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How To Latte Makeup, Everyone's Cup Of Beauty

The 'new' makeup trend taking the socials by storm is a comfortable break from 2023's sensational looks. Sit down and sip a 'Latte Makeup'.

woman wearing natural makeup by bennie lukas besterPh. Bennie Lukas Bester via Pexels

When your favourite coffee is your go-to makeup look, you get the 'Latte Makeup': the hottest beauty trend everyone can order. Try it out as seen on TikTok.


The 'siren eyes' look was too graphic to start your journey with makeup, and the 'revisited grunge' reminds you of a post-sleepless-night morning? Welcome the makeup trend made for everyone: the Latte Makeup.

The TikTok-Viral Latte Makeup: The Secret To Its Success

When content creator Rachel Rigler launched her Tiktok and coined the term 'latte makeup' – now on everyone's lips and faces – she might have wished to get viral. And so it did happen. Inspired by the 2018 bronzed goddess look by makeup artist Tanielle Jai, the Latte makeup is not only the hottest 'drink' in town but also the most democratic makeup trend seen so far this year. It flatters every skin tone and it is easy to achieve with minimal products and effort making it the go-to look. No matter the occasion, your time available or your practical skills, you can try the latte makeup trend and fall in love with it.

How To Create The Perfect Blend Of Latte Makeup: Your Choice of Roast

The Latte Makeup is inviting like your coffee: after a couple of tiktoks or reels, you are undoubtedly going to look for the perfect roast (of eyeshadow and bronzer) in your stash.

Keys to your latte makeup are your face base and choice of eyeshadows. Start off with a healthy sunkissed canvas, whether you opt for full coverage or a wash of tinted moisturiser. Right after, go with creamy sculpting products to chisel the hollows of your cheeks, your temples and where you need more definition. Your bronzer will set in place the cream texture and it will create the result of sunbathing days in some cool resorts. A gentle sweep of warm highlighter the browbone, bridge of your nose and cupid bow is what you need next for that happy glow.

@rachelrigler LATTE MAKEUP ✨☕️ cheers :) #makeup #makeuptrends #beauty #lattemakeup #summermakeup #makeuphacks #greenscreen ♬ original sound - Rachel Rigler

Latte makeup is not a flat white: it is only based on a monochromatic range of browns but it will never look flat! Play on the same tone range of brown and warm it up as your skin tone darkens. Your nuances will be neutral to warm and you can go matte or shimmer, but avoid cold hues.

Latte Makeup For Your Eyes

The beauty of latte makeup is in its extreme simplicity. Forget the pain of creating the sharpest wing, this is about blending and adding glow. Once you have found your range of nude, caramels or browns, you will find yourself blending and layering, even with your fingers.

You can create a base for your latte shades with your sculping product, a creamy eyeshadow or a workable eye crayon. A creamy eye pencil is a perfect choice because it will allow you to define the lash line and start building your base and intensity at once. Smudge it towards the outer corner to diffuse the colour, then start layering your complementary brown shades and go darker in your crease for more definition.

The fun bit is placing your highlighter. Think of it as the microfoam of your latte: without it, it would not be a real barista's creation! As seen on Steph Hui's tiktok, a hyper-reflective, almost fluid, highlighter in the inner corner and the very first portion of your mobile eyelid will elevate your latte eye look. Swipe a bit of your first latte shade under your lower waterline and complete the job with your favourite mascara.

@stxph.h one oat latte with caramel drizzle to go please ☕️ #lattemakeup #lattemakeuplook #makeuptutorial Products: - YSL Crush Liner (brown & black) - Too Faced Ginger Snap Palette - MAC amber times nine palette - Chanel Beauty Baume Essential Multi Use Stick (transparent) - Lancome Lash Idole Mascara #greenscreen ♬ original sound - stephhui

You can wear the latte trend on your lips too: contour your lips just above your natural lip line with a medium brown lip pencil, partially fill your lips with the same pencil and top it off with a light caramel lip gloss for a mouthwatering look.

You will soon find out that you have already the shades you need for this universal look. Many eyeshadow palettes feature versatile nudes and browns, so you do not have to look any further to wear this trendy look.

If you ask us, we enjoyed Pure Anada Dreamy Compact Palette (£29.95) and Vesta London Beauty Nude Lip Gloss Edition Bundle (£40), where there is the right nude for every skin tone.

The Latte Trand On Your Fingertips

The Latte trend looks universally beautiful on your nails, whether you have an evenly milky complexion or tanned skin. Hydrating and keeping your cuticles tidy is a must also with neutral manicures, so take care of them and prep your nails to strengthen them and avoid any stains. Apply a light caramel or nude shade like plant-based Earthy Nail Polish in Moody Nude (£7.99) in thin layers.

Wear it on its own or add a dark French twist or some swirls like the foam of your drink but colour-reversed. Seal your manicure with your favourite top coat so that it lasts longer than your cup of latte.

Easy, fast, highly wearable, fun and, above all, for everyone: this is why we love the 'latte makeup' trend.

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