Is your usual work-life routine mining your well-being intentions? Here is how collagen drinks and shakes can support your energy, youth and vitality.

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Collagen drinks and meal replacements can give you more when your busy life threatens your eating and living healthy goals. Ask So Body Co.

If life could be easy like drinking a glass of water... maybe it is! When time seems never enough to take proper care of ourselves and what we are giving to our bodies, drinkable solutions are the convenient answer.

So Body Co. Drinkable Health Solutions

So Body Co. has an easy-to-make line of collagen drinks and meal replacement shakes that matches your taste, your body's necessities and your busy lifestyle.

CollaSlim, Gorgeous Greens and Peptigen+ are the answers from So Body Co. to your call for healthy drinks you can trust and do yourself. But why step into collagen powders?

Why Collagen Is Important

Sipping a collagen drink is neither a lazy habit nor a buzzed trend. On the contrary, it can be a daily habit to tackle issues that arrive with ageing. Joint pain, thinning hair, fragile bones and wrinkles – just to name a few – have one thing in common: collagen, or its loss.

Collagen is one of the most abundant and important proteins in our bodies as it forms the structure of skin tissues, cartilage, muscles, tendons...

As we age, our body slows down its production with visible effects on how we look, feel and ultimately move and live. The good news is that we can restore collagen in our diet with natural sources of collagen and supplements like powders, a fact backed up by clinical studies.

So Body Co. CollaSlim

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When you are too busy, you can drink your meal and give your body the collagen it needs with CollaSlim. This gluten-free meal replacement shake is a low-fat solution which replenishes your body with vitamins, nutrients and 5,000 mg of hydrolysed marine collagen. You do not have to worry about preparing a full meal if you do not have the time nor think about calories: 201 calories per glass and a tasty strawberry flavour (chocolate or other 4 more) will help you support your weight loss programme without lowering your mood.


"I’m not looking to lose weight but my days are often busy and I find I don't eat well so I take CollaSlim meal replacement at lunchtime to stabilise my weight. I mix it with milk creating a tasty strawberry milkshake. Brilliant product!" - Deborah St. Louis Director

So Body Co. Gorgeous Greens

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How many times have you heard or said to your kids "eat your greens"? Do you find it hard yourself? So Body Co. Gorgeous Greens makes eating your greens easy with its 30-day pack. This super powder provides you with minerals, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants and the Vitamin C your body needs to produce more collagen.

Now you can tick your 5-a-day list and detoxify your body thanks to the green power of spinach, kale, apples, avocado's, spirulina and more...


"This product is one of those that if you like it, you like and if you don’t, you don’t. It isn't really for me. I find the flavour too strong, and I didn’t like the way it mixes in drinks which is how I prefer to take suppliments. Try it yourself and see how you get on and get some Gorgeous Greens into your body." – Deborah St. Louis Director

So Body Co. Peptigen+

So Body Co. Peptigen+Ph. So Body Co.

Add this multi-collagen powder to any of your drinks to give them a boost. So Body Co. Peptigen+ contains only 3 natural ingredients (marine, bovine and egg collagen). This means zero fillers, zero fat and zero carbs. This powder cuts down to the very essentials: 5 types of collagen that your body needs head to toe for longer hair and nails, firmer skin, stronger joint, and better gut health. A scoop a day, and in 30 days your body will thank you.


“This product is great and not like any supplements I have tried before. It’s a pink powder but whatever you mix it with it mixes well, leaving no lumps or horrible taste. I like to mix mine into my orange juice every morning before I start my working day. One month in and I feel more energised and healthier for taking this product. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an alternative way to get more daily vitamins into their body with no hassle.” – Deborah St. Louis Director

The healthy selves you and we are looking for, every time the new year starts, are just one glass away. Start sipping the right way and join in the conversation.

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