Taking care of our skin every day should not be overcomplicated. Straightforward and natural, this is what L'abu Skin thinks about skincare.

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3 Beauty Tips That Will Boost Your Confidence

No matter who you are, where you live, or what you have been through in life, you deserve to feel confident. Unfortunately, this emotion does not come naturally to everybody, which is why you might have to go above and beyond in order to attain it.

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Institut Esthederm is a brand like no other. It doesn't blow its own trumpet: it's just a murmur - the sound of women whispering to one another.

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Tips to Prep-up Your Feet for the Summer

Most people ignore their feet throughout winters. Mostly layered up in warm socks, little attention is paid to foot care and hygiene. By the time summer comes, people struggle with cracked and flaky feet.

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Monday, 15 February 2021 17:27

Just How Dirty Is Your Skin Routine?

Are you wearing make-up much these days? If not, your skin is undoubtedly contending with the aftermath of wearing a face mask, those little things called hormones, lockdown stress and a home bound diet to boot.

park street r3ewHpMIV94 unsplashImage source - Park Street (unsplash)

In hopes to beat the breakouts and blues, we are striving for skin products approved by doctors, dermatologists with a reassuring list of ingredients telling us it's going to save time and trouble.

But how much trouble could we be avoiding ourselves? Just looking at our routine alone.

Your skin is full of bacteria.

Before you conclude we are calling you filthy animals, let us explain that your skin has an eco-system, a micro biome. Your skin is a living thing.

What we put on our skin (or fail to remove) feeds this eco-system. Good or bad.

We are putting our hands up right now and admit we have been guilty of these sins:

-using expired products... (come on! they’re expensive)

-not cleaning our makeup brushes enough

-waking up with last night’s mascara on

How we wish we were perfect. In an ideal world, we dream about the ultimate routine. That is, setting aside the same amount of time removing the cake off our cute mush as we do layering it on.

But life as we know it, oh give us a break! There must be an alternative. A realistic routine.

Before you stare in tears at your pimples, we encourage you to keep reading, because we have some incredible hacks that your skin will thank you for.

One ingredient, bio-active, and we are sharing three with you today.

Why Opting For One Ingredient

We believe in simplicity, and opting for one ingredient might sound drastic but if its effective, isn’t that all you need?

Being in control of what you put on your skin allows you to develop trust in your own intuition, focusing on your skin’s signals more closely and adapting where necessary.

Skin treatments such as these lend themselves to intuitive mindful application, rather than putting faith in a label, you begin placing trust in that your skin knows best.

Below, we have simplified the most result driven routines into simple steps for you to follow. Please note all listed here are completely unbranded, unbiased, unsponsored.

Before we get into it. You’re the boss, you know your skin type and what works for you, so apply these tips in line with your existing skin routine and demands until you reach your desired results.

Coconut Oil

pexels dana tentis 725998
Image source - Dana Tentis (Pixels)

Purpose: Make up remover

Difficulty: Easy

Removing make up might feel a chore after a long day but did you know there’s this natural remover keeps cleaning your skin long after you put the work in? Behold your bio active bestie.

Coconut oil, is not just a gentle, high moisture make up remover, but a natural antibacterial cleanser and best used long term as part of your daily routine. It addresses the deeper scarring of acne and kind to sensitive skin too. We advise a test patch and wait 24 hours if you have never used it on your skin before.

Here’s two methods but coconut oil is king for many other uses from a hair mask, body moisturiser, chapped lip treatment and more.

Removing make up with coconut oil

Option 1 Take a cotton pad, or re-usable bamboo towel sheet and apply a small amount of coconut oil and gently apply to your face in long sweeping motions and repeat with another pad until all product is removed and your skin is clear and shiny. Works great on waterproof eye makeup.

Option 2 With clean fingers place a small amount of coconut oil and melt in the palm of your hands and using your hands and fingers to contour to your face, gently apply circular motions until your make up has displaced and merged entirely into the oil.

Next rinse with gentle face wash and until your face is oil free and pat dry with a fresh clean towel.

Daily routine tips:

Don't worry if you leave a small amount of residue on your face, as we mentioned earlier, it will be working on your skin throughout the day and night, cleaning, moisturising and removing dead cells as you go about your business- all from one gentle application!

Subject to your skin type, you’ll need to start with the thinnest amount to avoid blocking your pores. For drier skin, you can gradually increase the amount to ensure you are allowing your skin to breathe whilst absorbing all the beautiful nutrients.

Where to get coconut oil? In short, you're after good quality.

If its organic, extra virgin and cold pressed, you’re good to go. Otherwise the chemicals in the manufacturing methods will actually give you spots. We don’t want that.

The sustainably farmed brands are readily available at supermarkets, you don’t need to go to a deli or research for hours online. There are reliable choices, just look for words on the label like “bio active” or uses include hair or skin.


Typically within a week:

*Complexion is clean, dewy, reduced redness and acne will begin to calm.

Long term results:

* Faster and improved healing rate

* Smoothing of deep scars

  • Future break outs are less frequent
  • Skin is highly moisturised


pexels eva elijas 6085950 result
Image source - Eva Elijas (Pixels)

Purpose: A pore perfecting face spray

Difficulty: Easy

Salt, nature’s sanitiser.

A solid choice for first aid and also your skin’s hygiene maintenance program. For this hack, were opting for Himalayan Pink Salt but any natural salt will work here.

Experts have recently said that despite pink salt being pretty and reputable for tasting better over others, it doesn’t contain enough trace minerals to make a big difference in the grand scheme of things. But what isn’t disputed is that the minerals are in there, naturally occurring, used for centuries.

After all, salt is salt but this hack is ridiculously good.

Pore Perfection

One of the biggest mistakes we can make, is straight out of the bath, when our pores are still open, we slap on the lotion too early- and arriving soon after, black heads.

One way to close the pores faster, is using cold water, but we thought, why not a face spray? And whilst you’re at it, add some salt.

The salt in the water acts like sea spray, naturally sanitising, to keep your skin clean. The spray gently cleanses, providing you with the perfect environment to heal and dry out existing break outs whilst correcting any oil imbalance.

This face spray can be used anytime but we advise straight after a steamy shower or bath to close and tighten your pores naturally.

How To Make Salt Face Spray

pexels cottonbro 4612127 result
Image source - Cottonbro (Pixels)

You need a bottle, atomised spray bottles are great for re-use. A fantastic eco option.

These can be easily obtained cheaply with travel kits for passing through airport security. Alternatively, you can purchase a PET refill bottle online or a nice glass atomised bottle option for that professional look on your bathroom counter.

Simply sterilise the bottle, and you’re ready to prepare the solution.

2 Ingredients:

Boiled or filtered water

Pink salt, that’s it.

Pour the solution into your refill bottle and use anytime for fresh, cooling spray.

Tip: Some of the pink salt sediment might settle to the bottom of your bottle so give it a little shake, but the majority has already dissolved into a solution.


Typically within a week:

*Complexion is clean

*Spots are drying and shrinking

*Moisturiser products are optimised, (you may even find you are needing less product)

Long term results:

* Toned pores

  • Acne is clear
  • Future break outs are less frequent.

Green Tea

nastya KECxiL io1o unsplash
Imnage source - Nastya (Unsplash)

Purpose: Puffy Eye Treatment

Difficulty: Easy

Calling SOS skin support? Time to get out the green tea.

If you want to recover from the hangover look or from bawling your eyes out on Netflix, we recommend this puffy eye treatment.

Days using the fridge-cold spoon trick is over. We give you “skin food” that’s good enough to drink.

The bio active compounds in green tea are widely used in cosmetic products from face masks to face cream. But you can harness this power at home, with a tea bag- effortlessly extracting the power from tannins.

Just focusing on tannins alone, a strong antioxidant that plays the key role in supporting your mental focus. Tannins are very protective and what you’ll be interested to know is how well they keep things pert and alert. One bay leaf contains enough tannins to hold the natural colour and structure of raw vegetables to stay crunchy when doused in harsh vinegar.

If the tannins from one bay leaf can preserve the cellular walls of carrots swimming in acid, think how much one green tea, holding considerably more tannins can do to your skin?

The long list of harsh elements we expose to our skin, from indoor heating, air-conditioning, cold winter weather, make up and more, gives these formidable tannins a chance to flex.

If you want some of this too? Keep reading.

Depending on how much of a tea geek you are and willing to spend, this treatment weighs in at around the cost of 50p (if you choose to boil the kettle to brew it!)

Puffy Eye Treatment

To get the most out of your green tea, we highly recommend a cold brew. Cold brew extracts all the goodness, without any heat damage. Preserving its potency for your skin to feast on. But if you're in a rush, hot brew will speed up the tannins production here.


Step 1: Sit two green tea bags in a glass jug of cold water. Or brew green tea in a large mug using water just off the boil.

Step 2: Let it diffuse. Ideally 1 hour until it has turned brown. But 15 minutes will do the trick. Don't worry, the brown colour is good, its not going over, or spoiling, the brown colour indicates a higher dose of tannins.

Step 3: Simply pour the tea in an ice cube tray and when frozen, it’s ready. You have puffy eye treatment as and when you need.

How to apply:

Rinse the ice cube under cold water first, before application, to avoid ice burn and gently rest over your tired eyes to calm, smooth and refresh the skin.

What about the tea bag? Don’t throw it away!

Place it on a saucer and put in the fridge to chill for 10 minutes, and prepare your throne of relaxation, run a bath, or whatever chills your mood, then throw the tea bags over your eyes like iconic cucumber slices and let the goodness refresh your eyes.


Skin is visibly calmer, moisturised, naturally revived and smoother.

Suggested uses:

Great for immediate care and “skin food” treatment such as irritated or inflamed skin. Great for relieving hay fever eyes.

Face spray and face wash option: Filter the green tea into a refill spray bottle to use on the face or splash face with green tea after shower or bath as pores are open.

Clean Up Your Act In 1,2,3

pexels skitterphoto 32266 result
 Image source - Skitterphoto (Pixels)

We really couldn’t wait to tell you about these amazing natural ingredients. Having affordable options offering superior results that are safe to treat your skin at home is what sustainable lifestyle is all about.

Keep an eye out for biodegradable tea bags, and sustainable farmed certificates on packaging too. Some products might have be cruelty free, non animal tested but could be harmful to the environment when we rinse it off. These routines are environmentally friendly and a great way to make effortless changes to help preserve marine life.

We encourage you to experience these routines for yourself and feel the benefits of natural ingredients.

After long term use, these biohacks give you the confidence to trust and adjust your own understanding of your skin. The more you practice and find the right dose and application for your needs, you can enjoy more make up free days too.

Show Us Your Face

Love these routines as much as we do? You can share your results with us on social media and we will highlight our favourite skin transformations to encourage others to try sustainable beauty options.

Post your selfies with before and after and tag our page using any of these routines with the hashtag


We’d love to see you.

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5 Skincare Trends Coming in 2021

5 Skincare Trends Coming in 2021Image source - Sora Shinazaki (pexels.com)

Even though 2020 initially seemed like the year of new possibilities and opportunities, it turned out to be anything but. We were hit with a global pandemic, forced to spend all our time at home, and adjust to this unfamiliar situation. And even though the effects of the pandemic have caused certain issues of their own, many have found peace and solace in maintaining routines, which might explain while the skincare industry continued to grow and evolve throughout the year.

To that end, here are some of the biggest skincare trends we can expect in 2021, impacted by last year’s new changes:

1.    Efficient “Maskne” Solutions

Efficient maskne solutionsImage source - Sora Shinazaki (pexels.com)

Acne and breakouts caused by prolonged mask-wearing have been some of the biggest skincare issues many have faced since the beginning of the pandemic. And considering the fact that most of us will be forced to wear face coverings for the foreseeable future, it seems like the problem of inflammation isn’t going anywhere soon. For that reason, efficient solutions for fighting “maskne” are rising in popularity.

While ingredients such as salicylic acid and retinoids are becoming more prevalent, the most notable maskne-fighting option in 2021 will undoubtedly be skincare products packed with probiotics. These products are formulated with good bacteria that help balance the skin’s microbiome, leading to a healthy, balanced complexion, as well as reduced acne and inflammation.

2.    More Chemical Peels At Home

More chemical peels at homeImage source - Karolina Grabowska (pexels.com)

From wondering when businesses will fully open up to living in cities constantly going in and out of lockdown, last year has been quite an unsteady and unpredictable period. For this reason, many skincare enthusiasts were forced to forgo some of their favorite salon treatments, and instead attempt to perform them safely at home.

Among the most popular at-home treatments currently are chemical peels, great for fighting hyperpigmentation, uneven textures, and even wrinkles. While some DIYers decided on gentler options like daily exfoliating toners and pads, others have opted for a more professional solution with specific kits made for at-home peel treatments. No matter what you choose, a fresher, more even, and more glowing complexion thanks to chemical peels is a trend you must try out this year.

3.    Great Upper Face Procedures

Great upper face procedures
Image source - Gustavo Fring (pexels.com)

While face masks have certainly shifted the focus to our eyes, a new phenomenon called the “Zoom Effect” has also encouraged people to look for new beauty solutions. Apparently, seeing their reflection on video calls more often than ever before led people to seek new ways in which they could address any imperfections in their skin, particularly the eye area.

This is exactly why upper face treatments such as an efficient non surgical eyelid lift have increased in popularity, and are set out to be some of the biggest beauty trends in 2021. As non-invasive procedures that offer natural results, these eye lifts are ideal for getting rid of wrinkles, sagging, and a loss of volume in the skin, helping to achieve a more polished and youthful complexion.

4.    Blue Light Protection Options

Blue light protection optionsImage source - Pavel Danilyuk (pexels.com)

Another consequence of working from home is the increased exposure to blue light that’s emitted from our screens, whether it’s computers and phones, or even TVs. Although blue light is known for being particularly harmful to the eyes, many argue that it could affect your skin’s health as well, leading to hyperpigmentation and other signs of photo-aging, similar to the sun’s dangerous effects.

For this reason, a new trend that has emerged this year is also focusing on products that contain blue light fighting ingredients, such as zinc oxide, iron oxide, niacinamide, and some other vitamin and antioxidant formulations. However, other professional treatments aimed at combating the consequences of blue lights, like lasers and microneedling, might also be popular in 2021.

5.    A Rise In Injectable Treatments

A rise in injectable treatmentsImage source - Sam Moqadam (pexels.com)

Even though we might have lived through a number of unprecedented situations, the recent years have brought some positive aspects as well, including the fact that the stigma around cosmetic procedures is slowly fading. The amount of information and knowledge we now have available at our fingertips, combined with constant face examinations on video calls, led to a higher demand for injectables than ever before.

From wrinkle-refining Botox to volume-balancing fillers, cosmetic injection therapy will undoubtedly be one of the biggest beauty trends this year. However, instead of over-exaggerated features that were popular before, “less is more” seems to be the main motto of 2021, focusing mostly on a subtle, naturally beautiful appearance.

Evidently, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all aspects of our lives, including our skincare regimens, leading us to seek simpler, more efficient, and more beneficial solutions in 2021.

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4 Benefits of Growing a Beard

Growing a beard is desirable among men because it adds to their character, speeds up their morning routine because they can skip that razor, and several other reasons as well.

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Thursday, 28 January 2021 16:44

Beauty Science In 2021

The science of beauty is perhaps as old as civilisation itself. From the stunning painted bust of Nefertiti to the glamorous court of Marie Antoinette to the inimitable style of Coco Chanel, we’ve long been fascinated by the beautiful.

makeup 402533 1920 resultSalina13, Pixabay

Across the millennia, we’ve been searching for the tools to enhance our beauty, tools to help us reach our fullest potential. For centuries, we’ve used paints and powders, unguents and ointments to bring out the goddess that had always lurked within.

The beauty industry, even before it became an “industry” per se, has always been married to science. Today, however, as we move into the second decade of a new millennium, the partnership between science and beauty has never been stronger.

Even more importantly, beauty consumers have never had more access to information or more choice when selecting the latest and greatest scientifically tested and approved products to add to their beauty regimen.

The Power Of The Beauty Influencer

freestocks JfJjQgXpXeM unsplash resultFreestocks, Unsplash

Perhaps one of the most important beauty trends to emerge in recent years isn’t a cosmetic, a skincare product, or an aesthetic procedure at all. Rather, it’s in the rise of the online beauty influencer.

In 2021, the authority of the influencer is likely only to grow, and it is not at all difficult to understand why. Today’s influencers aren’t just successful professionals in the media or the beauty industries. Many bring with them some pretty impressive credentials in some pretty formidable fields such as chemistry, microbiology, and even the medical and environmental sciences.

Now more than ever, we’re turning to science beauty influencers to help us understand the science behind our favourite products and procedures and to introduce us to promising new advancements on the horizon. The particular importance of these science influencers is that they are uniquely qualified to speak with depth and to provide empirical evidence on everything from product ingredients and sourcing to processing and use.

Best of all, because many of these influencers have their own careers, they’re often not on the payroll of the companies whose products they review. That means you can breathe easier knowing that what you’re getting is far more likely to be both objective and trustworthy than a company-produced advertisement or a paid endorsement.

The Power Of The Consumer

freestocks AFvUO61NlOU unsplash result
Freestocks, Unsplash

Of course, today’s beauty influencers wouldn’t be rocketing into the social media stratosphere if there weren’t a lot of exciting new products reaching the market every day. In the past, some distressingly dubious practices have been adopted by history’s most celebrated divas to help them cultivate their storied looks.

From the consumption of arsenic to achieve the pallor so prized by the Victorians to the use of lead-based cosmetics, or the application of Belladonna to dilate the pupils of the eye, the thought behind some of history’s most infamous beauty trends has been doubtful at best and dangerous at worst.

Thankfully, today we have far more resources and far greater scientific knowledge at our disposal. And that is only serving to grow an already expansive market of products deeply rooted in cutting-edge science and designed to meet the particular needs, interests, and expectations of a diverse consumer base.

Take, for example, the increasing demand for environmentally-friendly, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free, and even CBD-based options. Whatever the consumer demand, beauty scientists are working to meet it, using evidence-based approaches to develop new products and modify existing ones to meet evolving market demands.

Likewise, if you’re experiencing a particular issue or concern, finding evidence-based information is a snap, provided you know where and how to look, including evaluating the data that underlies the information provided and checking — and confirming — the author’s credentials.

For instance, medical researchers are increasingly recognising the role of vascular health in the appearance of the skin. Varicose veins, for example, are now understood to be a leading cause not only of skin blemishes but also of ulcers on the legs. Fortunately, there are plenty of credible medical resources available to help you treat, and prevent, varicose veins non-invasively and with minimal expense or effort.

And that means, no matter what your particular interests or requirements for your beauty regimen, odds are you have a litany of great products and invaluable science-based resources to choose from!

Even better, however, is the fact that beauty scientists are increasingly seeking to develop tools and products that can bring such product customisation to the next level. For instance, extensive research is currently underway into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technologies to help consumers define their individual beauty needs, identify products and procedures that can meet them.

The Takeaway

Beauty, at its heart, has always been a fascinating combination of art and science. Never is that more apparent than today. In 2021, beauty science is increasingly grounded in technology, in cutting-edge research, and the needs and interests of the consumer above all.

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Perfect Looks That Celebrity Makeup Artist Swear By

With all those YouTube tutorials and tips on the internet, it is now much easier to master applying makeup. However, it is not enough to just invest in expensive products.

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Friday, 15 January 2021 11:30

8 Sustainable Beauty Swaps

Sustainability doesn’t have to mean giving up the things that make you happy and keep you feeling beautiful.

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