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The ABCs of False Lashes Explained

Falsies: these beauty staples come in many shapes and styles but to choose the best one for you it is good to know the ABCs of false lashes.

ARDELL Brand Director, Jennifer Johnson, teaches us the False Lash ABCs because there is a B curl but also a C and a D...

The ABCs Of False Lashes

It is not just a matter of style, the ABCs of False Lashes is about the magic curvature of your falsies. When you find the right one, your false lashes will accentuate your eyes turning them into mesmerising magnets. Jennifer Johnson, brand director at ARDELL, is a real expert in falsies and she has shared with us the differences in curls and which one to choose to achieve a perfect look with the best lash fit.

J Curl Lashes

"J curl lashes are the straightest lash style, they mimic the slight curvature of most people’s real eyelashes, meaning they are ideal for creating a very natural effect. Choose J curl lashes for a subtle, conservative look that’s perfect when you don’t want people to know you’re wearing false eyelashes. They will still add plenty of gorgeous length and volume, just not much of a curl. Avoid if you have naturally downward-pointing lashes as they'll make your eyelids look heavier and your eyes smaller."

B Curl Lashes

"The B Curl style is long, doll-shaped lashes for an eye-opening effect. Best for deep set & almond-shaped eyes, they provide a gentle uplift that subtly opens up the eye. If you curl your eyelashes on a daily basis, choose B curl lashes for a natural look that will match the shape you’re used to."

Extension FX B Curl lashes

ARDELL Extension FX B Curl Lashes, Superdrug £6.49

C Curl Lashes

"C curl lashes provide a fabulously uplifted curl that gives you a wide-eyed gaze without crossing over into being overly dramatic. They have more of a ‘flick’ than the B and J curl types. Although the shape and thickness of the overall strip can make them look either more natural or more striking, in general, C curl lashes are a great ‘in-between’ choice that works well for both day and night and are universally flattering."

Extension FX C Curl

ARDELL Extension FX C Curl Lashes, Sephora £6.99

D Curl Lashes

"D curl lashes are for when you’re craving total drama. They really define and open up the eyes, thanks to their deep, upward-sloping curl. This is the perfect curl choice for glamorous photoshoots and nights out when you want your eyes to make an unforgettable impact. Avoid if you have deep-set, hooded and ‘droopy’ eyes, since the tight curl can end up brushing against the upper eyelid, which can be quite annoying."

Extension FX D Curl
ARDELL Extension FX D Curl Lashes, Superdrug £6.49


"A more extreme version of D curl, U curl lashes get their name from their practically 180° curvature. There will be no mistaking these for natural eyelashes – they’ll make your eyes pop for sure. They're particularly flattering on monolid eyes, but should be avoided if you have deep-set, hooded and ‘droopy’ eyes, for the same eyelid-irritating reason above."


"L curl lashes sometimes get described as a ‘Barbie’ curl. Unlike all of the eyelash curl types described above, L curl lashes begin with a horizontal section and then curve sharply upwards. They are a better choice for achieving a glam, wide-eyed look for those with monolid, hooded, deep-set, and 'droopy' eyes."

Extension FX L Curl
ARDELL Extension FX L Curl Lashes, Superdrug £6.49

A gentle flick or a dramatic curve - now you know the ABCs of false lashes and which magic letter to look for.

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