Friday, 01 April 2011

Customise Your Clothing With Eleptheria

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Greek West Midlands based designer, Reah Jervis-Xenos is a young fashion graduate from the University Of Derby and she has launcher her own business is fashion, Eleptheria womenswear couture clothing.
How many times have you seen a dress that you love, but hate the fabric it's been made-up in?

How many times have you loved a fabric but hated the style of dress?

Would you hate to walk into a party and see someone else in the same dress as you?
With Elephtheria's exclusive new womenswear collection, you can be sure to be wearing something totally unique and you are in total control of what you wear. The process is simple, choose your fabric and then choose the shape, whether it's lengthening the sleeves, shortening a hem. The service is a flexible, friendly service and your creation will be posted within one week of ordering.
Eleptheria has also expanded into jewellery and accessories, which complement the beautiful dresses, skirts and tops. Al l the items such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair-bobbles, headbands and brooches are made out of faux pearl and the signature fabric flowers, which is taken from the floral inspired print used in the garments.

With her increasing popularity, beautiful designs and unique customisation feature, this is one designer to really take note of.

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