The deep amber colour and the full flavour of timeless whiskey would make a perfect gift for Father's Day. We have found a solution for non-alcoholic presents with CleanCo.

Your Father's Day gift will have all the taste and the experience of the classic bar favourites without compromising with CleanCo.

CleanCo Premium Non-Alcoholic Spirits for Father's Day Gifts

Among the many possible gift ideas for Father's Day, the promise of time spent together sipping a favourite drink is an evergreen. A stylish bottle of spirit is a safe choice when in doubt but what if alcohol is not the best idea for your father? CleanCo is the answer with its selection of bar classics with all the feeling of the traditional drink but without the alcohol and nastiness.

About CleanCo

Giving up on alcohol gave Spencer Matthews more time to enjoy his life and family to the fullest. His experience literally changed his life and it inspired him to found CleanCo as a way to give a choice: spirits that have the feeling, mixability and flavour of real spirits but without alcohol and sugars.

CleanCo offers a selection of premium non-alcoholic drinks across gin, rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey so that everyone can enjoy a drink and the social interaction connected with it.

Clean W, The Alternative Whiskey For Father's Day

CleanCo suggests an alternative gift idea for Father's Day: Clean W (£16). Clean W is like the traditional Bourbon Whiskey your father knows but without alcohol, sweeteners and sugars. It can be mixed with coke for traditional and easy-to-serve cocktails on the rocks. Its characteristic Bourbon nose with classic notes of oak and sweet vanilla, underpinned by rich spice, apple and figs, together with a smooth finish make Clean W a friendly gift.

Its classic bottle will steal the scene in all of its amber-warming glory on your father's drink cabinet!

"What a deliciously clean Woody, amber flavoured drink to enjoy if you are taking a month off drinking alcohol or just looking for an alternative. On it's own with ice or mixed or the drink of your chosing. I mix mine with with my favourite drink,  gingerbeer. A wonderful refreshing gift for #dads, #father's or father figure in your life on #father'sday" - Deborah St. Louis - Director

CleanCo premium non-alcoholic drinks are available online at CleanCo and in leading supermarkets.

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ARRAN Sense of Scotland's Advent Calendar 2022

Shall we start the wait for Christmas earlier? Open one door after the other and explore a world of fragrances with ARRAN Sense of Scotland's advent calendar.

Christmas treePh. Freestocks (Unsplash)

Welcome to a Coorie Christmas 2022 with ARRAN Sense of Scotland and its luxury advent calendar filled with relaxing and emotional fragrances.

Come inside from the cold, warm your hands by the fire and curl up with a cosy blanket. Add the finishing touch with a scented candle, flickering gently by your side and surround yourself with enchanting festive fragrances with ARRAN Sense of Scotland.

Those looking to treat themselves or a loved one to a luxurious advent calendar packed with pampering products for the body, hair and home need look no further than this year’s offering from luxury home and body care brand ARRAN Sense of Scotland. But they will need to be quick as last year’s version sold out within weeks of going on sale.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland Advent Calendar 2022

Aran advent calender

Retailing at just £70 and with contents worth over £140 with free delivery on all advent calendars, embrace the magic of Christmas and countdown through the festive season with a gorgeous product every day of December until Christmas Day. Find a little sense of Scotland behind each door, with an extra special treat behind door 25, to transport you to ARRAN Sense of Scotland's island home.

What Is Inside ARRAN Sense of Scotland Advent Calendar 2022

Aran advent calender products

Skip this paragraph if you do not want a spoiler!

Inside ARRAN Sense of Scotland Advent Calendar 2022, you or a lucky one will find these luxury body care products by the Scottish brand:

  • After the Rain Soap 40g
  • Glenashdale Shower Gel 50ml
  • Glenashdale Body Lotion 30ml
  • Mandarin & Petitgrain 8cl Candle
  • After the Rain Conditioner 30ml
  • Glenashdale Soap 40g
  • Seaweed & Sage Shower Gel 50ml
  • Seaweed & Sage Body Lotion 30ml
  • Soft Cinnamon 8cl Candle
  • Glen Rosa 15ml EDT
  • Lochranza 25g Soap
  • After the Rain Bath & Shower Gel 50ml
  • After the Rain Body Lotion 30ml
  • Machrie Bath & Shower Gel 30ml
  • Seaweed & Sage Shampoo 50ml
  • Seaweed & Sage Conditioner 30ml
  • Machrie 25g Soap
  • After the Rain 8cl Candle
  • Lochranza Bath & Shower Gel 30ml
  • Seaweed & Sage Soap 40g
  • Glenashdale Shampoo 50ml
  • Glenashdale Conditioner 30ml
  • After the Rain Bath & Shower 50mlAfter the Rain 15ml EDP

"We can't wait for December to arrive so we can share with you all the lovely  products in the ARRAN advent calendar, #staytuned everyone". - Deborah St. Louis Director

For a magical Christmas, start early with ARRAN Sense of Scotland and its advent calendars. The advent calendar 2022 surrounds you with a festive aura and allows you to treat yourself or a special, loved one with the brand's most popular collections such as After the Rain, Glenashdale, Seaweed & Sage and Lochranza.

Find more about ARRAN Sense of Scotland and its festive proposals online.

Bookmark Fashions Finest for more beauty advice and holiday inspiration. Stay informed on our Instagram page and with our Friday newsletter for weekly recaps.

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Jewellery Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Loved One

Christmas is only around the corner, and you might be one of those people who is stuck with what to buy. Luckily, one of the best items to buy when it comes to Christmas is jewellery. Now do not assume that it is going to be too easy either.

Jewellery gifts  for Christmas - Ph. Kyle Cut Media, UnsplashPh. Kyle Cut Media, Unsplash

You can buy both expensive jewellery and cheap jewellery, depending on how much you want to spend. Here is a quick guide on the jewellery gifts that you can buy this year.


Stocking Fillers

As soon as you suggest jewellery as a potential gift, people assume that jewellery is some of the most expensive. There are many high street stores out there that sell cheap jewellery sets: for example, you can get a pack of three rings from an H&M store. With this present, you can give the option of wearing one ring or layer them up. Layering has been a popular 2021 jewellery trend that can be worn in different colours and styles.

Chic Jewellery

Jewellery gifts for Christmas. Chic jewellery - Ph. Camilla Carvalho, UnsplashPh. Camilla Carvalho, Unsplash

Chic jewellery can either be expensive or on the cheaper side; it can either be a big or a small present. Everything comes down to the price you are looking to spend.

There are hundreds of chic jewellery brands that you can choose from, so you will not be stuck when it comes to purchasing Christmas presents. Some of the brands that sell great jewellery are Tada & Toy, Astrid & Miyu, Daisy London, Edge of Ember and Monica Vinader. There is plenty of iconic chic jewellery that every woman should own for their day-to-day jewellery!

Colourful Jewellery

Tips for Christmas jewellery gifts. Colourful jewellery, bijoux - Ph. Artem Beliaikin, UnsplashPh. Artem Beliaikin, Unsplash

It is a jewellery trend that likes to come and go. However, styles do change each time they make a return. Colourful jewellery can also hold a cultural meaning, as well as ranging from simple colourful beads to beautifully vintage emerald rings. Yes, gemstones are a little more on the expensive side; however, they make a great gift for someone that you love.

Furthermore, you can buy a gemstone that has a connection with the person. For example, if they are born in January, then buy them a garnet necklace or ring. This is because garnets are the birthstone for that month. You can also link the gem to their favourite colour. Many gemstones come in a range of different shades and the specific colour can change the price of the jewel, so you should consider this note.

Premium Jewellery

How to Christmas jewellery gifts. Premium jewellery - Ph. Cornelia Ng, UnsplashPh. Cornelia Ng, Unsplash

Again, this is more expensive but it can be a tear-jerker. If you are willing to go big for your loved one, there are some great brands to choose from. Dior and Channel are just two brands that you might have already heard, just make sure you have done enough saving up for this present. If you like to spend big from time to time at Christmas, there are many premium jewellery brands to pick on top of the two we have just mentioned.

Another premium style that you could consider as a gift is pearl jewellery: another popular autumn jewellery trend that is going strong.

Jewellery To Last A Lifetime

If you are going to spend a lot of money on a present, you need to make sure that it is going to last a lifetime. Having the potential to be passed down through generations is important for jewels, similar to how Kate Middleton was given the ring of Princess Diana. High-quality gemstones and metals will be a gift that everybody will appreciate.

High-quality gemstones and metals will be a gift that everybody will appreciate. Luxury jewellery is for those who have been with their partner for a long time and see them being with them until their dying days. Brands such as Harry Winston, Cartier, Buccellati or Van Cleef & Arpels are some of the most luxurious brands on the market. Choosing any of these will last for generations ahead!

Vintage Jewellery

Vintage jewellery for Christmas gifts, tips - Ph. Alex Chambers, UnsplashPh. Alex Chambers, Unsplash

Vintage jewellery is another option that many people have got on board with for numerous reasons. For starters, vintage jewellery has been around for years and many people might have worn the same piece. Not to mention the gemstones that a vintage jewel comes with. If you are planning on proposing on Christmas day, then consider a vintage engagement ring.

As you may already know, the world is facing some issues regarding global warming. There are many ways to do your bit in saving the planet, and buying vintage jewellery is one of them. The reason for this is that you are not supporting major brands that are continuously mining for raw materials contributing to CO2 emissions. There are many great ways to source vintage jewellery but remember to double-check it.

To Conclude

There are many gifts that you can buy a loved one around Christmas time with perfumes being an easy go-to present. If you want to spend a little extra, jewellery is the one this year. If you ever are struggling to get your loved ones a Christmas gift, find out what they need. However, if you are going to buy them jewellery, make sure you do your research first. Find out what their favourite material is, what type of earrings they prefer, whether or not the gemstones are real with a certificate.

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24 Days Of teapigs

The temperature is dropping, winter is coming and Christmas around the corner.

This can only mean one thing, tea, tea and… yup, you guessed it, more tea!

teapigs is pleased to be bringing back it’s Advent calendar with some much-loved winter favourites, as well as some very exciting new products which are perfect for everyone – from brew connoisseurs to those who simply like to catch up over a cuppa. Let’s take a look…

teapigs 1370186 result

24 Days Of Teapigs

It’s back! And with a fab refreshed look for 2021.

24 days of teapigs allows tea lovers to don their tea tasting hat and slurp their way through a new blend every morning in the run up to the big day. This year the calendar includes some limited edition wintry blends and cold brew teas, too.

With much-loved flavours such as spiced winter red, glühwein, spiced pear and gingerbread and they are joined by brand new sweet spearmint, too!

An indulgent, but guilt-free, way to feel festive.

The added bonus is that teapigs teas, are made from all-natural ingredients and have no artificial ingredients, sugars, or sweeteners. Oh we love to hear this!

teapigs 1370190 result

We can't wait to try out these wonderful teapig teas and if previous years are anything to go by, these won't hang around for long so get yours now!

Available at | RRP £29.99

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

December is here, and we have all cracked open the first week of advent doors. Before you know it, the big day will be here…and some of us (you know who you are) may be beginning to panic about all the presents and stocking fillers, or Secret Santa gifts we still need to find. Even if your Christmas Gift list is all wrapped up already, there is always space in the stockings for one or two more little goodies!

freestocks sM2nqDvg0AM unsplash resultPhoto by freestocks - Unsplash

Fashions Finest has, once again scoured the internet and high street to fine the most fabulous gifts, with last minute ordering still available, so that you can guarantee your gifts will arrive in time for Christmas.

The Body Shop

Our first suggestion when looking for last minute gifts and stocking filler ideas is The Body Shop.

This fabulous shop is quite literally bursting with festive beauty treats for everyone in the family, from the youngest to the oldest, the boys and the girls too. You are bound to find something perfect for your loved ones, even this late in the day.

Fashions Finest loves that The Body Shop are also making a donation from every single transaction until 31st December to their charity partner End Youth Homelessness. Over 110,000 young people aged between 16-25 years in the UK are homeless or are at risk of homelessness, and The Body Shop’s donation to the charity’s Housing Fund will help ensure the most vulnerable people across the UK & Ireland get the help they desperately need to secure a home of their own.

With a fundraising target of £150,000 we can help vulnerable young people in the UK this season at the same time as buying lovely presents – we think that seals the deal.

Here are our suggestions. We have seen and tried all of these products, and love them all! Whether you want to save money or splash out on beauty products – from vegan beauty gifts to male grooming kits, everything is in stock right now. Just follow the links to order now.

Screenshot 2020 12 08 at 094913
Fruity Lip Balm Gift Star

In this well presented star pack there are 5 deliciously fruity smelling pots of lip balm, which (almost) made us want to have a lick as well as a sniff! For £12.00 Fashions Finest loves that they can be given as a beautiful gift as they are, or separated into 5 small triangular gifts to be divvied out as stocking fillers, or as a part of a pick and mix gift. A versatile gift if ever there was one. We also worked out that for only £2.40 per pot of lip balm; you are getting a lot for your money with this gift!

Festive Berry Duo

A warm and fruity, Christmassy smelling gift, that made us want to dive in the bath and wash away the day with a perfect team of body scrub and small bath lily, and a tub of body butter in a lovely gift box for £12.00.

Fashions Finest loves that the soft scent of Christmas lingered on the skin after buffing and moisturising with this festive berry duo. This would be a great gift for both bath and shower users alike, and fabulous for a real Christmas lover, who quite literally wants to dive into the season – scent and all!

British Rose Hand & Nail Kit

A small and beautiful gift box containing a nail file and hand cream, and the scent of summer. Fashions Finest loves how quickly this hand cream is absorbed into hands, with no sticky or slimy residue. Perfect for a handbag companion. At only £6.00 this well presented gift box will be a well-received gift, and perfect for your Secret Santa, or as a stocking filler for a lady.

Shower Gel Set

A fabulous gift for those who enjoy a shower, this set of fruity cleansers will brighten up anyone’s morning routine. Fashions Finest loves the cost too - only £6.00 for the set. These shower gels smell great, and are thick enough to get a good lather up before the water washes it all away. A quality gift, or add on this Christmas.

Screenshot 2020 12 07 at 114456
Hair Slides

Give a girl the gift of positivity! These little hair grips pack a punch with their bright colours and fun affirmations. Fabulous for a stylish young lady’s stocking filler, or as part of a gift. You could even buy them for yourself or your bestie, because at £5.00 for two hair slides, they are a small price to pay for looking stylish and feeling great!

Soothing Almond, Milk & Honey Gift Bag

This is one of our more expensive suggestions at £45.00, but in our opinion well worth the price with all of the products inside, as well as the bag. Fashions Finest loves the full range of soothing body products, which would make a wonderful gift for someone who has sensitive skin which needs lots of TLC. The lovely bag is a fabulous size, and can be used as a holiday wash bag or make-up bag, but if you wanted a smaller option, there are other packs available in the same range. With the delicate, creamy and clean smell of almonds, this beautiful kit would be great gift for the lady with either young or mature skin.

White Musk Fragrance Kit For Men

Fashions Finests choice – out of many – as a gift for the men. Although we wouldn’t usually go for anything musk scented, we loved the combination of lavender, geranium, musk and sandalwood, which makes this great smelling trio of shower gel, anti-perspirant and after shave fragrance. The end result is a deep earthy and aromatic woody scent, which we loved the smell of. Great at £25.00 as a gift for a man you know enjoys woody scents. It also comes in a lovely gift bag with a really interesting wood look to it. Just fabulous!

Camomile Makeup Removal Kit

We loved this lovely combination of Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover, Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter and a Muslin Cloth, presented in a gift box for £18.00. Our experience was one of fresh looking, soft and bright skin, clear of stubborn make-up too. Fashions Finest thinks this would be a fantastic gift for a young lady who enjoys wearing a lot of make-up, but doesn’t enjoy taking it off as much! With the fresh and clean smell, and suitability for contact lens wearers, this kit would encourage even the most unwilling to take care of their skin every night. The added soft muslin cleansing cloth is a lovely touch too.

Jimmy’s Christmas Iced Coffee Stocking

Screenshot 2020 12 09 at 093759
Family-owned brand Jimmy’s Iced Coffee have launched the ultimate coffee lover selection box – in the form of a Christmas stocking. Handmade with 100% organic cotton and with the brand’s signature crown print, the stocking comes complete with the full Jimmy’s Iced Coffee range and Jimmy’s sparkling Coffee Cola. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a coffee loving individual, who just doesn’t need anything, Fashions Finest says this is the gift for them.

At £20.00 each, and stuffed with different flavours of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, the ready-to-drink iced coffees only contain Rainforest Alliance Certified Arabica coffee, low sugar and are poured into 100% recyclable packaging. The Dorset-based brand ticks all the boxes, from sustainability to convenience, to knowing who you’re buying from.

Fashions Finest loved the twist on some Christmas classics, like Jimmy’s Coffee Cola. This surprisingly lovely iced coffee concoction is a game-changing grown-up drink. We just want to know why we haven’t tried this before! A combination of cold brew coffee and sparkling cola, Coffee Cola has notes of cola nut and vanilla, with 50% less sugar than other prominent cola brands.

Get a hold of this grown-up Christmas stocking gift from the website, and have it delivered to you, or straight to the person you are gifting to, with a lovely personalised note added for free! A super easy (and delicious) Christmas gift option this year.

Celine Zara Accessories

Screenshot 2020 12 03 at 135812
At Fashions Finest we love to champion independent designers, from the catwalk to the high street, and the fabulous Celine Zara is one such Designer we think is amazing! A truly ethical and bespoke designer, who has produced some beautiful pieces. Using physical objects for design details and silhouette Celine produces creative, unique, structured designs with a strong emphasis on remaining true to her original concept.

Lovingly handcrafted to order in the UK from the highest quality materials. This 100% genuine rose gold and black leather tote bag is a must have for your wardrobe! Styled up or down, its unique design makes it the perfect accessory to bring some glamour to your outfit this Christmas. £125

This Celine Zara Design Transcendence Clutch bag is lovingly handcrafted to order from the finest quality 100% genuine rose gold and black leather in the UK. Its striking statement design makes it a truly unique addition to your wardrobe. Featuring a genuine leather branded wrist strap for easy holding, rose gold zip and internal zip pocket, this bag will really add some stunning glitz and glamour to your outfit whilst fitting in all you need for your night out. It is a real must have this Christmas! £65 or Personalised in the centre with initials for £70

These beautiful and delicate earrings, £29.00 a pair, are handcrafted in the UK from the highest quality 100% genuine leather. The earring hook is comprised of rose gold coated Sterling Silver. With their truly unique design, these statement earrings really do provide a gorgeous, striking and lightweight addition to any outfit! She will thank you for getting her all ready for the fabulous nights out we all hope 2021 will bring.

Experimental Perfume Club

EPC Perfume image result
EPC is an independent London based perfume house and open access laboratory founded by Emmanuelle Moeglin - a professionally trained perfumer with fifteen years’ experience working with international perfume brands.

EPC specialises in creating niche and bespoke fragrances. They have a host of different products and workshops that would make wonderful gifts, all of them bespoke!

Fashions Finest loves the fact that this gift is a totally unique scent – made specifically for the individual. We had a go at creating our own perfume, by answering some simple questions on the EPC website, to reveal our own unique ‘Fashions Finest scent’. If you are creating a present for a loved one, we think you should be able to answer all of the questions for them, depending on how well you know them of course…or you could just buy a gift voucher from EPC so that they could do the whole process for themselves.

From these unique aromas identified by the questions answered, EPC will create a totally Bespoke Discovery set, with a selection of 6 bottles with different scents that will perfectly compliment your skin and your lifestyle, and of course - are totally unique to you! For £36.00, the set also comes with a voucher for you to spend on your favourite full size scent. Delivery was quick, and the set come in a beautiful gift box too. The scents were perfect, and we loved every single one of them. The scents last the whole day, and we were even asked what we were wearing by relations.
If that is not enough, and you really want to go all out, buy your loved one the ultimate experience of the Perfumer’s Atelier for £450.00 (payments can be made in instalments) This is a unique luxury educational perfume collector’s set designed to be an ideal gift for both perfume connoisseur’s, or for individuals interested in learning more about the art and science of fragrance. The collection is a tool to help train your nose to recognise different scents, learn how they are used in perfumes and how they work together to create fragrances.

EPC bespoke fragrances are most definitely a fabulous gift for anyone. Especially those trend setters and fashion conscious individuals who would love to have their very own unique fragrance made for them, and named for them too!

Tatti Lashes

Screenshot 2020 12 07 at 120206These lovely gift packs from Tatti Lashes are all available to buy online, with next day delivery still available, so they would make fabulous as a stocking fillers, or even a secret Santa gift for the girl who loves her lashes.

Created by two friends who have been in the beauty industry for over 10 years, the aim of Tatti Lashes is to provide quality false eyelashes at affordable prices. Fashions Finest loves that every pair of these beautiful lashes can actually be re-used up to 20 times! There are plenty of types and styles to choose from, and the website offers help with training on how to attach lashes professionally too.

Even though 2020 has been a bit of a wash out for us all (maybe that is an understatement!) Tatti Lashes is offering the promise of a better 2021, by helping us to prepare for all our social engagements to come.

Tatti Lashes 'Festive Feels' and 'Naughty but Nice' gift sets are both £25.00 each, which is a saving of over £11 if they were purchased individually. Fashions Finest loves the fact that both of the gift sets contain 4 different best-selling lash sets, each of them are housed in their own individual and beautiful festive box, with a mirror, making them perfect for on the go use.
Both of these gift boxes would be great as a gift on their own, or split up into 4 different lash packs to put into a mixed gift pack, or a stocking. (Or just buy them for yourself! Go on – you know you want too)

So Eco Ultimate Brush Collection Gift Set

80 40 080 So Eco Ultimate Set FOP result
A beautiful gift for anyone who wears make-up with this delightful brush set. If you are anything like us, a make-up brush set lasts many, many more years that a bottle of make-up, and we could probably all do with a new set.

The Ultimate Gift Set is a comprehensive kit containing expertly selected tools to give the best make up application every time, presented in a beautiful gift box. The kit contains a collection of 9 essential makeup tools which cover everything from your complexion to your brows and eye makeup. With stylish, highly sustainable bamboo handles, 100% cruelty-free synthetic taklon bristles and recycled aluminium ferrules, this gift set really is the full package.

The Ultimate Set is available from a variety of online retailers including So In Vogue and Amazon, for £30.00 a set. Fashions Finest say this is a fabulous last minute gift, and ticks so many boxes, including eco-friendly, beautiful and useful too! A win win for any lucky person this Christmas.

No Secrets

Mini Home Spa result
No Secrets is a small UK brand, started as a result of founder Lorna’s search for beauty products with all-natural ingredients, due to her allergies to chemicals often found in cosmetics. All the ingredients used are 100% derived from plants and naturally occurring sources and free from preservatives.

Fashions Finest loves the No Secrets ‘Mini Home Spa’ available online for £22.00 each. This small but perfectly packed gift box contains a tub of bath jelly, a jar of hand butter and a votive candle. This gift would make a super stocking filler for the individual who has skin allergies, or who really needs to know what they are putting onto their skin.

The little kit is an award winning, skin softening and smoothing miracle in a box, and Fashions Finest loves that it is available in two of No Secret’s signature scents: ‘One’ – Fresh & Uplifting and ‘Four’ – Sensual & Calming. Both of which smell divine.

Art – De - Parfum

GIN TONIC BB FINAL NEW version result
Free from GMO, CMR and any colourants, Art de Parfum fragrances customers can rest safe in the knowledge that their choice of scent is both beautiful and ethically pure. All the product packaging can be recycled and will degrade naturally, leaving no harmful imprint on the environment. The fragrances themselves are unisex, 100% made in France and can be purchased internationally directly through the website. Fashions Finest had a sneaky sniff of a few of the scents on offer, and they are indeed lovely and have no problem lasting throughout the day on your skin. We say they would be a great for the younger man or woman. Their taster pack is the perfect present, allowing someone to discover all 6 unisex fragrances from this luxury house, for only £20.00.

Fashions Finest loves that these samples come in a small gift box, and also contain a voucher for £20 off a full size bottle of your choice! (so the sample box really doesn’t cost anything at all!) Full size bottles of their scent cost from £114.00 each.

Happy shopping ladies and gentlemen, and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, from all of us here at Fashions Finest.

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Mindful Fashion Lovers

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Mindful Fashion Lovers result

There’s something very gentle and loving about giving someone a gift. The way you show your affection through the act can truly light up your day and make both of you feel connected, and oftentimes the person who’s giving the gift is just as happy as the person who’s receiving it. Of course, this is only true for those mindful presents that you took your time with—you have to think about it carefully, and you have to allow the energy of your emotion to become obvious. The whole process is important, from the moment you pick something out to the way you present it to your loved one.

When it comes to fashion lovers, then the most mindful kind of present is going to be sustainable, beautiful, and above all thoughtful, and as long as you pick something with your heart, it’s going to thrill the person receiving it.

Are you eager to find the right item? Then take a look at some of our top choices.

Cute Backpack

Cute backpack result

Backpacks are trendy, they’re practical, and they serve as perfect accessories for everyday outfits. It’s great to get a cute piece that lets you look stylish while carrying all your favourite essentials, and any fashion lover would appreciate something that’s both useful and beautiful.

If you want to make it sustainable you can check out companies such as Rareform, who make their things out of recycled billboards (yes, you read that right). In general, a backpack is a sustainable gift on its own because it allows you to minimise plastic waste—if you have a big handy rucksack where you can carry things, you don’t have to reach for plastic bags at all.

Sustainable Clothing

Sustainable clothing result

If you want a truly eco-friendly, mindful gift that will impress your friend, then consider giving them sustainable garments. Clothes made of materials such as organic cotton, Tencel, hemp, linen, and especially bamboo are incredibly cosy, light, and breathable, so pick something nice and you won’t regret it.

If you’re shopping for a close female friend or sister, consider getting them good underwear. Our intimate hygiene and the health of our reproductive organs are very much influenced by the kind of undies we wear, and finding something hypoallergenic and soft is definitely a good idea. If you want to make it both fun and practical, get them a delicate g string that will both look sexy and be entirely invisible underneath clothing. There’s nothing a woman appreciates more than good underwear, and this is a good way to help your friend grow her collection of sustainable fashion.

Hair Blowout

Hair blowout result

As you probably know, there’s no better feeling than walking out of a salon with the perfect hairdo gracing your head. Your loved one is bound to appreciate the opportunity to have a professional manage their mane for them, and the best part about this gift is that you’re giving someone a relaxing, yet practical experience. They get to sit down, get pampered, and leave the salon looking great, and they’re bound to notice the sheer thoughtfulness of that.

DIY Jewellery

DIY jewelry result

You don’t have to be short on cash to “resort” to DIY crafts. Making something with your own hands is one of the most thoughtful things you can do, and jewellery is a good choice if you’re trying to find something cute and wearable. Take a look at these handy tutorials and start a project if you want to give your loved on a very unique gift.

Stylish Phone Case

Stylish phone case result

Our phone contains a tiny digital world in itself, and most of us can’t live without it. For a fashionista, it’s another opportunity to accessorise, and if you want an easy gift that can appeal to anyone, then pick this. Find a phone case with a stylish design made out of sturdy material, and make sure it will fit the phone model your friend is carrying.

Reusable Bottle

Reusable bottle result

If your friend is into leisure, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle, then a trendy reusable bottle is a great gift. Get her something pink and flashy that she can show off at the gym and make sure it’s compact enough for her to wear it in her sports bag.

This is also a sustainable gift that’s simply very practical, so it’s hard to go wrong with it. If you like, you can also include a few other stylish accessories to go with it—for example, a cute scrunchie would fit the sporty theme and it’s bound to be appreciated by any long-haired gal.

Don’t let this occasion go by without thoughtfulness! Pick a gift that screams your friend’s name, wrap it carefully to show them how much they mean to you, and they’re bound to love it.

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Stylish Gifts

stylishgifts result

The season of joy and giving is approaching and as every year the struggle to find the right gift for friends and family is once again a nightmare. So, to take the stress away we have compiled a list of stylish gift picks for every Him and Her and the kids. And to make it easier for you we kept it all under one roof, all gift ideas are available at Debenhams online or in-store


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This sweet tasting Raspberry infused Gin is the perfect gift for the G&T connoisseur.

For the skin care junky a Clarins skin solution set is the ideal gift, and for the makeup enthusiast a makeup blockbuster gift set will offer the ultimate makeup collection that will last all year long.

For the fashion conscious the Jenny Packham - Black embellished diamond velvet bag, will be a flawless edition to her occasion handbag collection.

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A bold Rum for a bold man, the Peaky Blinders black spiced Rum! Or, for the beer maker a DIY Beer or Cider making kit.

For the gym junky the Men’s Society gym kit is the ideal essential for his gym bag, and the Hammond and Co. by Patrick Grant - black leather hold-all is perfect gift for the man that loves to travel.

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Gifts for the homemaker,the Bosch Tassimo Vivy 2 coffee machine with its sleek space saving design is the ultimate gift for the coffee lover.

The Abigail Ahern multi coloured Leopard embroidered cushion will be a loved edition to the decor obsessed and pair that with a lamp from the MW -Matthew Williamson collection and she and her living room or bedroom will love you forever!

Last but not least the gold metal multi coloured glass lantern will be a great last minute gift or stocking filler.

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For the sweet tooth give him or her their own Milkshake maker, and the Alice Scott, Pink and Green Palm Print 'Lunch Goals' Lunchbox for the #instagoals school girl.

For the creator and Lego builder the 'Jurassic World - Blue's Helicopter Pursuit' set, and for the gadget lover you can find a host of geeky gifts - from Smartphone photo printers to smartphone projectors.

Now that everyone else's presents are sorted...its time to make sure Santa knows what you want for yourself this Christmas!


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Sunday, 12 November 2017 14:33

Luxury Just Got Festive

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Everyone deserve a little luxury and it is the season for it ! Together with our Fashions Finest Designers we have compiled an array of lavish goodies for yourself or a friend.


Glitz starts with a gorgeous clutch. The Charlote Emerald Green clutch from The Naan Design, is just luxurious paired with a simple LBD it will just be a knock out at any Christmas or New Year's eve party.

A belt is not often something we would associate with luxury but the CÉLINE Geo Belt in Emerald Green, Gold and Black is just splendidy lavish and will be a nice touch to a jumpsuit to accentuate your curves.

Black is always sleek and sensuous, even in the little details like the MARION Clutch in Black and Gold paired with any color or day or night look this little piece of opulence will stand out.

Blue is a royal color so nothing is more extravagent then the aptly named KATE Saddle Bag Blue paired with a A-line dress for the evening or a pair of indigo jeans and a crisp white shirt for the day. The Kate saddle bag will surely be number one on my lux christmas gift list.

Is there any things as rich as the Giselle a Mutli -coloured fringed and sequined mini dress from designer Tahra Nketia. If you are looking for the flawless NYE party dress then this is it.

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Jewelry is such a thoughtful gift and a sparkling pair of earrings will bring a touch of rich indulgence to the one that will recieve it. And this pair are just perfect from designer JADAU by Kanwal Toor. Beautifully designed the Kundan Flower & Pearl Drop Earrings is a treasure worth investing in.

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After a long and hard year all we really want to do is just, to drop it like its hot, and have fun and the Unchained Two -piece from Tahra Nketia will help you do just that. Embellished with gold lace, this is a truly extravagant party piece.

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Can we ever really get enough of gold jewelry, short answer NO !! These simple yet elegant pieces are from designer Alexandra Jacoumis. The Crown Ring with its intricate and delicate detail of the gold work is from hand sewing with cotton thread makes for a stunning gift.

The elegant Seven Circle Necklace is so dainty and exquisite a true treasure of golden beauty.

Diamonds are a girls best friend and the Black Diamond Shisha Line necklace is the perfect reward for yourself after a hard year of slaving away at work and home.

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Love this very versatile Sandra Short jacket in a metallic Rose Gold, from designer label ByVarga. This is a statement piece that you will need in your closet. Because it will jazz-up any dull daytime outfit or just glam up a night time look

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A fab pair of heels are just the thing to bring togerther a polished party look. And these heels from designer label Larrit, are sweet, sexy and just magnificent. Shimmer in the Sophia -gold with its sparkly detail and golden heel or be stately sophisticated in the Iyobo -black and gold or the life and soul of the party in the Rita or be all women on your last meeting of 2017 in the Tonto.

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Stay warm in this luxurious jacket from desinger Helen Howe Atelier named Victory in Blue . This jacket is cut in stunning blue tweed with suede and decorative military buttons. A superb piece to layer over any party outfit.

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Look good on Christmas day in this stunning black Body-con maxi dress from desing label Dearcurves.

A classic look with a beautiful wax print detail at the wrist of the dress- sleeves that gives it just that edge.

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Or opt for the Betty Silk Blouse , from BYVARGA, with its beautiful bell sleeves a great piece to dress up a jeans for a relaxed yet lavish christmas lunch.

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Make this season all about luxury and spoil yourself with one or even two pieces from our selected designers.

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Thursday, 09 November 2017 16:27

Christmas Gift Edit

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They say this is the season to be jolly, but it is not so jolly when it comes to deciding what gifts to get your love ones. It is tough getting just the right gift, that says I love you or Thank you or that says I appreciate you. But lucky for you, we hear you and we get the struggle of finding the perfect gift. Read on to see some of our Top Picks.

blueair filter

Now if you are more of a practical giver, that loves to give a gift that will be a benefit to your love ones then you will go crazy over our first pick. The BLUEAIR air filter.

These filters are state of the art , manufactured by Swedish firm, Blue Air , they are an ideal gift if your or a family member suffers from Asthma or just to have around the home as they;
¥ eradicates pet dander, all those pesky microscopic flecks of skin shed by animals with fur or feather, which can cause allergies
¥ removes dust mites
¥ eliminates tobacco smoke
¥ targets harmful odours &
¥ combats colds & viruses

Available throughout the UK and stylishly designed BLUEAIR air filter is a our Top choice #forthehome Christmas gift.

Keeping with practical stylish gifts for the #homemaker Then the FRENCH PRESS coffee maker is it. This magnificent coffee maker keeps your coffee piping hot and makes that firts, second and third cup taste like heaven. The gift that every busy #bossbabe home diva needs. It is sleek, beautiful and will complement any kitchen interior. And the best part of it, even if you give it to your sister, mom or friend You can be assured of a good quality cup of coffee everytime you visit. Our Fashions Finest crew of coffee lovers gave the FRENCH PRESS a double #thumbsup

French Press
We all love a beautiful home with well placed and stylish decor accessories so here is just a few more gift ideas for the chic and fashionable #decorlover.


The Jonathan Adler Versailles Maze Vase, from AMARA, with its bold geometric print in green and black, and white and gold striped edge and striking square shape with its narrow neck. This beauty is a true #statementpiece for your decor loving friend. For something small but still thoughtful the Marble Vase and Pearl Marble Bowl from Homesense are a pretty good pair of affordable yet glamorous gifts.

Marble is still a hot #decortrend and the Normann Copenhagen Pebble Black Chopping Board will add a touch of class to any kitchen. So this is the ultimate gift for your mom or any one that loves spending time cooking marvelous meals. For the fashion craze chef get the Kate Spade New York Recipe Book she will love it.

Something sweet and chewable always makes for a really thoughtful gift and are the perfect Thank You gift for a colleague or secret santa. Copperpot Originals has two new fantastic festive flavours of fudge, Apple & Cinnamon Butter Fudge and Christmas Spiced Butter Fudge. Delicious , each box of fudge is a festive burst of creamy butter, milk and golden syrup. These mouth-watering sweets has got us chewing all day long because once you pop one in you just can stop chewing them. #fashionsfinest sweetest Top Pick.


Our selection for the #gentlemen in your life is simple and uncomplicated. Our favourite is the Ted Baker - Jungle Print Hip Flask, from Amara, because we just love the #tropicaltheme and then there is the Skultuna - Crown cufflinks or the Kenneth Cole Semi-Precious Stone Cufflinks, House of Fraser, because every gentleman needs a pair of shiny cufflinks. And what man can resist the classic scent of Armanis Modern Leather EDP at House of Fraser , or a stylish Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant Pocket Square from Debenhams. Lastly a gentleman needs shiny shoes and the Ted Baker shoe shine kit from House of Fraser and a Bow tie, from Debenhams, to complete a sophisticated look. You do not need to get all these gift for your man but you can divide it up among all the gentlemen in your life.

for him

We all have atleast one #millenial in our lives so here is just some ideas to keep them #insta happy. They will be snapping away all their trinkest on the Rosanna Trinket Tray with its chic black anc gold design it is uber trendy. Nothing makes a boozy #dinnerparty more fancy then a cool booze decanter like the Rosanna Booze Decanter. Marble and vintage is so in vogue right now , and we are loving the Tatty Devine Vintage Lady Vanity Case and the Marble ring Stacker, all availble at John Lewis. These are all so cute and will be loved by the millenials in your life.


Beauty Lovers will say YES to a thoughtfully put together gift box full of YES TO- SKINCARE. This is skincare that is full of Love and Laughter, and who knows your friend might just invite you over for a Yes To pamper party to share in all the Love and Laughter. With a full range, all natural and organic products , for body, face, hair and lip. With this gift you will offer your friend the blessing of saying YES to every moment life offers her. Take your pick and compile your gift box at YES TO. Fashion Finest LOVES saying Yes To... stunning skin.

YESTO skincare


Because every beautiful moment starts with a hug and kiss, gift your friend with the most #kissable lips with one of our Top Beauty Picks. Packed with cocunut oil, beeswax, olive oil and chia seed, XO BALM has all the right ingredients to keep her lips kissable all year round.

In this modern age we can not escape technology and whether it is the husband, boyfriend or your son there is a techie geek in all of them. So here is our picks just for them.


Not really techie but it will give that technology lover in your life a bit more style , the Native Union Marble iPhone Dock, from Amara, will make there phone and desk look super glam. Guys and or girls will enjoy this piece of technology the DJI Mavic Pro Drone, from John Lewis, gets a 5 out of 5 in the gift department. Any water and gadget junky will love the Waterproof Camera from Debenhams.

We have a special gift just for you, because you are going to be thirsty after all that #christmasshopping

Ion8 Slim

So spoil yourself with a Ion8 SLIM, exclusive to AMAZON, a gift for your from you. It is; 100% Leak proof BPA free and
¥ Flips open with one hand and can lock closed for safety
¥ Vented, smooth liquid flow for rapid hydration
¥ It has a soft feel for grip and carry strap
¥ Fits any cup holder or kid's backpack
¥ Drinks bottle is dishwasher safe and suitable for hot or cold drinks


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Father’s Day Gift Guide

This is a quick guide to help you pick some presents ready for Father’s Day.


I purchased a mug from Snapfish that I was able to personalise with pictures of the family. It really is a great gift, every time my Father has his morning coffee he will be thinking of us. They have numerous mugs for you to choose from. Porcelain mugs, magic mugs, travel mugs and more. There simple photo mug with an inside colour is the easiest to create – simply add your photo and hey presto. What’s is even better is the price, they start at £6.99

Bond and Knight

I chose the Mark 2 Billfold wallet for my Father. It measures 8x9cm and is the smallest wallet that will hold up to 6 cards with a full sized notes section. I had his initials put on the inside of the wallet along with a picture that he holds close to his heart. I love the fact that you can add any picture you like to make it more personal. It is a stylish design that holds your secret picture inside and will only cost you £60.

Mens leather Wallet

Boxers and Briefs

When I am shopping for the men in my life I always purchase an item or two from Boxers and Briefs. This time around I picked a Calvin Klein intense power swimwear rounded V-neck t-shirt in white which costs £31.45. Trying to keep my Father up to date with the latest fashions is a hard job but someone has to do it.

1486478790 91954900

EasySMX Gaming Headset

If your Father is partial to playing the odd computer game then why not buy him the EasySMX gaming headset? An EasySMX gaming headset works perfectly with a PS4 and mobile phone and comes with a splitter cable for use with PC. It can be used for Xbox One via an adapter, which is not included in the box. The adjustable headband with cushion pad fit well with all head sizes and give a better gaming experience. The omnidirectional microphone picks up your voice clearly in gaming. It is one of the best gaming headsets on the market and will cost you £17.99.


The Personal Barber Monthly Box

With just about every man I know making sure that they keep their beards trim or to have a really smooth face this would be the ideal present. All new members get a free safety razor and shaving brush in their first box as well as step-by-step instructions that guide you so that you have the best shave of your life. It is easy enough to join and you can pay month-to-month, three monthly, six monthly or twelve monthly. The choice is yours and as they like to keep things interesting you can always expect to see new soaps, blades and post-shave products like oils, balms, colognes and alums in the other boxes you receive. No two months will be the same. Twelve monthly pre-pay is £20.95 per box.

shaving subscription box

Written by Hayley Sweeney #blogger

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