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‘Imperio’. Leandro Cano's latest offering

Imperio, is the first proposal that Leandro Cano brings as his autumn winter 2020/21 collection. The pieces show the most rogue, powerful and nocturnal parts of the woman.
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Wednesday, 10 June 2020 12:39

5 Classy Ponytail Hairstyles for 2020

One of the most popular hair looks of all times is certainly a cute ponytail. It suits all hair types, you can wear it both with freshly washed hair as well as when your hair is not as clean, and it is appropriate for almost all occasions. Moreover, a stylish ponytail is a trendy option for a hairdo no matter the season; you can rock it while looking fashionable on a hot summer day and also make a fashion statement with a high ponytail and a colorful scarf during those cold, winter days.

That is why we bring you the top five ponytail hairstyles that will make any woman look incredibly classy in 2020.

Charming Half-up, Half-Down

Charming half up half down resultPhoto by Julissa Capdevilla on Unsplash

This kind of hairdo looks like you have spent hours doing it, but it actually takes very little time. Simply take the upper part of your hair and put it in a high half-up ponytail. Secure it with an elastic and then add the rest of your hair to this half-up and tie everything in a low ponytail. This double pony will look even chicer if you add a romantic velvet ribbon to the lower ponytail and if you pull out the front locks that frame your face. A hairstyle perfect for work, as well as a big celebration.

Classic, High Ponytail

Classic high ponytai resultPhoto by 邱 严 on Unsplash

There isn’t anything more attractive than a tousled high ponytail. You want your hair to be long and voluminous for this hairdo, so if you have short and/or hair that is on the thinner side, use hair extensions. This is the secret that many celebrities use to get their amazing red carpet hair looks, so don’t be afraid to use them yourself. Some of the softest and the best hair extensions are the ones made from natural hair, so always go for extensions that are of the highest quality. In addition, make sure the color of the extensions is the same as the shade of your hair so that when you put the extensions on, everything would look seamless. Thus, when you have achieved the volume and the desired length, simply pull up all of your hair in a tight, high ponytail. Then slightly pull out a few locks, so that you get a bit of a messy look. Moreover, take one strand of hair and wrap it around the elastic that secures the pony. This way, you will get a hairstyle that looks even more powerful.

Classy Bubbles

Classy bubbles resultPhoto by Kimson Doan on Unsplash

The bubble ponytail is truly one of the hottest trends at the moment, so don’t hesitate to try it yourself. It’s actually not as complicated to make, as you only need a few elastics and some texturizing spray. Firstly put all of your hair in a medium-high ponytail. Then brush through the hair and add an elastic to every few inches of the ponytail. Once you have finished, slightly puff out every section of your ponytail in order to get the “bubbles”. Moreover, this hairstyle will look even better if you have bangs that you can blow-dry and then slightly tousle to get a chic and classy look.

Glamorous Low Ponytail

Glamorous low ponytail resultPhoto by Kristoffer Jensen on Unsplash

Bobby pins are any girl’s best friends when it comes to making a sleek hairstyle. However, you can do a modern, sleek pony that doesn’t require you to hide this useful hair accessory, but exactly the opposite. Opt for a center parting and brush through the hair. Use a bit of hair mouse and gather your hair in a sleek, tight, low ponytail, and secure it with a black or brown hair tie. Once everything is in place, take a dozen or so bobby pins that are in the same shade as the hair tie and insert them along one side of your ponytail, just below your ear. Make sure that the bobby pins are properly stacked and visible. This modish hairstyle will instantly make you look like a true trendsetter.
Ponytail, But Make It Fashionable

Ponytail but make it fashion resultPhoto by Ali Pazani on Unsplash

In case you have a big day in front of you and you need to look exceptionally stylish, but don’t have too much time to do your hair, the wrapped ponytail is the best solution. Simply take out your most elegant headscarf and a few bobby pins. Tie your hair in a sleek medium-high or low ponytail and then wrap the scarf around the tail of the pony, starting from the base through approximately ¾ length. Secure the headscarf with a couple of bobby pins and you are done – a luxurious and high-fashion hairstyle in no time.

To sum up, we can say that a classy ponytail is certainly the top hairstyle of 2020. Try out these effortless, yet effective hairdos and look chic and trendy at all times.
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