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Autumn 2018 Fashion Trends You Can Shop Right Now

Autumn 2018 Fashion Trends You Can Shop Right Now

Even though the fashion month is in full swing, we won’t be seeing those trends ‘come to life’ for months to come, but that’s perfectly fine, as there is an entire universe of fall trends that are just getting their place in the limelight and are just waiting for us to shop and flaunt them. Given how inspired and inspirational, not to mention far from drab and inconspicuous the autumn 2018 trends are, there is no chance you won’t shine and make yourself feel just a little bit better in amazing clothing that spites the autumn, which, let’s face it, can be gloomy sometimes.

There is a plethora of trends, but we have chosen the very best for you, and the best part is, they are now all yours for the picking, so pick away and go dazzle.

You’ll Love It

Youll love it result 

Whether we’re keen on a particular pattern or not, the runways have a way of making us inclined towards it once we see it on the models. Such is the case with animal print, about which opinions have been heavily divided, but more and more people are giving in to the trend. A statement leopard print coat seems to be all the rage right now, at least according to the street style section, and we have to say, it looks pretty darn classy when worn with neutral colors. However, if this isn’t really your cup of tea, you can always embrace the trend in a more subtle manner, with a pair of leopard print ankle boots for instance, which are enough to elevate an outfit but not as risky as a larger garment, so you don’t run the risk of making a fashion mistake.

Puff It Up

Puff it up result

One of the most romantic trends, at least in our opinion, is the puff-sleeve trend that has been spotted on a number of garments, from simple tops to dressy blouses and even amazing autumn dresses. The best part is that, since the jeans plus a dressy top trend has made a low-key comeback, you can feel free to rock your puffy blouse with a pair of mom jeans or any other jeans that do your body justice and feel amazing. The fabrics are usually soft, so you can always put a trench coat over the blouse if it gets chilly and you’ll look amazing and a little ostentatious – in the best way, when you remove the coat.

Check, Please!

Check please result

The popularity of the grey oversized checked blazer, usually long enough to serve as a tuxedo dress at times, doesn’t seem to be dwindling down. If you haven’t grabbed your version, make sure to hop to it ASAP, because the pattern didn’t only mark the fall season but also has staying power, which makes it a great investment. Aside from that, with the mixture of menswear-inspired garments and those purely feminine, you’re going to need this baby to exude those mixed vibes. And if it remains as popular as it is now, it might just dethrone the mighty trench coat.

In Layering We Believe

In layering we believe result
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Some are still in mourning over the end of summer, but instead of wallowing, jump on the amazing layering train, which allows you to show your mad mixing and matching skills and lets you unleash your inner fashion persona. There’s no need to say goodbye to dresses, as you can buy women’s dresses online, amazing and affordable ones at that, and practice the art of smart and chic layering. You can rock strappy dresses with shirts underneath and exude those trendy ‘90s vibes, and add a touch of athleisure with a warm and cozy pair of sneakers and cool and trendy polka dot tights. Finish off the look with a luxurious-looking long grey cardigan and bam – you’ve got yourself some layering gold.

A Complete Inevitability

A complete inevitability result

After a close inspection of the street style section of every fashion capital from Oslo to New York and London, the verdict is in, and the white boot trend still remains untouchable. Whether you’ll go for knee-high or the ankle ones is irrelevant, you simply must snag a pair. They have proven not only their chicness, but also their versatility; they’ve been rocked with simple jeans, tracksuits, frilly dresses and power suits. So, it’s time for us to give in and let them elevate our look and mystically blend into each one at the same time. We don’t know how, but these boots have become a complete style chameleon.

Colour-block It

Color block it result

Carolina Herrera may have given away the creative reigns, but she did leave us with one final message – always be elegant and don’t be afraid to play with colour. One of the absolute best looks, one that we presume will be remembered and worn for years to come, is the one featuring a simple crisp white shirt, a ball gown skirt and a wide belt in a contrasting colour. This is a look worthy of the red carpet and meeting the queen, but it is also great for going out or even rocking it at work. We have been reminded, once again, that there is so much beauty in simplicity, even when that simplicity includes colour-blocking. As pieces like these are easy to find, go and find your go-to colours and mix like there’s no tomorrow.

Power Up

Power up result

Finally, let us not forget about
the mighty power suit. Every woman should own one, whether she is a ladyboss or not, because we all deserve to feel and look powerful. There are so many cuts that you can choose from fitted and oversized tailored blazers and wide-leg trousers in checked pattern, pastels or saturated colours, so make sure you pick one out and wear it as often as you can because this is unquestionably the outfit of autumn 2018.

Written by Sophia Smith
Photos Unsplash and Pexels

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3 Simple Tips

It’s the small things that can make a huge difference!!!

3 simple tips1

nude and monochrome

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3 simple tips2

mix prints

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3 simple tips3

printed accesories

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Monday, 20 June 2011 23:59

Color blocking In Style

With all the latest summer trends screaming "Color Blocking" and magazines filled in with glossy color mixtures, for some women it still is rather difficult to get their head around the whole color blocking "concept" and at times could even be intimidating; therefore they remain on the fashion "safety" zone wearing "same old- same old". Whichever way it is, the color blocking is actually not as "scary" as it may seem at first and quite easy look to pull off.

The whole concept of color blocking is to mix a minimum of three contrasting but complementary bright bold colors in one outfit. This could be simply achieved with the use of a Color Wheel, to find out what colors would look good combined together, simply draw an equal sided triangle and look at the colors the corners are pointing at, and you're there!


If you're still not sure whether the color blocking trend is for you, begin with two colors, for example: go for a bright colored suit or a skirt and add white T-shirt or shirt to it. Most of us do it regularly, however do not realize that it is a "safety zone" of color blocking. You can try to wear something more dramatic by having a black skirt with deep colored top, or perhaps royal blue pants with bold pink top.

Another trick is to pare you blue jeans with some bright colored top and a blazer in neutral color like Black, Beige or White.

The accessories are probably one of the easiest things in color blocking; opt for the bright bold hand bag or shoes, since adding complementary colors to the neutrally colored outfit will create and "element of surprise" and not less fashionable look.

Whenever you're going for the color blocking look, keep in mind few general guide lines. Follow your personal coloring type, as the whole point of color blocking is to make you look fresh, the last thing you would want to happen is wearing wrong colors that would make you look dull instead.

If for instance you have got a beautiful top in a great color even though it might not be the perfect one for you, you can always try to pare it with a scarf in your color type that is placed closed to the face.

Try to keep dark colors away from your face or add some lighter colored accessories like neckpieces or earnings to keep that healthy glow.
If you have got big "bottom" remember the basic rule of personal style and keep light colors off that part of your body, however if does not mean you have to wear all darks at the bottom. What you also need to remember is Color Balancing rule that is: when you're wearing a lighter color on the bigger part of your body (that will make it look even bigger in many cases) you have to balance it with another lighter color on top to create an illusion of the hour glass shaped figure.
Another color tip is to keep bright colors from the body parts that you might not e very profound of, as bright colors attracts the eye attention straight away and it might not be ideal choice for self-confidence. Keep the bright color on the body parts you like the most, as that will not only make you look great but will also increase your self-confidence while highlighting the best about you.
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