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5 Active Skincare Ingredients Trending in 2023

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Do not miss these 5 active skincare ingredients if you want to (re)start the year with the best for your face and body.

Ringana Overnight products Ph. Ringana

Fresh skincare brand RINGANA tells us the 5 active ingredients trending in 2023 and why they should be on your radar.


RINGANA, vegan and natural cosmetics brand, unveils the 5 skin-friendly active ingredients that will be big this 2023 and why. Where to find them? In their FRESH range.

5 Active Ingredients Must-Try This 2023

1. Niacinamide To Fight Against Skin Ageing but not only...

Ringana fresh 125ml body overnight Treatment

Niacinamide is one of 2023's versatile active ingredients. Derived from nicotinic acid, this active ingredient is a form of vitamin B3, essential to our metabolism. Thanks to its many properties, it fights skin relaxation – which allows it to fight against ageing, irritation and inflammation of the skin – while maintaining continuous hydration levels. In addition to these virtues, it evens out the complexion, reduces brown pigmentation spots and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

With the FRESH overnight body treatment (125 ml – £62.81), niacinamide and the other components of this body care product address the problem areas by stimulating collagen synthesis, cell renewal and lipid metabolism in the skin overnight. The figure is reshaped and smoothed, cellulite and stretch marks are reduced, and the skin remains soft and supple thanks to the nourishing oils. This massaging body treatment is the ideal complement to a sporty lifestyle and a balanced diet.

2. Squalane: One Of The Active Ingredients Most Similar To Skin Lipids

Ringana fresh 30ml tinted moisturiser

Squalane, this olive oil-based active ingredient used by RINGANA, is becoming more and more popular because it helps to reconstitute our hydrolipidic film and it is easily absorbed without leaving any oily residue. It helps to strengthen the skin's barrier and maintain its hydration.

Squalane is in RINGANA FRESH tinted Moisturiser (30 ml – £40.80), where it has a low oiliness and a pleasant texture. The FRESH tinted moisturiser creates a radiant, perfectly even complexion. It covers the skin with a delicate tint, obtained thanks to mineral pigments that adapt perfectly to the skin tone and erase small defects, redness and pigmentation spots. It is an everyday, lighter alternative to foundation. Its active plant ingredients ensure immediate hydration, refine the skin texture and protect against external aggressions.

3. Hyaluronic Acid: Your Skincare Essential

ringana fresh 30ml anti wrinkle serum

Hyaluronic acid will be essential in 2023 to deeply moisturise the layers of the epidermis. Its benefits to the skin include plumping the skin, keeping it deeply hydrated and regulating sebum production. A combination of low, medium and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid forms a reservoir of moisture and it increases the elasticity and tone of the skin. HA is one of the active ingredients you will find in FRESH anti wrinkle serum (30 ml – £63.16), a revitalising serum from RINGANA, which stimulates the skin and smoothes wrinkles by activating cell regeneration and renewal for skin that looks instantly fresher.

4. Aloe Vera, Nature's Source Of Vitality For Your Body

ringana fresh soap

Aloe Vera has been a key skincare ingredient for many years and it remains an essential plant with moisturising and soothing properties. It helps the skin's cell renewal and improves its elasticity. This is one of the main active ingredients in FRESH soap, a hand-cut and hand-stamped soap.

FRESH soap (100 g – £8.87) is pure handmade! As soon as it is used, it creates a particularly cleansing foam and, thanks to its formulation, it results perfectly suitable for frequent use. Its exclusively organic formula contains precious oils, including almond oil and black cumin oil, as well as saponified coconut oil and olive oil.

5. Hemp Oil, Rich In Essential Fats For Moisturising Your Skin

ringana fresh 50ml moisturiser for men

Moisturising, regenerating and revitalising, hemp oil is an oil for dry, mature, irritated, tired and dehydrated skin. Rich in omega 3/6, vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it restores the skin's elasticity by renewing the hydrolipidic film.

Combined with the other active ingredients in RINGANA's FRESH moisturiser for men (50 ml – £40.54), it firms the skin and helps it regain its radiance by reducing redness. Balancing and highly antioxidant, it protects the skin from external aggressions. Blemishes and irritations are reduced and the skin immediately looks fresher and smoother.

Find your 5 active helpers in the freshly made FRESH skincare by RINGANA online.

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