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How To Take Care of Sensitive Skin

Finding the perfect skincare that goes with your skin type can be challenging, but it must be undertaken to protect the body from age and temperature. However, if you choose the wrong type of products to apply, you may end up with sensitive skin.

Woman with sensitive skinPh. Kimia Zarifi (unsplash)

Skin can be subject to allergies, excessive foliation caused by daily usage of products that irritate the skin, high temperature, dry weather, and eczema.

If you have sensitive skin, finding the right skincare products can be quite difficult.

Many products are too harsh and end up making your skin worse, so you should opt for products made from natural ingredients, such as Misumi’s products. This brand offers expert solutions for acne-prone skin and guarantees effective results.

In this blog post, we'll share tips on how to take care of your sensitive skin. We'll also recommend some of our favourite skincare products that are gentle enough for sensitive skin. So, if you're looking for ways to improve your skin health, keep reading!

Determine Your Skin’s Sensitivity Level

Woman with bright skinPh. Feur Kaan (Unsplash)

First, you need to determine whether your skin is sensitive or if you instead have another skin condition. To identify your skin’s sensitivity level, look for clues in your skin pattern and find out if there are differences in the level of your skin.

For instance, if your skin is naturally pale, you can spot some red spots due to irritation. If your skin is of a darker shade, you can notice some itching. To protect your skin’s sensitivity, one must understand the different factors that can affect skin sensitivity.

Not everyone is exposed to the same factors. Some people are affected because of a wrong choice of products, some because of sudden temperature change, some because they don’t like the heat, and others’ skin is sensitive to cold.

Skin sensitivity can be caused by multiple agents, so check which one of them would harm your skin to understand how to protect it. One way to ensure good skincare in the long term is to use the perfect products to protect you.

Sometimes, you can only find what works for them through an experiment with different products and seeking professional help. Whether your skin is dry or oily, a professional can always recommend what goes better with your skin type. Finally, follow a regular skincare routine to keep your skin healthy.

Choose the Right Skincare Products

Skincare productsPh. Alesia Kozik (pixel)

Choosing the right products is the biggest step when attempting to protect the skin from any inconvenience. If you choose wrong, the skin may experience side effects such as irritations, allergies, and eczema.
Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, choosing skincare products that are gentle and won't cause irritation is important. Of course, you shouldn’t try it out on the entire skin surface all at once, but test out the new skincare products on a small patch of skin before using them all over your face.

This way, you will be protecting your body in case of any side effects, and you’ll find out if this product is the best to use or a must-avoid. Stay away from regular exfoliation when you have sensitive skin because it can affect your skin surface and worsen things. Instead, moisturise your skin and keep it hydrated.

Also, try to look for products labelled “sensitive” or “for sensitive skin.” When in doubt, packages are the answer; they will provide you with the necessary information concerning the products you’re about to try out, including whether they contain harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, exfoliators, or natural and organic elements that can improve your skincare experience.

If you feel more comfortable using natural hacks to take care of the skin, we recommend drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Adjust Your Skincare Routine

Woman using a roller on her face Ph. Pavel Danilyuk (Unsplash)

Some people follow a skincare routine to fix their skin from unwanted effects, some simply look for the glow, and others just want their skin to look fine when they go to work.

In any way, it’s important to adjust your skincare routine to your best interest. If you have sensitive skin, there are some steps to follow to ensure a better glow. Try using a gentle face wash that doesn't contain any harsh chemicals nor alcohol, fragrance, or other harsh ingredients to avoid irritation. Instead, apply moisturiser to your skin every day to keep it hydrated, and use lukewarm or cold water to wash your face to ensure the pores’ opening.

Moreover, if you're experiencing redness or irritation on the skin level, avoid rubbing it or applying random products to get rid of it. Instead, try using an Aloe Vera gel to soothe your skin. Many research has shown that Aloe Vera products relieve the skin from any irritation and overheating.

Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Healthily

Healthy FoodPh. Ella Olsson (Unsplash)

A healthy body equals a healthy mind, and your body is nothing but a mirror reflecting how healthy you are. To keep your skin healthy and young, keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water daily to stay hydrated.
Dry skin is the number one enemy and can cause many complications. Therefore, it is important to drink as much as possible, perhaps squeezing some lemon in your water for a further glow!

And while we’re speaking of keeping it healthy, try to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods and sugary drinks to get the nutrients your body needs. Keep it energetic by getting enough sleep at night and regular exercise to spend the day refreshed and in a good mood. There’s nothing worse for the skin than having dark circles under your eyes and an exhausted skin covering your body.

Take care of yourself, and give yourself some breaks throughout the day to meditate, relax and rejuvenate. Stay away from anything that can stress you out, and more importantly, be happy! Your sensitive skin will thank you for that!

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What Models Eat During Fashion Week

featured image result

The stars of the latest shows in the capitals of the fashion universe haven’t dazzled us only with their bold strut and magnificent charm with which they wear those stunning collections, but they equally amaze us with their physiques! Now, we already know they practice self-discipline in their dietary habits off-season, that’s no secret, but what about their top choices during these fabulous fashion shows?

Proper hydration

Proper hydration result

You may wonder if these gorgeous gals gulp on enormous amounts of coffee just to be able to survive the number of events that surrounds the fashion shows. Yet most of them, including lovely Kendall, focus on water and detox tea – even up to 12 cups per day! The first one being zero-calorie makes perfect sense, but going for tea also serves to keep their complexion pure, and bellies flat.

Proper hydration 02 result


If in need of an energy boost, then a healthier caffeine option hides in green tea, and other herbal mixes that lower the levels of inflammation in the body, balance their pH levels and help them with their water intake. Now there’s a tasty way to stay hydrated!

Smart snacks

Smart snacks result

Sometimes these ladies have no time for a complete meal, and their shows can deplete their energy levels in no time, so it becomes essential to keep their bodies fueled at all times. As a result, they resort to healthy snack options such as various types of raw nuts loved by Adriana Lima, but this may ring an alarm bell in your mind because they are filled with fats! Yes, they indeed are, but that is precisely what makes them so satiating, and nibbling on a handful can keep supermodels going for hours on end.

Smart snacks 02 result


They also rely on hefty amounts of raw fruits and vegetables, such as berries which are packed with antioxidants (extremely important for their immune system and their skin health), and Danielle Copperman swears by coconut yoghurt. Brimming with healthy fats and protein, these snacks are ideal for a girl on the go!

Mighty Support

Mighty support result 

But despite their best efforts and all of these dietary guidelines crafted by the world’s best experts in nutrition, supermodels sometimes need an additional boost to their daily meals. When the shows, parties and lack of sleep threaten to wreak havoc on their wellbeing and beauty, models such as Magdalena Frackowiak safeguard their health with the help of micronutrient-dense supplements.

Mighty support 02 result


A clear complexion, a strong immune system and flawless hair require a solid amount of vitamins and minerals, and when there’s no time to stick to a meal-plan, using Solgar vitamins and similar supplements to regular meals and snacks ensures all the essential daily needs.

Full-blown breakfast

Full blown breakfast result

When there’s time, these ladies will not shy away from a veggie-rich omelet, and Anastasia Ivanova even reaches for an occasional slice of bacon to keep her breakfast tasty. Don’t be surprised if you see them munching on an occasional burger, a slice of pizza or even the dreaded pastry such as croissants, because the need for a convenient energy source sometimes trumps your current dietary limitations.

Written by Sophia Smith

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My 7 Day Detox with Easy Detox

IMG 1129 result

I was given the opportunity to try out Easy Detox 7 day plan i accepted as I was curious as I had never done anything like that before. When i told my friends and colleagues I was doing a 7-day detox most of them remarked ‘are you crazy?’, ‘You don’t need to lose weight’, ‘why?’ ‘Don’t you eat healthily anyway?’ and more.

Although i do eat healthily and don’t have ‘I can’t live without’ foods it was the thought of giving up the few foods I like to eat on a weekly basis, that was a struggle in my mind.

The process for the detox was to take 1 sachet of powder 3 times a day, morning afternoon and evening with coconut water, smoothies or sugar free juice. Depending on what you are trying to achieve you can stick to just that or find light healthy balanced meals on the Easy Detox website. I had read in some previous reviews that people had lost weight in 3 days, sounds amazing but I was not looking to lose weight, just to cleanse my body of any toxins and see what difference it made.

Foods I had to avoid

Salt, sugar, sweeteners, meat, dairy, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, fried foods

FullSizeRender 1 result

The Detox

Day 1 - I mixed up the powder as suggested and ate a mainly bean or salad diet which I will give you at the end and drank lots and lots of water and exercise which is recommended.

Day 2 – I repeated the process with a similar diet with lots and lots of water and exercise and again no noticeable change.

Day 3 - I repeated the process and noticed my stomach was beginning to bloat and i was starting to feel very uncomfortable.

Day 4 - I repeated the process, my stomach was still bloated bloat even more and that uncomfortable feeling was getting worse.

At this stage i was wondering if I should stop as knowing my body well I know that it reacts in a negative way to any change slight change in diet or environment. So, i deliberated whether i should continue or not and how long would the bloating last and could i cope with this feeling any longer. However, i’m not a quitter so I decided to continue.

Day 5 – My body was beginning to get used to the change in diet and the detox but i was not feeling good at all and although the bloating was going down it was not as quickly as I had hoped but as i only had 2 days to go i struggled on.

Day 6 - by day 6  was feeling a little better and quite happy as i knew i only had one day to go.

Day 7 – To be honest this day could not have come quick enough for me. I was quite happy knowing I would not have to repeat the process again.

The Diet

It can be difficult to know what to eat but on th esite their are recipies to help create some healthy alternative meals. I decided to opt for a variety of Beans, pulses, vegetables, roasted veg, salad, potatoes, quorn, natural yogurt, smoothies (as most fruit in its natural state makes me feel sick), coconut water, water.

Pros: no obvious side effect from cutting out things in my diet and this was because of the natural ingredients included in the detox to counteract that. The detox was pleasant. My water intake increased and i am still drinking lots of it.

Two week on, my skin is not as dry and flaky as it is normally and feels quite smooth.

Cons: uncomfortable bloated stomach, unable to go to the toilet regularly and bouts of nausea which lasted another week, after i had finished the detox.

Would I do another detox like this? NO! I decided that although the detox was tasty and there were some noticeable it was not for me. I am a fairly healthy person, i exercise as and when i need to and have no excessive eating habits or addictions to caffeine, sugar or other so that may be the reason it did not work for me and i did not see much change.

For anyone wanting to try this and who is a newbie to detoxes and diets like me I would suggest maybe the three day detox first to see how your body reacts.

Thank you Easy Detox for the experience. 

By Deborah St. Louis - Fashions Finest (CEO)

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