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Monday, 29 June 2015 17:59

Nail Tips


A women’s journey with nail polish starts as a young girl, the little Barbie set of nail polish which you would get as a gift and you would paint your little nails and your friend’s nails. So much fun!! But those days making a mess of it, was fun as you get to do it all over again. But now with our busy lives and wanting your nails dry five minutes ago and nails polish smudges just not going with your OOTD. (outfit of the day)
Here some quick tips for those messy painting and for a quick dry fix

Dip Your Tips

This is a great tip for doing your nails on the run, just run your nails under cold water or place it in a bowl with cold water, for a few minutes. Then, gently touch your nails to feel if they are dry. If the polish still feel a bit tacky, put it back under for another few minutes.

71Ufq9ZlYEL. SL1500


Hate it when your polish just goes all over, you can avoid that by lining your nails with Vaseline or white craft glue before you apply your nail polish.

Another quick dry, cooking spray –

Non -stick cooking spray is another great tip to dry your polish fast.

cooking spray

The one I often do, is to fix a smudge by adjusting it with the tip of my tongue

image pinterest

Image Source Pinterest

Roll Rather Than Shake

I often do this, I shake the polish before applying it but it is better to roll it, to avoid air bubbles forming.

rolling nailpolish

Image source Pinterest

I hate it when my nail polish is too thick as applying it becomes messy, so my last tip is to place your nail polish in the fridge for 15 minutes before applying it. As this will thin it out and make it easier to apply.

get a

Thursday, 25 June 2015 16:28

What to wear to a wedding

I am sure that you have received at least one wedding invitation for this summer, it is the season after all. But attending a wedding comes with its own do’s and don’ts like;

1. Do not wear white

You really do not want to show up the bride, but do opt for something like this, Boat neck V cut back slit floral dress. Love this for an afternoon garden wedding.

wedding look

Available at

2. No wearing Red

Red is bold and always makes the wearer stand out and as this is the bride’s day and all eyes needs to be on her. Why not go for this floral flare dress in black with red floral detail. It is not all red so you will still be safe.

wedding 4


3. Do not overlook the invitations dress code

OH, what a blunder this will be, as the eyes will be on you for all the wrong reasons. For a formal black tie dress code a cocktail dress is required. If you are keeping it simple, this black irregular cut out lace hem is a good choice.


Available at

If it the dress code is relaxed colourful summer dress attire; option 1 this spaghetti strap asymmetrical dress would be my first pick

wedding 6

Option 2 I love this stand collar chiffon pleated dress, it’s summery and floaty

wedding outfit 2

Available at

Option 3 Vintage Floral chiffon pleated dress, no fuss beauty


Available at

4. Do not be a carbon copy of the Bridesmaids

I do not think that this is a mistake that any one wants to make, but to help you avoid it, a list of the top wedding colour schemes for 2015. So if possible ask the bride or one of the bridesmaids what the colour scheme is, so you can avoid looking like an extra bridesmaid.

wedding colors

Found on

Some ideas to play around with; One shoulder split maxi dress

wedding 5

Available at

Off the shoulder, high low floral dress

wedding rowme

Available at

Halter back split floral dress

wedding look

Available at

5. No inappropriate attire

The wedding is a bit classier then the Hen night or a girls club night so dress according to the occasion. You also do not want to look like you just stepped out of a convent all covered up. Keep with the dress code and make sure that nothing is hanging out but if you are showing some skin make sure that it is done in a way that does not offend some older guest or keep all eyes on you and not the bride.

When you do get that invitation in the post have a look at the dress code on the invitation. Stick with the above rules and you and the bride will both be happy on her big day.

Oriflame cosmetics are fast becoming a well know home brand. The brand which has its origins in Sweden, offers a wide range of high quality beauty and health products. Selling direct to their customers.

Here is a sneak peek into the brands, The One collection, an easy to wear and affordable collection for everyday beauty.

The One, Illusion Face Primer

Smooth’s out uneven skin and conceals the appearance of pores and fine lines. This is a lightweight primer, it glides unto the skin leaving it baby smooth and ready for, The One Illusion Foundation.

The foundation with its light-reflecting qualities, leaves skin with a natural glow and satin touch texture. Non greasy and with an SPF 20




Available in shades Porcelain, Fair Nude, Nude Pink, Light Ivory, Natural Beige, and Olive Beige

The One Illuskin concealer, a creamy liquid concealer. What is great about it, is that it does not settle into fine lines or crease and really conceals all blemishes. This is the perfect everyday wear concealer


Available in shades Porcelain, Fair light, Nude Pink, Nude Beige


The One Kajal eyeliner, available in Carbon black, Smokey charcoal and Midnight blue. Creamy textured and glides on easily for sultry eyes. Gives intense colour.


The One wonder Liner- dry’s quickly on application and gives a beautiful matte finishes with great staying power


The One Khol Pencil available in Black, Brown, Grey and Nude


The One Colour match eyeshadow duo, rich pigmented eye shadow with a silky textured, in complementary shades, good buildable coverage for a sheer or more dramatic look. Can also be used wet to double up as an. Available in shades, Black Pearl, Bronzed brown (pictured), Pink Mauve, Midnight purple, Denim blue and Forest green.


The 5-1 Wonder mascara, nourishes lashes while giving it more lift, length and volume with its high definition 3D lash-separating brush. One of their top sellers


Moisturizing and nourishing with shea butter and botanical oil and flexi wax that keeps lips well moisture all day. This is a multi-benefit lipstick with rich, lasting colour intensity and a luminous finish. Colour Comes in a variety of shades from light pinks, corals to red copper, colour featured- Red Passion


The One Triple core lipstick is a combination of vibrant colour, gloss and nourishment. With a high shine pearl in the centre for all day shine and colour.


The One Illuskin press powder is lightweight and gives skin a naturally luminous matte finish. With HaloLight Technology™ to perfect and illuminate complexion. Ultra fine silky texture blends into skin without caking or setting into fine lines. Colour variety – light, medium and dark


The One Illuskin Bronzing powder this is a versatile bronzer duo with darker bronzing shade for contouring and shimmering shade for highlighting, in a silky smooth powder. Perfect for that summer glow all year round.

Interested in finding out more about Oriflame cosmetics and finding a consultant in your area visit -

Wednesday, 24 June 2015 08:55

How to pack for a sun holiday

packing for summer holidays

“We are going on a summer holiday, la, la, la!!! “ Yes!! That exciting summer holiday is looming, time for some valuable “you time”.
The only snag is deciding what to pack. You have your suitcase ready and all your favorite holiday pieces from last year along with the new stuff you bought, is laid out on the bed and you are trying to figure out how on earth are you going to get it all into one suitcase.
I sense that there is a bit of panic, but there is no need to panic. All you need is a bit of skilful organizing and voila!!


Here is some basic tips for you to follow;

1. Make a list, write down each day of your trip and what you have planned to do on that day, lunch, sightseeing, sport or just lying on the beach or next to the pool. Now for each of these activities jot down what you want to wear, as this will show you what you can wear, for example the same pair of trouser, dress or skirt, can you wear it at least twice during your holiday. This will leaves more space in your suitcase.

2. Now with your list, lay out all your pieces and see how each pieces co-ordinates with another pieces. Do not take any pieces that does not match any of the items that you have picked and laid out. For example do not take that bright green top if you are not taking anything that matches with it.

3. Mixing colours is perfect for summer but you do not need to take all the colours in your wardrobe, just pack the key pieces that you know you can mix and match.

4. Keep your trousers and jackets in neutral shades like white, cream, navy and denim as it make is easier to match your tops.
5. Economise on space by putting items like shower gel into smaller containers or folding/rolling clothes neatly, as you might need space for items that you bought on your holidays.

6. Pack your shoes, like 1 pair of heels, sandals and flip flops, at the bottom of your suitcase and use the corners of your suitcase for small items like underwear.

7. Take at least one or two scarves, as you can wear it as a mini skirt over your bikini or as a turban to protect your hair from sun damage
Now that your suitcase is packed, all that is left, is for you to start counting down the days to your sun holiday.


Monday, 22 June 2015 20:22

Black is Beautiful

Black is beautiful 1

Black is mysterious, it’s elegant and sophisticated.

Putting on a black suit can make you feel in control as it hides all fear, and a LBD makes you feel sexy.
Black is slimming as it blurs out any and all lines and leaves no shadows, as it absorbs rather than reflects light, thus creating a balanced, sleek and slimmed down appearance.

Although is not really considered a colour, it is and has always been the number one go to colour for most women.
In the famous words of Coco Chanel “A women needs just three things; a black dress, a black sweater, and, on her arm a man she loves”

Chanel simplified women’s fashion during 1926 when Vogue magazine published a drawing by her of a simple Black dress. The LBD then lived on through the designs of Versace, YSL and the most famous LBD worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1961, designed by Givenchy for the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

“Black is Beautiful” wear it proudly!!!


Here are so tips, if black is your go to colour

Make sure it’s the right fit, when wearing black on black, the fit of your pieces are important. Remember black is slimming so your pieces can be more fitting rather than shapeless.

Stay clear of clingy shiny fabrics like lycra, sequins or satin as it will creates shadow and reflection that will highlight any lumps and bumps that you want to hide.

Pair different textures and fabrics

Wearing black of black creates a straight vertical line

When wearing black in summer, choose pieces that are season appropriate, like chiffon, silk and linen and heavier fabrics like wool for winter.

Spice it up with bold accessories, like jewellery, and we all know a red lip or leopard print shoe always looks good against black

Switch between day and night by making little changes, like lipstick colour, when wearing a LBD from work to after work cocktails. Try a bold deep red for night and a nude lip stain for day

LBD for your shape

lbd for your shape

black is

Wednesday, 17 June 2015 20:06

3 Simple Tips

It’s the small things that can make a huge difference!!!

3 simple tips1

nude and monochrome

Image Source Pinterest

3 simple tips2

mix prints

Image source Pinterest

3 simple tips3

printed accesories

Image Source Pinterest

Tuesday, 16 June 2015 21:05

The Design House

The Design House, is a hub of Irish fashion and design, offering cutting edge fashion, jewellery, bridal, vintage and a variety of crafts. Housed in a fabulous Georgian building, a space where over 50 Irish designers, 60 craft designers and 16 artists live out their creative dreams.

The concept of the Design House is to bring together designers, craftspeople and artists, in a space where they can create, meet with prospective clients and retail their products to a wide range of customers.

Having just celebrated the success of their summer 2015 Fashion Show in partnership with The Mater Foundation (official charity for the Mater Hospital –Dublin)

The show offered attendees a peek into this seasons latest limited edition looks ranging from daywear, accessories, occasion wear and bridal.
Here are some of the highlights from the show


Wedding dress by Evelyn Campbell

Evelyn Campbell started her design career with her Street wear fashion labels, Rich Clothing Company, Pump, and Bodyline. Her focus now has shifted towards bridal and special occasion wear creating unique and individualized garments for the lady that walks by her own tune.


Dress by Golden Stitch

Ginan Abbas, originally from Iraq, has lived in Ireland for 14 years. Her designs are inspired by nature and beautiful fabrics. Ginan wants women to feel beautiful, because she feels that, ‘There is so much pressure on women to conform to the perfect body shape’. She wants them to celebrate their body shape by designing pieces that fits them rather than the other way around. ‘I create unique and unusual pieces that will stand out from the norm but which fit the wearer perfectly.’


Dress by B Fashion Design and Hat by Mark Garvie Millinery

B fashion Design is a fashion design label by Bébhinn Flood. Bébhinn graduated from the Limerick Institute of Technology with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design in 2004. After qualifying, Bébhinn gained experience of couture fashion, working with noted designers such as John Rocha, Joanne Hayes and Carol Smith. Subsequent to that Bébhinn worked in the mass market side of the trade as a designer at Max Pierre. Her designs can be described as modern vintage chic, integrating classic craft techniques with modern fabrics to create unique modern pieces that are fun, wearable, practical, quirky and unique yet still graceful, elegant and definitively feminine.

Mark Garvie Millinery, having trained as a bespoke milliner in the UK and Ireland after leaving the world of floristry where he was an international award winning floral designer. His designs are inspired his floral designs, architecture, art, sculpture and nature.

Yr PwIKq 6uSJCHCFusc8zr7YkZyeyWdHjxULKtvkOw

Kimonos by Kimono Queen, yellow gown by The Golden Stitch, and colourful gown by B Fashion Design


Bags from The Designer Exchange and tights from Tights Department

bxnX uTvWpVK6o0BroR0RSq6kB41nw q84CW1k3oAQU

TpHYdVN F9qFBX9a9N0P3WvEDIpGbDQihkaomEqxYQ8

Find out more about these new Rising stars and the Design house @

Images courtesy of The Design House

Looking for comfort, but you still want to be on trend then Block heels are the way to go. A chunky block heel can make a bold fashion statement.

dorothyperkins 8244841091612230

Dorothy Perkins white block sandal & Blue tailored trousers and Blue swing top

dorothyperkins 82448420383620

dorothyperkins 824484538875519

Denim button down shirt dress and Tan block strappy sandal @ Dorothy Perkins

dorothyperkins 824484259263784

dorothyperkins 8244842107020081

Khaki printed jacket, white vest and printed shorts with black open toe block heel @ Dorothy Perkins

dorothyperkins 8244842125259078

dorothyperkins 824484304391592

Dress, belt and chocolate suede block heal sandal @ Dorothy Perkins

dorothyperkins 82448461267687

Shop now @

Friday, 12 June 2015 18:03

Weekend Look Inspiration


It’s the Freaking Weekend, Yeah!!! Time to get rid of those boring office wear and show off. I got you covered with some weekend look inspiration, whether you are going to lunch with friends, shopping, drinks and dancing or hanging out poolside.

My favs are boxy tops and co-ords and off course finding just the right swimsuit for my beach debut. Here are some weekend inspiration and just some basic tips for buying your swimsuit.


Boxy tops are so versatile, you can pair them with basically everything. Styled with shorts for a fun look. Keep them cropped when wearing them with high-waisted shorts and if shorts are not your thing try a skinny jeans, it will do wonders for your legs as it will elongate your legs, making them look longer. I especially like this printed one from Romwe, its playful and will look great with a mini skirt, shorts or skinny jeans.

Dots are all the rage so have fun in this dotted shorts form Romwe, they will even look great with a pair of heels for a night of fun.


Co-ords are just great, they make dressing so much easier and work well for day or night. Pair them with heels or wedges for a more dressed up look or flat/sandals for a more casual day look.


When it comes to swimsuits, make sure to choose one that shows of your best bits and hides the not so best bits. The key is to find a swimsuit that balances your proportions, so know your body shape before shopping for your swimsuit.

The Pear Shape

You are curvy at the hips and thighs and smaller on the top. Go for a bottom that falls just below the largest part of the upper leg and for the top go for a plunging neckline that draws the eyes to your top part and away from the bottom.

Large Bust

Go for underwired or moulded cups and stay clear of embellishments because you want the eye away from your bust. Avoid ruffles or embellishments as this will just draw attention to your large bust.

Small Bust

Go for embellished or detailed tops to create an illusion of a larger bust

Apple Shape

You carry more weight around your midsection, so you want to conceal your tummy area. Choose high-waisted or tankini styles to conceal your tummy.


You want to highlight your curves but still gives enough support. You want to stay away from monokinis or string bikinis with thicker ties, as this will just accentuate your widest, hips area.

An asymmetrical swim suits will draw the eye towards your neckline and in turn highlighting the line from your neck to your collarbone. Also try to colour block, one colour for your top and another for your bottom, this will highlight your shape.

It is important to know your shape, even for everyday shopping. But in the case of swimwear it is just a little bit more important, because you are so much more exposed and you want to look and show off your best bits.

My philosophy, weekends are for having fun. Let your hair loose, and hide that boring week wear in the back of your closet. Choose a look that will suit your personality and have fun with it and remember keep smiling because a killer smile is always in fashion.


Wednesday, 10 June 2015 20:32

Queen of the village

IMG 2065 dramatic

In the words of Marilyn Monroe, “give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world” Buqisi-Ruux shoes will not only help you to conquer the world but it will make you feel like a queen.

The label draws inspiration from African art, Beauty and Culture, Buqisi-Ruux shoes are a true representation of the vibrancy, diversity and boldness that is the African continent.

The label is the brainchild of three sisters Lynn Bugari, Tetsi Bugari and Nuba Elamin, who had a passion to make all women feel like royalty and to share their love and pride in the African continent and its heritage.

group pic

The name, Buqisi-Ruux, symbolizes what these three sisters find important, to inspire and empower women with the name meaning "Queen of the Village". Buqisi comes from an ancient Egyptian word meaning Queen while Ruux represents their home-town Rukungiri, (Kenya).

The Ankara printed heels are custom made, with each shoe named after strong African women, who have and continue to inspire those around them.

DSC 0996 copy


samali red

dsc 0690

Find your pair and start your reign as queen