When considering wardrobe investments, few things compare to the value of a high-quality designer handbag.

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Friday, 10 June 2022 19:56

Coco Chanel comes to London

Coco Chanel is an icon on its own, she is a woman to learn from and a fashion icon to admire. This September the V&A museum will present the first UK exhibition dedicated to the life and work of the one and only Gabrielle Chanel.

Chanel bagsPh. Laura Chouette (Unsplash)

It will showcase her development as a designer and the founding of the House of CHANEL, starting in Paris in 1910 with her first millinery boutique and ending in 1971 with her final collection.

The V&A is preparing to host the UK's first major Coco Chanel exhibition.

Coco Chanel’s Influence On The Fashion World

Coco Chanel’s first priority was to create and design her own wardrobe, garments that will empower her and show her femininity. As a designer, she anticipated modern women's needs and wants by creating clothing that would fit an independent and active lifestyle. What makes her an admirable designer is her innovative approach to fabric, silhouette, and construction and the fact that she redefined women's fashion in the twentieth century. Her designs were something never seen before and considered revolutionary for her time - inspired by menswear at the time and the desire to emphasise comfort over constraints of then-popular fashion. Thanks to her garments women said goodbye to the days of corsets and hello to the new idea of feminine fashion.

Coco Chanel, 1936Ph. Laura Loveday (Flickr)

Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto

Inspired by the Chanel Manifesto exhibited in Paris at the Palais Galliera in 2020 the exhibition will be re-imagined for the V&A. The date is the 16th of September 2023, just in time for London Fashion Week, when you can first enter the exhibition and admire the great life of the designer. Over 180 looks as well as the designer's signature and most famous jewellery, accessories, cosmetics, and perfumes will be featured. The exhibition explores Chanel’s unique approach to fashion design and how she redefined feminine elegance and keeps influencing the way women dress today. Prepare to see a few emblematic pieces like the famous 1916 marinière, the jersey sailor blouse, and of course the little black dresses.

Victoria and Albert Museum LondonSuit by Gabrielle Chanel. Worsted wool crepe, silk satin lining. Paris, 1969 - Ph. Victoria & Albert Museum 

If you are a fan of fashion, it is a must for you to experience the Chanel exhibition in London. Save the date in your calendar and get your expectations in tact, for you will dive into the world of an astonishing designer and a woman.

We can all add a little timeless piece of Chanel in our wardrobe and what better way to find yours than to step in the shoes of the great designer and feel the way she felt when revolutionising fashion. The best thing is it’s just in time for London Fashion week so more and more reasons for you to come down to London and give yourself the ultimate fashion experience.

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Tuesday, 07 June 2022 08:54

The Louis Vuitton X Nike AF1 Exhibition

One of the biggest names in luxury fashion and sportswear combined forces and presented us with the capsule collection - the Louis Vuitton and Nike "Air ForceE 1" by Virgil Abloh. The world of luxury fashion and sportswear seem to be on opposite sides but they all stand for one thing: quality and style. This looks like a collection that is bound to have an impact on fashion history. It is not just a collaboration of two amazing brands, it celebrates a fashion icon's legacy and his culture, not something we see everyday.

Louis Vuitton Stor frontPh. Jorge Franganillo (Flickr)

A one-of-a-kind experience celebrates the Louis Vuitton and Nike AF1 collection.

Between the 21st and 31st of May the exhibition took place in Brooklyn; everyone explored the world of Virgil Aboh. Featuring 47 styles of customised Air Force 1 sneakers with Louis Vuitton classic patterns altered and tweaked by Virgil Abloh. For the fans of Louis Vuitton and Nike this is a dream come true. Now let's see what makes this collection so special.

Inside The Louis Vuitton And Nike Af1 Exhibition

You arrive at the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse in Brooklyn and you’re immediately immersed in the exhibition. Before your eyes is a reimagined orange Louis Vuitton branded entrance, completed with one of Virgil Abloh's recurring LV statues doing a handstand. The cloud-painted walls surround you, as you navigate the monogrammed treehouse and mirror maze containing Abloh quotes emphasising his philosophy of exploring innocent imagination and questioning fashion hierarchy. You make your way inside and you see the 47 physical and holographic sneakers placed in a continuous moving display. And then you learn that the movement is a powerful reference to their connection with hip hop culture. Now everything makes sense and it’s time to find your favourite pair. This dreamlike exhibition celebrates the reimagined Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and the visionary designer who created them.

Virgil Abloh - The Inspiration Behind The Collection

Virgil Abloh, who passed away in November last year, was a boundary-breaking figure in fashion, known for his vision on streetwear and his innovative approach to luxury. To those who know his work, this collaboration comes with no surprises. Virgil considered the Nike Air Force 1 to be a cultural symbol on its own, for him it’s an emblem of the streetwear community that he grew up in. The first ‘Air Force 1’ model was designed in 1982, but this collection also marks a special moment in the history of the sneakers because it is the first time the shoe is crafted outside of a Nike factory. The two icons came together and gave us the most authentic of high-end trainers.

This is a collection like no other, and not because it combines two aesthetically opposite brands, we have seen that before, but because of its meaning. It honours a big name in the world of fashion, the one and only Virgil Abloh. Even if you can't make it to the exhibition in Brooklyn, you may stumble across other pop-up installations that will take place around New York City and the world throughout the year. Keep an eye for the next, one might end up being in your city and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

While we are on the topic about pop up fashion events, Fashions Finest is organising a sustainable pop up event in London. The date is 18th of June and it’s all about sustainable clothes and accessories. If you happen to be around London and love sustainable fashion, we would love to see you there.

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Enduring brands that have withstood fleeting trends and loved from era to era don't come without their price tag, but is this why they are so expensive?

Louis Vuitton storePh. Melanie Pongratz (Unsplash)

We explore five of the most famous luxurious brands out there and how well they measure up on style, cost and quality over time. Curious? We cover Gucci, Hermes, Chanel, Burberry and Rolex.

Designer brands are costly, but are any of them really worth the hefty price tag? In some cases, we think that they are.

Designer items are an extra reach, a piece of the dream and if we’re honest, we’ve all paged through a glossy magazine and coveted the latest Jeffery Campbell boots; they’re gorgeous. The Chanel Milk Carton bag was calling your name or you found yourself staring at the iconic silk scarf worn by a supermodel on a Gucci campaign and wanted a piece of the silk pie.

Some luxury brands offer a casual class like women’s Timberland boots compared to the iconic fancy of a Cartier bracelet. Either way at some point in our lives we’ve deliberated over a designer piece.

Can a case be made for these items actually being worth the hefty price tag? In some instances, we think that it can. Let’s take a look at five designer brands worth the money and the item we think will give you the most value for money.

Image by Mike Cabugao via Pexels


Black Gucci Bag Ph. James Ree (Unsplash)

The House of Gucci was infamous long before the movie starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver came out. Every designer in the world knows the story of Patrizia Reggiani and Mauricio Gucci; the whirlwind romance, the souring of the relationship, the eventual murder for hire. Despite this drama, Gucci has been one of the foremost luxury brands in the world almost since it was founded in 1921. Before all the drama that occurred in the film and after it, quality was and will always be Gucci’s primary concern. There is no doubt that their garments, especially the leather wares, are made to stand the test of time. Our particular favourite is the classic black and gold Gucci emblem belt. The simplicity of this item is one of the reasons it's worth the price tag; it's incredibly versatile and will go with most things in your wardrobe. The quality is the second reason; this belt will be an heirloom piece if you look after the leather.


Woman with white bagPh. Tamara Bellis (Unsplash)

Hermes is most well known and loved for its leatherware and iconic scarves. The company began in 1837 as a harness and bridle workshop for horses of rich and fabulous Parisian, and Hermes would go on to make saddles and even catered to the Tsar of Russia for a time. In 1918, when they produced their first leather golfing jacket, their journey into fashion began. Hermes only adorned the bodies of the most fashionable people in Paris until 1924, when they first established a presence outside of France. The label is most famous for its exquisite silk scarves and leatherwork, particularly the Birkin Bag. The Birkin came to be in quite an unusual fashion; on a flight from Paris to London, Jane Birkin was seated next to the executive chairman of Hermes, Jean-Louis Duman. She bemoaned the lack of bags well suited to young mothers, and Dumas sketched the Birkin up on the spot. The quality of the stitching and materials means that this bag is definitely worth the price tag.


White Chanel shopping bagsPh. Laura Chouette (unsplash)

Coco Chanel is undoubtedly one of the best-known women in fashion. It is her most iconic garment that we say is the one most worth its price tag; the Chanel Tweed Jacket. There have been more productions and iterations of this jacked than almost any in the world of designer brands. Some are cut to work as a suit and some are cut more along the lines of a modern, boxy blazer. Though there are a lot of color options, our personal favourite is the black tweed, as it is the most wearable. This jacket has been with us since the end of the Second World War; Chanel came up with it as a response to the return of corsetry. The shape was inspired by the jackets that Chanel would borrow from her aristocratic boyfriend.

Image by Jean Pierre via Pexels


Burberry Ph. Pete Pedroza (Unsplash)

The epitome of smart, practical, and chic design lies in the Burberry trench. The style has been imitated year after year but never truly duplicated. The crux of the coat’s worth lies in the lightweight gabardine fabric, which Burberry founder Thomas Burberry invented in 1879. This trench has an illustrious history. It was worn by officers in the First World War when the epaulets were used to display rank, and the D rings held equipment. Aspects of this functionality are still reflected in the Heritage Trench. Burberry offers reproofing and repair services, which make their trench a very sustainable choice.

Image by Antony Trivet via Pexels


Rolex watchPh. Antony Trivet (Unsplash)

The longevity of a Rolex timepiece is what makes it worth your while, no doubt about it. A watch from Rolex isn't just a beautiful accessory but can actually be an investment if you look after it well and have it serviced when necessary. Because a lot of the brand’s appeal lies in its exclusivity, watch costs continue to rise. When you consider how many generations can own and wear one Rolex, the cost per wear goes down radically, and the price tag suddenly starts to make a lot more sense. The use of incredibly durable materials such as crystal and Oyster steel means that you have to to seriously mistreat a Rolex for it to become unusable. Since all Rolex timepieces are made with the same philosophy in mind and using the highest quality materials, any of them would be a good choice.

Final Word

If you select a piece from any of these five brands and you look after it well, you’ll have chosen a product that can last your lifetime and the lifetimes of your children and grandchildren. Doesn’t that sound like value for money?

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Kiyomila Cosmetics is a black owned botanical skincare and wellness brand which specialises in creating an array of natural, healthy, vegan products for individuals dealing with eczema, acne and hyperpigmentation.

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Monday, 21 February 2022 18:33

Carat23 & Zarya Azadi Feb 2022

Carat23 & Zarya Azadi showcased their  bag and clothing collection at Fashions Finest  emerging designer AW22 London Fashion Week showcase 19th February 2022.

Makeup: Academy of Freelance Makeup Artists (AOFM) lead #mua Mandy Gakhal
Hair: Amy Tasker, Annie Berry
Nails: Julie Bryan & team
Creative Director: Tanya Beresford
Lead stylist: Leighanne Krystal
Assistant Stylist: Raahim Khan
Student Stylists: College of North West London
Photographer: VR Agency

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Fashion brand Pink House Mustique has launched a new luxury collection of stunning Lotty B silk pieces and pyjamas. A limited edition that invites you to treasure the handmade taste and private time.

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Tuesday, 18 January 2022 14:21

Jimmie Martin Mannequin Lamp Collection

Eclectic and theatrical London-based interior design studio Jimmie Martin is sure to grab your attention with its mannequin lamp collection.

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Luxury textile designer, Araminta Campbell, a leader in her field launches her alpaca line as part of the Heritage collection, showcasing how luxury can be both stylish and sustainable at the same time.

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Media and retails are moving toward a more inclusive plan of action to reflect different backgrounds, stories and needs. Finally, the premium market is following the same route with the arrival of Untapped Creatives at Selfridges.

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