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Autumn Skincare Saviours from Aviela

Investing in a quality skincare line may just be what you need this Autumn. Aviela are a 100% natural African shea butter brand helping you transform your skin through the colder months. 

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Artistry introduces a convergence unlike any other skincare line with Artistry Skin Nutrition™ products that work like supplements for the skin.

The new clean, traceable, and vegan skincare line is powered by cutting-edge skin science and plant-based phytonutrients with clean ingredients and processes for healthy beauty - with no compromises.

Every product includes ingredients from Nutrilite™, a world leader in vitamins and plant-based dietary supplements, that are traceable from seed to skin to ensure they’re pure, safe and effective. These skincare solutions target each person’s individual needs and skin nutritional gaps so they can create a personalised beauty regimen that’s just right, every time. With Artistry™ products, beauty no longer has to be a choice or a compromise. The Artistry™ brand is Science AND Nature, Purity AND Performance, Good AND Good For You.

The Promise of Artistry™ Healthy Beauty

Building on a combined 145 years of experience, the Artistry™ brand showcases the harmonious partnership of powerful, plant-based ingredients and groundbreaking science with the launch of Artistry Skin Nutrition™. Artistry™ scientists discovered skin looks its healthiest when 5 key Skin Nutritional Requirements are addressed to purify, balance, rebuild, moisturise and protect the skin. Artistry Skin Nutrition™ products were created to work like supplements for the skin to fulfill these requirements and improve skin’s healthy look with a simple regimen. All Artistry Skin Nutrition™ products are formulated according to the Artistry™ Clean guidelines with Vegan* formulas, pure, safe ingredients, better manufacturing processes and more. These are the guiding promises for all Artistry Skin Nutrition™ products and reinforce the true meaning of Artistry™ Healthy Beauty.

Powered by Advanced Skin Science + Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients are at the heart of Artistry™ formulas and the best way to help create effective beauty products. Wherever possible, Artistry™ turns to a trusted plant source above all others - Nutrilite™ farms – for powerful, plant-based ingredients, and amplifies nature’s superstars with groundbreaking skin science for products that deliver real, visible results.

Created Clean and Traceable with Nutrilite™ Phytonutrients

Knowing where ingredients come from and how a product is produced can help people choose pure, safe and effective products with confidence. The Artistry™ brand takes the guesswork out of choosing products that contain plant-based phytonutrient ingredients from Nutrilite™, that are traceable from seed to skin. Artistry Skin Nutrition™ products also follow a new standard of Artistry™ Clean, including a ‘Yes’ List of approved, beneficial and safe ingredients, and a ‘No’ List of more than 1,300 ingredients that Artistry™ choses never to use in their skincare products.

Personalised for You

With the Artistry™ brand, products are made for everyone. All skin types and skin concerns. All skin tones. Artistry™ formulas are created with cutting edge techniques to offer targeted solutions for the unique needs of every person, based on a database of over 32,000 diverse faces from all over the world. This is the deeply personalised experience of Healthy Beauty.

Discover Artistry Skin Nutrition

Artistry Skin Nutrition™ skincare addresses 5 key Skin Nutritional Requirements with complete regimens that include a cleanser, toner and face moisturiser. Each step works like a supplement for skin for real, visible results. The collection is organised into Solution Sets that offer effective skincare solutions for a variety of skin concerns. The Hydrating Solution Set, Renewing Solution Set, Firming Solution Set and 2 make-up removers are now available online.

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We are just at the start of the new season, but it is time to update our skincare routines. While we adapt our daily regimen to the rising temperatures, we can grab this occasion to joy the benefits of trending skincare ingredients.

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Skincare Tips for Ageing Skin

Mature skin is something that everyone dreads, but that’s a reality that no one can resist.

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Just How Dirty Is Your Skin Routine?

Are you wearing make-up much these days? If not, your skin is undoubtedly contending with the aftermath of wearing a face mask, those little things called hormones, lockdown stress and a home bound diet to boot.

park street r3ewHpMIV94 unsplashImage source - Park Street (unsplash)

In hopes to beat the breakouts and blues, we are striving for skin products approved by doctors, dermatologists with a reassuring list of ingredients telling us it's going to save time and trouble.

But how much trouble could we be avoiding ourselves? Just looking at our routine alone.

Your skin is full of bacteria.

Before you conclude we are calling you filthy animals, let us explain that your skin has an eco-system, a micro biome. Your skin is a living thing.

What we put on our skin (or fail to remove) feeds this eco-system. Good or bad.

We are putting our hands up right now and admit we have been guilty of these sins:

-using expired products... (come on! they’re expensive)

-not cleaning our makeup brushes enough

-waking up with last night’s mascara on

How we wish we were perfect. In an ideal world, we dream about the ultimate routine. That is, setting aside the same amount of time removing the cake off our cute mush as we do layering it on.

But life as we know it, oh give us a break! There must be an alternative. A realistic routine.

Before you stare in tears at your pimples, we encourage you to keep reading, because we have some incredible hacks that your skin will thank you for.

One ingredient, bio-active, and we are sharing three with you today.

Why Opting For One Ingredient

We believe in simplicity, and opting for one ingredient might sound drastic but if its effective, isn’t that all you need?

Being in control of what you put on your skin allows you to develop trust in your own intuition, focusing on your skin’s signals more closely and adapting where necessary.

Skin treatments such as these lend themselves to intuitive mindful application, rather than putting faith in a label, you begin placing trust in that your skin knows best.

Below, we have simplified the most result driven routines into simple steps for you to follow. Please note all listed here are completely unbranded, unbiased, unsponsored.

Before we get into it. You’re the boss, you know your skin type and what works for you, so apply these tips in line with your existing skin routine and demands until you reach your desired results.

Coconut Oil

pexels dana tentis 725998
Image source - Dana Tentis (Pixels)

Purpose: Make up remover

Difficulty: Easy

Removing make up might feel a chore after a long day but did you know there’s this natural remover keeps cleaning your skin long after you put the work in? Behold your bio active bestie.

Coconut oil, is not just a gentle, high moisture make up remover, but a natural antibacterial cleanser and best used long term as part of your daily routine. It addresses the deeper scarring of acne and kind to sensitive skin too. We advise a test patch and wait 24 hours if you have never used it on your skin before.

Here’s two methods but coconut oil is king for many other uses from a hair mask, body moisturiser, chapped lip treatment and more.

Removing make up with coconut oil

Option 1 Take a cotton pad, or re-usable bamboo towel sheet and apply a small amount of coconut oil and gently apply to your face in long sweeping motions and repeat with another pad until all product is removed and your skin is clear and shiny. Works great on waterproof eye makeup.

Option 2 With clean fingers place a small amount of coconut oil and melt in the palm of your hands and using your hands and fingers to contour to your face, gently apply circular motions until your make up has displaced and merged entirely into the oil.

Next rinse with gentle face wash and until your face is oil free and pat dry with a fresh clean towel.

Daily routine tips:

Don't worry if you leave a small amount of residue on your face, as we mentioned earlier, it will be working on your skin throughout the day and night, cleaning, moisturising and removing dead cells as you go about your business- all from one gentle application!

Subject to your skin type, you’ll need to start with the thinnest amount to avoid blocking your pores. For drier skin, you can gradually increase the amount to ensure you are allowing your skin to breathe whilst absorbing all the beautiful nutrients.

Where to get coconut oil? In short, you're after good quality.

If its organic, extra virgin and cold pressed, you’re good to go. Otherwise the chemicals in the manufacturing methods will actually give you spots. We don’t want that.

The sustainably farmed brands are readily available at supermarkets, you don’t need to go to a deli or research for hours online. There are reliable choices, just look for words on the label like “bio active” or uses include hair or skin.


Typically within a week:

*Complexion is clean, dewy, reduced redness and acne will begin to calm.

Long term results:

* Faster and improved healing rate

* Smoothing of deep scars

  • Future break outs are less frequent
  • Skin is highly moisturised


pexels eva elijas 6085950 result
Image source - Eva Elijas (Pixels)

Purpose: A pore perfecting face spray

Difficulty: Easy

Salt, nature’s sanitiser.

A solid choice for first aid and also your skin’s hygiene maintenance program. For this hack, were opting for Himalayan Pink Salt but any natural salt will work here.

Experts have recently said that despite pink salt being pretty and reputable for tasting better over others, it doesn’t contain enough trace minerals to make a big difference in the grand scheme of things. But what isn’t disputed is that the minerals are in there, naturally occurring, used for centuries.

After all, salt is salt but this hack is ridiculously good.

Pore Perfection

One of the biggest mistakes we can make, is straight out of the bath, when our pores are still open, we slap on the lotion too early- and arriving soon after, black heads.

One way to close the pores faster, is using cold water, but we thought, why not a face spray? And whilst you’re at it, add some salt.

The salt in the water acts like sea spray, naturally sanitising, to keep your skin clean. The spray gently cleanses, providing you with the perfect environment to heal and dry out existing break outs whilst correcting any oil imbalance.

This face spray can be used anytime but we advise straight after a steamy shower or bath to close and tighten your pores naturally.

How To Make Salt Face Spray

pexels cottonbro 4612127 result
Image source - Cottonbro (Pixels)

You need a bottle, atomised spray bottles are great for re-use. A fantastic eco option.

These can be easily obtained cheaply with travel kits for passing through airport security. Alternatively, you can purchase a PET refill bottle online or a nice glass atomised bottle option for that professional look on your bathroom counter.

Simply sterilise the bottle, and you’re ready to prepare the solution.

2 Ingredients:

Boiled or filtered water

Pink salt, that’s it.

Pour the solution into your refill bottle and use anytime for fresh, cooling spray.

Tip: Some of the pink salt sediment might settle to the bottom of your bottle so give it a little shake, but the majority has already dissolved into a solution.


Typically within a week:

*Complexion is clean

*Spots are drying and shrinking

*Moisturiser products are optimised, (you may even find you are needing less product)

Long term results:

* Toned pores

  • Acne is clear
  • Future break outs are less frequent.

Green Tea

nastya KECxiL io1o unsplash
Imnage source - Nastya (Unsplash)

Purpose: Puffy Eye Treatment

Difficulty: Easy

Calling SOS skin support? Time to get out the green tea.

If you want to recover from the hangover look or from bawling your eyes out on Netflix, we recommend this puffy eye treatment.

Days using the fridge-cold spoon trick is over. We give you “skin food” that’s good enough to drink.

The bio active compounds in green tea are widely used in cosmetic products from face masks to face cream. But you can harness this power at home, with a tea bag- effortlessly extracting the power from tannins.

Just focusing on tannins alone, a strong antioxidant that plays the key role in supporting your mental focus. Tannins are very protective and what you’ll be interested to know is how well they keep things pert and alert. One bay leaf contains enough tannins to hold the natural colour and structure of raw vegetables to stay crunchy when doused in harsh vinegar.

If the tannins from one bay leaf can preserve the cellular walls of carrots swimming in acid, think how much one green tea, holding considerably more tannins can do to your skin?

The long list of harsh elements we expose to our skin, from indoor heating, air-conditioning, cold winter weather, make up and more, gives these formidable tannins a chance to flex.

If you want some of this too? Keep reading.

Depending on how much of a tea geek you are and willing to spend, this treatment weighs in at around the cost of 50p (if you choose to boil the kettle to brew it!)

Puffy Eye Treatment

To get the most out of your green tea, we highly recommend a cold brew. Cold brew extracts all the goodness, without any heat damage. Preserving its potency for your skin to feast on. But if you're in a rush, hot brew will speed up the tannins production here.


Step 1: Sit two green tea bags in a glass jug of cold water. Or brew green tea in a large mug using water just off the boil.

Step 2: Let it diffuse. Ideally 1 hour until it has turned brown. But 15 minutes will do the trick. Don't worry, the brown colour is good, its not going over, or spoiling, the brown colour indicates a higher dose of tannins.

Step 3: Simply pour the tea in an ice cube tray and when frozen, it’s ready. You have puffy eye treatment as and when you need.

How to apply:

Rinse the ice cube under cold water first, before application, to avoid ice burn and gently rest over your tired eyes to calm, smooth and refresh the skin.

What about the tea bag? Don’t throw it away!

Place it on a saucer and put in the fridge to chill for 10 minutes, and prepare your throne of relaxation, run a bath, or whatever chills your mood, then throw the tea bags over your eyes like iconic cucumber slices and let the goodness refresh your eyes.


Skin is visibly calmer, moisturised, naturally revived and smoother.

Suggested uses:

Great for immediate care and “skin food” treatment such as irritated or inflamed skin. Great for relieving hay fever eyes.

Face spray and face wash option: Filter the green tea into a refill spray bottle to use on the face or splash face with green tea after shower or bath as pores are open.

Clean Up Your Act In 1,2,3

pexels skitterphoto 32266 result
 Image source - Skitterphoto (Pixels)

We really couldn’t wait to tell you about these amazing natural ingredients. Having affordable options offering superior results that are safe to treat your skin at home is what sustainable lifestyle is all about.

Keep an eye out for biodegradable tea bags, and sustainable farmed certificates on packaging too. Some products might have be cruelty free, non animal tested but could be harmful to the environment when we rinse it off. These routines are environmentally friendly and a great way to make effortless changes to help preserve marine life.

We encourage you to experience these routines for yourself and feel the benefits of natural ingredients.

After long term use, these biohacks give you the confidence to trust and adjust your own understanding of your skin. The more you practice and find the right dose and application for your needs, you can enjoy more make up free days too.

Show Us Your Face

Love these routines as much as we do? You can share your results with us on social media and we will highlight our favourite skin transformations to encourage others to try sustainable beauty options.

Post your selfies with before and after and tag our page using any of these routines with the hashtag


We’d love to see you.

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Is Your Daily Cleansing Routine Working For You?

Cleansing your face is probable something you already do every day, maybe even twice a day but are you doing it well enough to really care for your skin and see positive results? 

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Ways to Glow Up During Quarantine

Is your hair damaged, nails brittle and skin worse than ever? You must be in quarantine.
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Mix And Mask

Hair appointment cancelled. Facial and back massage rescheduled and as far as manicure and pedicure bookings… Yikes!

Mix and Mask 1 resultPhoto Source: Adobe freestock

Still having flashbacks for not attending that last appointment!! It is a constant recurring nightmare!! For those mere mortals shuddering at the prospect of overgrown nails and faded out highlights, I feel your pain. We are in this together!

Being on ‘Lockdown’ does not mean grooming standards should slip, we just need to improvise a little. There is no need to feel down hearted, help is at hand by the means of a do-it-yourself facial treatment in the comfort of your own home.  So, here are some quick tricks and tips for concocting a variety of fun face masks, readily available in your cupboard or fridge to brighten your day! As for those with sensitive skin, recent cuts or bruises, fear not!  You can still join in the fun by creating your own unique ‘Spicy Fruit Salad’.

The humble tomato is an antioxidant with a great source of vitamin C, potassium and vitamin K. It has also been known to be used as an astringent and brightener for oily skin. This amazing fruit sometimes referred to as a vegetable can also be used to sooth and hydrate sensitive or dehydrated skin.  

You can be as adventurous as you wish, by using freshly sliced tomatoes, chopped tinned tomatoes or my favourite tomato puree paste.  Apply all over the face or T-zone area, then leave for 5-10 minutes before removing and rinsing your entire face with lukewarm water.  Finally, moisturise using your regular product.  Repeat once or twice a week.

Mix and Mask 2 resultPhoto Source: Adobe freestock

Cheers to the tropical pineapple!  
Have you ever wondered what to do with those pineapple slices from your Pina Colada? Ponder no further.  Making your very own face mask is the answer! Pineapples are packed full of nutrients such as proteins, vitamin C, A, B6, B5, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc to name a few. With all of this in mind, creating pineapple face masks does not seem like such a farfetched idea. Due to the high acidic and antioxidants content, this tropical fruit is the perfect exfoliant for dry, flaky, blemished or sallow skin. A word of warning, please avoid using on sensitive or broken skin as it will sting.

Blend a few pineapple chunks or slices into a blender, then apply to the face. Leave on for 5-10 minutes as before rinsing off with lukewarm water. For individuals with heal scars, slight pigmentations or blemishes, apply a small amount of pineapple juice using a cotton pad or bud to the areas of concern only. Leave for 3-5 minutes then rinse off thoroughly. Remember to moisturise your face afterwards. Repeat once or twice a week.

Mix and Mask 3 resultPhoto Source: Adobe freestock

Yogurt is great for the immune system because it is crammed with minerals and probiotics as well as vitamin D, B1, proteins, magnesium, calcium and many more.

Mixing spices such as turmeric into the yogurt mixture may help to alleviate certain skin conditions such as very dry skin, acne and psoriasis. An alternative blend worth trying is a combination of honey and plain yogurt. This fusion is ideal for mature, dry or sensitive skin.

Use a generous amount of your chosen yogurt mix. Leave on the skin for at least 10-15 minutes then rinse off properly.  Do not forget to apply moisturiser afterwards. Repeat two to three times a week.
 Mix and Mask 4 resultPhoto Source: Adobe freestock

Alternately try avocado instead of yogurt. This fruit contains over 20 vitamins and minerals giving the perfect nourishment for the skin.

Using olive oil mixed with turmeric makes an ideal combination for dry or mature skin. Olive oil contains antioxidants and vitamin E and K. The perfect blend to kick start and heal the skin.

Mix and Mask 5 resultPhoto Source: Adobe freestock

Mix and Mask 6 resultPhoto Source: Adobe freestock
Please Note: These are just guidelines for creating fun facial masks.  If you do feel any sensitivity or tingling at any point. Take off the mask immediately, rinse your face with cool water. Consult your GP if necessary.

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The Benefits of Using Natural Skincare

The Benefits of Using Natural Skincare result
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The many benefits of a regular skincare routine have been talked about a lot, especially in the last few years. And besides all the beauty reasons, there are also some health aspects to consider. With time, the products evolved and got a lot better, so the result is natural skincare lines that are healthy for our skin and make it soft, glowy and clear. However, if you want to find out more about all of the benefits of using natural skincare, keep on reading.

Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients result
Picture from

Discussion about the ingredients of natural skincare and the safety of using it are sort of intertwined. Firstly, natural ingredients mean that there are no harmful chemicals, and processes used in the making, which means that it will most likely suit any skin type. You don't have to worry about skin irritation, dryness, or redness because natural products will care for your skin in the best way possible.

Some of the ingredients that you can usually find in natural skincare products are coconut oil, which will help remove dead cells, keep you safe from sunburn, and make your skin soft and nurtured. Aloe Vera, which is also good for treating sunburns, irritation, as well as dry and red skin. Tea tree oil is something many brands are starting to incorporate in their skincare products, and it is perfect for oily, acne-prone skin. Avocado will provide your skin with vitamin A, D, and E, which can help treat age spots and increase the production of collagen. Argan oil is also full of vitamin A, and E, it can serve as an antioxidant, and it will make your skin soft and hydrated.

Safety Comes First

Safety comes first result
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Regardless of your skin type, many ingredients of everyday skincare can harm your skin without you even knowing. Redness, dryness, itchiness, irritation, or acne, the symptoms are many, and they are very unpleasant. On the other hand, quality natural skin care products are hypoallergenic, made from high-quality, and pure, natural ingredients, which ensures that your skin will love them. Besides, they mimic the normal oils and processes your skin makes, and this means you won't surprise your skin with something new and unexpected.

Cruelty-free And Eco-friendly

Cruelty free and eco friendly result
Picture from

Something that we have started to hear a lot about is cruelty-free skincare and makeup. There are people who choose the products according to this standard, which is a beautiful act. If you are one of those, you will be happy to hear that natural products are, in most cases, not tested on animals but in labs, using high-end technology.

Aside from this, natural skincare products are good for the environment as well. Firstly, they don't contain parabens and petrochemicals, which is good because their breakdown is harmful to the sea and wildlife. Some scrubs have small pieces of plastic that can again be thrown into the sea causing fish to die, or polluting the soil since plastic takes a lot of time to decompose. However, natural ingredients, like coffee, cocoa, coconut, and many other plants go back to nature and don't do any harm.

You Can Make Them Yourself

You can make them yourself result
Picture from

Another good thing about natural products is that you can make them at home on occasion. There are some things you need to know before you start. Make sure you measure the ingredients correctly, choose a proper container, and don't make more than you have to since it can go bad pretty fast. However, you can make them last longer by adding natural preservatives. And most importantly make sure you know what you are using and for what purpose. When you get all of that out the way, you can proceed to some recipes. You can make a face wash from oils and castile soap to gently clean your skin, scrubs from coffee, baking soda, and essential oils as well, and moisturizers from carrier oils and essential oils. Toners, serums, lip balms, and masks can also be made at home from all-natural ingredients.

Saving Money

Saving money result
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Natural skincare products don't have to be more expensive, which is another reason to look into them. We are all used to spending substantial amounts of money on products that don't have the quality or effectiveness. The packaging of these commercially produced products is usually smaller than natural brands, which means that for the same amount of money, you can get more product and use them for a longer time. Natural skincare is more likely to help your skin and keep it clean and soft, so there will be less need for you to buy many more different products. And this will help you save money as well. And one more reason is that natural products have a higher concentration of products in their original state, so you will need less product to achieve the same results.

There are many reasons to start using natural skincare, but the first and most important one is that they are safe, and they will help your problematic skin and keep it healthy, shiny, and soft. So, look at these benefits a bit closer, and decide on the best one for you.

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Skinfood Best Tips for Acne-Prone Skin

aroma care close up 725998 result
Photo by Dana Tentis from Pexels

Acne-prone is the condition of the skin that makes it more susceptible to breakouts. It's tough having acne-prone skin, especially with all the pollution in the air. However, your skin type doesn't have to dictate your entire life. You can try some of the tips mentioned below to prevent acne before it even happens. 

People with acne-prone skin need to take care of their face and skin more than other people would need to. Companies like Skinfood make sure that their products are compatible with all skin types. Skinfood is a Korean brand of beauty, cosmetics, and skincare. Skinfood is a retailer and manufacturer company that creates safe, organic, and effective products.

Acne-prone Skin Causes And Symptoms

There are currently studies to work out why some skin is acne-prone. One of the main reasons is hereditary. It means that if your mother or grandmother has that skin type, then you're more likely to get it. Dermatologists are still trying to figure out other factors.

Here are some symptoms that you may have acne-prone skin:

● Your skin has a reddish color to the majority of your face, especially the area where acne appears
● Elements like dust, dirt, and others could easily cause breakouts
● Your acne breakouts are severe, and occasionally have spots with heads

Taking Care Of Acne-prone Skin

Most people, especially celebrities, often say that the best way to deal with acne-prone skin is to use anti-pimple creams or take some supplements. However, putting cosmetics without proper guidance or routine could be more harmful to your face. Aside from that, not all supplements or products are going to work for your skin. Some may even have adverse effects on you.

You can take care of your acne-prone skin by using the right Skinfood products and incorporating them in your routine. Here are the best tips on taking care of your acne-prone skin:

Avoid touching your face with dirty hands. One of the most common causes of breakouts is exposure of dirt into your pores. If you put your face in contact with unwashed hands, then your acne-prone pores will trap the dirt even more. The pores of an acne-prone face are susceptible to any foreign elements, so you must limit the amount of dirt you introduce.

Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly before applying your skincare routine or else you'll risk getting worse breakouts. Check your nails before you use a product because they could still contain soil or dirt, which could contaminate your skincare item.

Introduce products to your face one at a time. Acne-prone skin is more sensitive than the other skin types, so it's essential to practice caution. One common misconception is that putting random skincare products together can help your skin.

If you're dealing with acne-prone skin, you need to remember that not all ingredients can help. While AHA or alpha-hydroxy acids and BHA or beta-hydroxy acids are typically known to be anti-acne ingredients, using them together could dry out your skin.

To start your skincare routine, you should do the following:

● Use only one pimple treatment at a time
● Buy your products according to acne-prone skin specifications
● Check the ingredients
● Follow any acne-prone beauty and skincare blogger so you will have more information on what you can or can't do
● Use trusted products like Skinfood that use natural ingredients compatible with acne-prone skin types

Layer your skincare products from thinnest to thickest. Your skin is like a sponge that wants to absorb all the goodness you are applying, so it is essential to employ the most lightweight products first. These are water-like products such as toners, serums, or essences. Heavy moisturizers and oils will be used next because they help in sealing everything in. Oil-based products, in particular, have occlusive properties that create a barrier between the air and the skin. Anything applied on top of them won't come in contact with the skin.

The Korean 10-step skincare routine has the products in the order of viscosity to maximize absorption. Therefore, it's good to familiarize yourself with the process to make sure that you don't accidentally deter your skincare.

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