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How to get A-List hair at home?

Olivia Palermo borrows Kate Moss's style. Both looking understated glam at two separate events, Electric Hair client Olivia Palermo who reaches for Mark Woolley Electric Hair founder's aid in her hair transformations whilst she's in London has taken inspiration from none other than British icon Kate Moss. Olivia who is usually seen with her hair in an up-do or a big glam blow-out has sported a style similar to Kate Moss, the centre swept-do Kate has always been a fan of 'it's a very 90's thing to do and with fashion taking it's inspiration from that era be it the Haim sisters, Kristen Stewart to Iggy Azalea this understated look is simple to achieve' Mark shares his how to tips below to achieve the look!

What you will need: Electric Hair P-4 Preparation Spray £15.50

Step One

Work some Electric Hair P-4 Preparation Spay £15.50 into damp hair for gloriously soft locks and create a parting roughly with your fingers, not a comb, for a more natural 'undone' feel.

Step Two

Lightly spritz some hairspray onto the bristles of a Denman D3 Classic Styling Brush and at the back of the crown, gently backcomb at the roots. The trick here is to separate the top layers of the hair first and then backcomb the under layers, gently smoothing the top layer to give the illusion of natural volume and shape.

Step Three

Using the styling brush, blow dry small sections, no more than an inch wide, in semi-circular motions to create voluminous shape to frame the face. Be sure to keep these strands separated when blow drying as this ensures a dishevelled result.

Step Four

After working through the hair, lightly spritz the finished style with L'Oreal Gloss Control Spray (£8. 50, www. electric-hair. com) to add a luxurious sheen. Finally, tease and twist the ends of the hair with your fingers to create definition within the layers that should easily take you from day to night.

For further details on Mark Woolley, Electric London, 29 Thayer Street, London, W1U 2QW or any other salons in the Electric group view the website www. electric-hair. com

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