Cold draughts are bringing a very welcomed Christmas atmosphere. Get ready for both, Bown of London has what you need for the cold weather and the gifting season.

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It is time for gifting, slowing down and staying warm. Bown of London luxury bath collection is really made for your winter season necessities.

Bown Of London Luxury Bathrobe Collection For Christmas

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If you are unable to decide between a gorgeous or a useful Christmas gifts, the good news is that you do not need to choose - pick both! We know how cold can our winters get and what people love to do on their Christmas days off: just chilling. Combine the need for pampering time and the luxury feeling of exquisite fabrics hugging your body with Bown of London and its collection of bathrobes and bedtime pieces.

About Bown Of London

The "Rolls Royce" of men's dressing gowns is proud of its products made in the UK and the feeling they convey. Velour and heavyweight Egyptian cotton bathrobes caress the skin and let it breathe naturally. Every seam and detail is curated to give the feeling of a resort stay.

A Shine Bright With Bown Of London Dressing Gowns

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Shine bright like a diamond with this Bown of London hooded dressing gown in Pink Diamond! This cross-seasonal piece can be worn in summer after splashing in the pool or on the coldest of the winter nights, making it a smart and stylish Christmas gift. Crafted from 100% natural Egyptian cotton, you or your loved one will love the luxuriously soft velour-touch that oozes confidence and comfort.

Its comfort is inviting on its own but if you add the monogramming option you will make this dressing gown even more personal and precious to the recipient.

Bown of London offers timeless bathrobes, dressing gowns and PJs, as well as a wide array of accessories for men and women that comes in handy at gifting time all year round.

Choose the lasting quality and gifts that will be very loved and worn for the years to come. Discover the whole collection online at Bown of London.

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