and it has been nurturing creative talent for over a century. This week, Soho proudly hosts its first-ever outdoor art exposition with the prestigious London institution, another good reason to visit London.

Soho X The London College of Fashion Outdoor Art Installation

LCF Student Rosemary James resultPh. London College of Fashion

Following a project brief, ten students from the BA (Hons) Fashion Imaging and Illustration course have been selected to exhibit in the arty and most dynamic district of the capital. This course seeks to produce the next generation of innovative, multi-disciplinary image-makers and original thinkers. The ten illustrations celebrate the history of Soho through the eyes of the students and include bold vibrant street scenes, as well as themes of punk, music and fashion.

The 250ft outdoor exhibition is located on Berwick Street and Hopkins Street on the hoarding of a development site which will reveal ten new retail spaces and two restaurant opportunities in 2023. The ten students – Liyun Li, Neda Yankov, Rosemary Jame, Liv Treweek, Elly Rodbert, Annabel McLaughlin, Heidi Pickover, Eleanor Parry-Hensley, Nerea Gómez Martín and Katie Digan – have been chosen by a carefully selected panel including Simon Quayle Executive Director Shaftesbury and Lindsay Pentelow, Creative Director, School of Media and Communication, London College of Fashion.

LCF Student Liv Treweeke resultPh. London College of Fashion

Simon Quayle, Executive Director Shaftesbury PLC said: "Shaftesbury is delighted to be part of this initiative to support the emerging talent from this important creative course. Soho has long been renowned as a location for the creative industries, so this is the perfect place for the students to illustrate what Berwick Street and Soho mean to them. This collaboration marks another chapter of our long-standing partnership with London College of Fashion, which has endured for over a decade".

LCF Student Liyun Li resultPh. London College of Fashion

Lindsay Pentelow, Creative Director at the School of Media and Communication, London College of Fashion, UAL, said: "These bold and eye-catching illustrations capture and celebrate the history of this iconic street and its position in the centre of Soho, whilst also looking into the future of its development. This has been a fantastic brief and opportunity for London College of Fashion's highly creative and innovative BA (Hons) Fashion Imaging and Illustration students. The illustrations are a perfect way to help celebrate the rich heritage of London College of Fashion in this area of London, at a time when we are also looking ahead to a new chapter in our story to our future home in Stratford when we open our doors in East Bank in September 2023".

For more information about the open-air installation, visit ThisIsSoho. If you head down to London, you have a new reason to visit Soho with more to see, snap and share this week.

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