Saturday, 19 March 2011

Simply Yours

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2011-03-19_1652Your underwear is as important as your outerwear; wearing ill-fitting, unflattering underwear can ruin even your most favourite outfit. Control underwear is a fantastic invention that enhances your figure by tucking away any unsightly lumps and bumps. Bodyshapers give the illusion of a slimmer and firmer silhouette. Tummies, bottoms and thighs are flattened, lifted and shaped without long hours at the gym. They can even make you slim down one dress size! The smoothing effect they have over you skin means that they can be worn under any outfit for any occasion. Control pants a great for women who battle with love-handles, a muffin-top or generous derrière; while control bras are perfect for women with a larger bust. Control underwear should no longer conjure up unsightly and not-so-sexy pictures in our imaginations. Bodyshapers come in a range of seductive styles in which you can enjoy your voluptuous figure. Try them today and prepare to view your wardrobe in a new light.