These have been two intense, stressful years for everyone and every occasion should be the right one to unplug from daily life and de-stress. This selection of wellness products is a great fit for the purpose.
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April is Stress Awareness Month, so take this month as a chance to focus on yourself and your wellbeing. From head to toes, we have what you need to de-stress.

April, Stress Awareness Month

Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month? Since 1992, April has been the month when to acknowledge this wide issue and find an active solution for our health and peace of mind.

Products To De-stress

No matter what is causing your stress, it is always good to unplug from the troubles of the day and think about what can make us feel better, in this case, more relaxed. We want to share with you a selection of interesting self-care products and favourite brands that we are sure will give that so-much desired relaxation:

Eresos Cbd Eucalyptus Sleep Mist 

Eresos Sleep Mist Ph. Ereos
Stress and sleep are closely linked. It is a vicious circle: stress can affect sleep quality and duration, while insufficient sleep can increase stress levels. This CBD Eucalyptus Sleep Mist contains a unique blend of lavender and chamomile botanicals to enhance your sleep and promote relaxation. Sprayed directly onto your pillow before sleep, this completely natural spray will help you to fall asleep, and as you move during the night, you’ll inhale the mist and absorb it through the skin as the CBD is released from your pillow’s fibres.


Sbc Arnica Muscle Soak

Arnica Muscle SoakPh. SBC
Harnessing Arnica’s renowned comforting properties, SBC Skincare’s Arnica Muscle Soak works to help alleviate muscular tension and fatigue. The perfect start to your night-time self-care ritual: simply pump into a steaming bath, lie back, breathe in the delicate herbal aroma, and let the stress soak away. Notes of rosemary, sweet orange and ylang-ylang aid relaxation, while Arnica Montana helps to soothe your aching body, so you can truly unwind at the end of a hard day.


Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

Embryloisse CreamPh. Embryolisse
Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré or one of our favourite vegan skincare gems. Used as a mask in your self-care routine, this cream combines ingredients of natural origin, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins to provide the skin with nutrients and water for its balance, and it helps protect it from aggression. Moisturised and nourished, the skin becomes supple and elastic once more. It is plumped, smoothed, and incredibly soft. Signs of dryness and discomfort are reduced, leaving the skin feeling soothed.


Only Curls Exfoliating Scalp Scrub 

Only Curls Scalp ScrubPh. Only Curls
A scalp scrub is another step to add to your self-care routine as is suggested that a scalp massage can help ease the stresses of the day and promote feelings of relaxation. It can also work wonders for your hair if combined with a scrub that will gently exfoliate to remove product build-up, excess oil and dead skin cells that gather at the root of your hair, thus promoting healthy hair growth.


No more headaches but long baths and night sleeps. From head to toes, these products will help you de-stress your mind and every inch of your body.

More good recommendations for your wellbeing are a couple of pages away. Browse our beauty-related articles on Fashions Finest.

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