As summer is slowly approaching, we’re ready to pull out our favourite summer outfits and enjoy days of fun under the sun. Since summer outfits are easy and breezy, we should also use simple accessories to complement our look. From jewellery to summer hats and sunglasses, there are plenty of options.

Summer outfit and accessoriesPh. Julia Kicova (Unsplash)

Simple combos usually feel like something’s missing, so we suggest you add a few simple accessories to spice up your look.

You can always turn to Instagram to draw some inspiration and see what’s trendy this summer season. You can also follow our guide to give you a few cool ideas on how to accessorise this summer.

Pick Out Your Favourite Jewellery Pieces

Gold jewellery on a trayPh. LUM3N (Unsplash)

Summer outfits are all about adding a little spark with necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Jewellery is usually one aspect of our appearance that makes a style statement. You can say a lot about a person by looking at their choice of jewellery, whether they prefer glamour or minimalism, and how they make use of their favourite colours.

For example, fine pearl earrings can be a great accessory for your office outfits as well as a casual outing with friends. They can add a timeless touch of luxury and look perfect for any occasion whether you’re looking for an elegant pair or classic ones. The point of accessorising is adding a little something to your outfit but be careful to not overdo it.

Summer Hats

summer hat and glassesPh. Debby Hudson (Unsplash)

Summer hats are an ideal accessory for a summer brunch or an afternoon get-together with family and friends. They also protect you from the sun and are a saviour on a bad hair day. Choose one that complements your face as well as your outfit choice. Summer hats often go perfectly with a summer dress, as they’re stylish and eye-catching.

You can even use them as a single accessory piece if you don’t prefer wearing jewellery, for example. A small fedora can be appropriate for a slightly dressy or smart casual look, while a floppy hat adds a pretty touch to an outfit with an elegant vibe. Mid-size straw hats are usually casual and versatile, which makes them ideal for most summer outfits.

It’s All About The Shoes

Summer sandalsPh. Karim Elmissiry (Unsplash)

Summer shoes, especially sandals can be a lot of fun. There are plenty of choices including basic flats, embellished sandals, flip-flops, heeled sandals, espadrilles, casual sneakers, and many more. You can choose one depending on your outfit for the day. Don’t be afraid to mix your style with shoes as they bring out a different vibe, more than any other accessory.

You can deliver an adventurous style or an elegant one, and it will solely depend on what shoes you choose to wear. For example, you can combine a maxi dress with sneakers or casual denim shorts and a summer shirt with heeled sandals, and you’ll have a unique style that is anything but boring. You can even see celebrities promoting unusual combinations with different summer outfits and shoes, so why not try them yourself?

Summer Bags, Scarves, And Sunglasses

lady carrying a summer bagPh. Artem Beliaikin (Unsplash)

If you were wondering how to accessorise your favourite summer outfit and be able to carry around tubes of sunscreen, lip-gloss, and other essentials, you can never go wrong with a tote bag. They’re perfect for an afternoon with your friends or even a casual day at the office. With so many different designs and styles, it’s the perfect bag for an effortless outfit addition. If you want to elevate your style, you can always go for a small or big straw bag, as it is perfect for the beach as well as casual evenings with friends.

What’s summer without cool sunglasses and unique scarves? Lightweight summer scarves are designed as a style accent to add a subtle splash to your summer outfits. Tie it around your summer bag or your neck with a cute knot, and even wear it in your hair as a hair accessory. Stylish sunglasses are a staple not just for summer but any other season. They protect your eyes from harmful rays and look great on anything you wear whether sporty or classy. From statement-making oversized to aviator’s sunglasses, your summer style can be set off perfectly with any pair you choose.

Final Thoughts

You may not think of styling your outfits as much in the summer, however, with a little creativity you can get a great summer look that will elevate not only your style but your mood as well. From simple summer hats to trendy sunglasses, there are plenty of choices to experiment with and find what best suits your style and preferences. Enjoy your summer being a little more trendy than usual.

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