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Your Quick Chic Guide to Moving Fashion

Who says you’ve got to look off just because you’re conducting a move? You can pull off your OOTD (Outfit of the Day) during your move - be it during the planning, packing, unpacking, or even the moving day itself. Fight off messy and haggard moving days with the right approach to fashion and attention to detail. That’s right, you can pull off an amazing move while looking hip, chic, and trendy. Get your OOTD and hashtag game on! So, how exactly should we approach your chic look? Here are some quick tips:

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Go dressed for purpose, not style. While a lot of fashionistas may advise us to dress to impress when we dress up, we might have to change the approach during the move. While usual fashion allows us to dress how we want, we’ve got to think about practicality when doing a move. Remember, you have to pack clothes at some point during the move, meaning you have to organize clothes you wear. When you pick clothes, wear the ones that can emphasize your personality but at the same time let others know your agenda. If you have any other formal engagements, such as contract signing, you should reserve smart casual clothes. Meanwhile, reserve comfy clothes for quick trips to recreational places.

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Make makeup as simple as possible. We know, makeup is extremely essential to our entire fashion routine. We don’t just want our clothes to be good, we want to look good as well. Thing is, too much makeup can be extremely bothersome for heavy tasks, especially for moves. This takes too long to make, and not too easy to move. What we should do is instead stick to a simpler routine - go for a simple foundation and blush combo to look “natural” and add the occasional contour and modifications to emphasize your facial assets. Try to stay away from complicated routines, as they can just waste your time when you get tired, and you could end up ruining your make-up if you get hot during the move.

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Work with your usual routine, especially with your fitness and skincare. When we talk about fashion, we can’t neglect our personal health. A huge part of what makes good fashion “great” is when your body can actually pull off the clothes and makeup you want to wear. This relies on maintaining good fitness and skincare. Before you push through with your move, don’t forget to check how you can adjust your usual workout routine, and see how you can maintain your skincare routine while you’re busy planning for your move. Maintain a good moisturizer routine, and don't forget your sunscreen as well!

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Pick clothes you can move around in. There’s a reason why movers and workers from moving companies usually wear the same kind of outfit, and that’s to be able to move around quicker and faster. That’s why they wear shirts with logos, pants, or even vests. These are designed to let clients and outsiders know about their work in a simple aesthetic fashion, but at the same time allow them to work comfortably. Try to apply this to your fashion - when you dress for your move, don’t over complicate your clothes. Wear simple clothes that emphasize your figure or best features without constricting your movement.

With the above tips in mind, you can now have a hassle-free moving experience...and without ruining your fashion sense! Just remember, fashion is meant to be flexible. This means you shouldn’t be afraid to maximize the tools you have and the clothes you own to make your own personal fashion work for your benefit. The point of your fashion is to make sure you look as confident and as stunning as possible, but without all of the hassle.
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