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Tuesday, 09 June 2015 21:28

I Love Sneakers

2015 06 09 2143

Not every fashionista love sneakers, because they do not really tie an outfit together like a pair of snazzy sexy heels. But whether you love or hate them, they do add a certain pizazz to any outfit.

Sneakers can be a great way to change up your look, especially if tend to gravitate towards the same look day after day. Switch things up with a pair of crafty and trendy sneakers. Pair it with everything from skirts, pants, dresses and everything else in between in your closet. Sneakers gives a sporty vibe to your look but you can still maintain your girly look.


Image Source Pinterest Street style- Grey tutu with popping pink sneakers. The tutu makes the outfit still girly, the sneakers and accessories gives it a more edgy look.


Image Source Pinterest

Take it to the office- Love Alexa Chung’s look, New Balance sneakers, paired with a cropped slim-line pants suit

Nike High tops - Colourful and fun designs


nike 2

Pair it with a dress for a fun and playful look


Images source Pinterest


We have all had a pair on Converse in out closets. Versatile and so on trend, with jeans, shorts, mini skirts and dresses


Image Source Pinterest


Adidas Gazelle I love this sneaker, its simple and clean. Tone down sparkly sequins with black or neutral coloured sneakers.


Image Source Pinterest

You can never really go wrong with a pair of sneakers!! How do you wear your sneakers?

Monday, 08 June 2015 20:25

The Smell of Summer

A special fragrance, can trigger memories of good and happy times. Summer smells of fresh mowed lawns, barbecue, sweet flowers, juicy fruits and salty seas. All memories of good times and joyful laughter with friends and family.

3 of my favourite memory making summer fragrances

ESCADA Turquoise Summer

Seize the day, live in the moment, seek adventures be playful, all the things that makes a great summer.

A refreshing fruity scent of wild berries, strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrant, paired with the fresh floral scent of violet, orange flowers and vanilla


Calvin Klein -CK One Summer

The smell conjures up smells of a summer night, sunset on the beach with a zesty cocktail in hand.

Combines the fruity sweetness and earthy smells of summer

With top notes of lime and lemon peel, juniper berry and iced watermelon, combined with ginger root and ginger, star anise and wet cucumber with just a hint of musk, amber-wood and patchouli.


Bronze Goddess

The ultimate summer fragrance, sunshine in a bottle. A blend of Bergamot, warm amber, tiare flower and vanilla combined with delicious creamy coconut. A light and dainty smell of long summer days.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Collection For Summer 2015 2


Image source Pinterest

Ellie Goulding the British songstress is to be the new spokes-model for MAC cosmetics. Following in the footsteps of stars like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus. The new collection will be launching in autumn 2016 and will feature various shades of nude "Oi oi SO excited to finally share what I've been working on with @MACcosmetics!!! #MACEllieGoulding drops in Dec/Jan!" the caption for her Instagram post, followed by a close up image of the collection to come.

We all waiting with bathed breath for the new collection to come to a store new us !!!


Image source Pinterest

Wednesday, 03 June 2015 10:25

Summer Basics: The bodycon dress

The bodycon or body conscious dress is probably one of summer’s most basic pieces. Comes in a variety of colours, from mini to midi. Easy and versatile to wear paired with sneakers or sandals for a casual look and heels for a dressed up look. The bodycon makes a statement on its own so keep accessories to a minimal

summer basics1

summer basics2

Add a jacket, or loose fitting shirt or a loose-fitting cardigan if you are feeling self-conscious

summer basics3

This is a figure hugging pieces so if you are a full figured women, go for something with a bit of stretch, that accentuates your curves like this envelope hemline and plunging V-neckline style. A dark colour is always good if you are a bit body-shy as it creates a long, lean and vertical line giving the impression of a slimmer figure. A panelled design with black or navy panels create the illusion of a smaller waist. Shapewear is also a good idea to hide any lumps and bumps.

fuller figure

Image source Pinterest -

Tuesday, 02 June 2015 09:00

Summer Fruits

Summer Fruits1

Just because summer is still deciding, whether or not she wants to brace us with her presence, does not mean that we cannot enjoy the fruits of her labour. Juicy, sweet smelling summer fruits!!!

My favourite fruity skincare

Mango body scrub


Rich in Vitamin A, which helps to rid your skin of dead cells and gives life to new cells. You can eat half of the Mango and use the other half for a sweet summer scrub

• 1 Mango
• 2 teaspoons of Oats
• 1 teaspoon of Honey

Put the cut up mango (cut into chunks) in a blender until it’s a smooth puree, then mix in the oats and honey and stir well. Use it in or before showering, applying it in circular motion, from your feet moving upwards, all over body, scrub for 2-5 minutes then rinse and moisturise well.

Can be enjoyed by all skin types



These little berries are full of vitamin A and C and high in antioxidants that fights against free radical that causes premature aging. So the perfect anti-aging agent. Can be used in a sugar scrub or mask.

Ingredients for Blackberry mask
• 2 tablespoons plain yogurt
• 2 tablespoons honey
• 1/4 cup black berries

Mix together in blender until mixture is nice and smooth Apply face and leave on for 10-20 minutes and rinse off
I recommend the Blackberry mask for the summer time, as too much sun time, can contribute to skin aging.



The enzymes and AHAs found in pineapples are natural exfoliates and skin lightener. The Bromelain enzyme in pineapples helps to remove of the outer layer of skin, and reduces age spots and wrinkles.

Pineapple Sugar Body Scrub

• Half a pineapple
• 1 cup of sugar

Put pieces of pineapple in blender and blend until a smooth puree, mix in the sugar and add oil of your choice. Scrub away to bright glowing skin.



Enriched with Vitamin C strawberries can be used as a toner and also works to correct un-even skin complexion. Strawberries can also be used as a teeth whitener.

Strawberry sugar scrub

• Strawberries
• Almond oil (or oil of your choice)
• Sugar

Finely cut up your strawberries, mash it and mix with almond oil and sugar and Voila!!!

Whether you enjoy it as a yummy smoothie, a healthy snack or as a pamper treat, summer fruits are full of nourishing nutrients for body and skin.

Thursday, 28 May 2015 21:39

Made in Chelsea star at South Beach

Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson launches her Selfie, South Beach, 12 Piece Edit.

The Edit is made up of bikinis, a beach bag, and beachwear cover ups, perfect for any holiday.

Lucy who has been familiar with South Beach for a few years now, says, "that she tries to go away whenever she has time off" and with the summer approaching, it seemed sensible to combine her love of the beach with her fondness for the brand.

She chose her favourite 12 pieces from the collection, to form her edit. She believes that it offers something for everyone, but her favourite is the Bianca style bikini in the new colours, green and pink. Stating that she is, "looking forward to wearing them in Mykonos at the end of the month on my girl's holiday."

Whether you are wearing it lounging next to a pool or showing it off on a beach, nothing makes a statement quite like a swimsuit. The pieces from the Lucy Watson Edit is fun, it's sexy and ever so chic!! Taking you from day on the beach to sipping mojitos at sunset. And maybe, who knows, one of the piece, will help you groove back" Take a peek into the new Lucy Watson Edit @ South Beach @

Bronze goddess

IMG 2139


75514T  75514B 2

Neive a Rust coloured two piece

The bandeau top has a macramé design detail at the centre front and tassel along the bust line with small gold beads. Fastens with a clasp and has a removable halter neck strap. Matching briefs.

Pair the bandeau top (strapless) with a flowy maxi skirt and a kimono for cocktails at sunset

Art splashes

75500T  75501B 2

IMG 2136


southbeachofficial 13198302028214467

Look stunning in this Andrea Art Haus printed bustier Swimsuit with neon lime trim Pair with palazzo pants, wide brim sunhat and wedges for a light lunch as a beach café.

Pink Flamingo

IMG 2134



Gia Flamingo print bandeau bikini top & Gwen Flamingo print fill brief. Love the cute jewelled gold flamingo trim at the centre front of the bandeau top

Guiliana 1


IMG 2137

Animal prints


amimal print bikini

Boho at the beach

Crochet bikini

IMG 2138

Love it shop @

Wednesday, 27 May 2015 22:53

Curly Hair Treatment

natural curls

Taking care of naturally curly hair can be quite an intensive task, I know some ladies that have a really crazy regime of taking care of their natural curls. I must admit that I can be very lazy when it comes to taking care of my curls but I try. It is that laziness that sometimes leave my hair dry and then needs some extra care to get it back to healthy and moisturised curls.

Here are some of my favourite hair treatments

Olive oil

Applying olive oil to my hair before I was it and then letting it sit under a plastic cap for about 45minutes before washing my hair. This why you give the oil to completely absorb into the hair follicles. Olive oil also improves the strength and elasticity of your hair.

olive oil

Mayonnaise and Avocado Conditioner for dry and frizzy hair.

Make your own: Mix 1 cup of mayonnaise with 1/2 avocado until you have a paste. Rub it on your hair and cover your head with a plastic cap.

Wrap a hot towel around it. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash. Try to repeat this treatment once a week for great results.

mayonnaise and avo mask

Then there are some treatments that I like to leave overnight on my hair, which are the Argan oil hair mask. There are a variety of Argan oil mask, but I like the one in picture below, which I bought in the Euro pound store. This mask is enriched with proteins, Kertain and infused with Argan oil.

Just make sure to cover your hair with a plastic cap and a head scarf, keeping it nice and warm allowing the treatment to work its magic. This treatment restores elasticity, improves hair texture and makes hair easy to manage.

Boots Coconut & Almond Intensive Hair Mask. I also like to leave this one overnight for soft, moisture hair in the morning.

If I want something quick, then there is the 1minute treatment from Garnier- Ultimate blends sleek restorer for frizzy hair. Love this one, leaves my hair smelling nice, soft and frizz free Best part is I can apply it while in the shower and just rinse it off when I am done and I am ready to go.

Hair mask

Tuesday, 26 May 2015 22:22

Sun Care

Sunshine, yes we all need it but it can be harmful to our skin, if we are not sun-careful. Here is some tips to be sun safe this summer

Go For Water

The summer sun leaves skin oilier, so it is best to ditch those oil based products and go for water based products. As the temperatures goes up so does your internal skin temperatures and can cause water to vaporise from your skin cells, making it thirsty. Thus opt for water based products which will add the needed moisture to your skin.

Do try: Lancôme Hydra Zen Neurocalm Extrême Soothing Moisturising Cream-Gel

lancome gel moisturizer

Enriched with botanical extracts it provides hydration for up to 12 hours. It helps to restore skin, making it more supple, smooth, soft and radiant. Suitable for all skin types.

The quickest and easiest way is just to keep up your water in-take throughout the day


SPF numbers, I know can often be confusing 20, 30, 50 which one do you pick. Well just because it is a SPF 50, it does not mean that it is more effective. It is not about the number but about how generously you apply it to your skin. So do layer it on tick if you want to avoid sunburn.
Do try: Hawaiian Tropic Protective Sun Lotion SPF 30 with UVA and UVB. Pampers and protects, it has a light and silky feel, contains vitamins C & E and is water resistant.


Remember cover your neck and chest and any skin that is exposed to the sun.

Protect, Protect And Protect

Vitamin C serum is great for protecting skin cells, fighting harmful DNA damage that contributes to aging. Vitamin C also increases the effectiveness of SPF.

Boost your vitamin C intake with fruits such as grapefruit, papaya, tomatoes and goji berries.

Do try: Body shop Vitamin C Instant glow enhancer – revitalizes skin leaving it soft and smooth

vitamin c serum

Cool It Down

We do get those days when we forget to apply our sunscreen and ends up with sunburn. So if you are having one of those days, natural yoghurt or Aloe Vera gel are wonderful soothers

A Snooze In The Shade

Spending too much time in the sun can bring about brown spot/sun spots, as the sun triggers inflammation which can increase melanin activity resulting in hyper-pigmentation. Although this might not be caused by the sun's rays but the heat our skin feels. So spend some time in the shade to let your body cool down also avoid very hot shower or very hot water when washing your face.

Tips for the best summer

Tuesday, 26 May 2015 13:23

Yellow Sunshine

Walking around the shop over the weekend I spotted a lot of yellow, not really a colour that I would wear in a complete outfit. The colour of gold, butter and ripe lemon are often associated with happiness, laughter and good times, the colour of the sun. Found on the colour wheel between green and orange.

Sunshine yellow might not compliment all our skin tones, so find the right shade of yellow that works for you. When out shopping hold the colour up to your face and see what it does, does it brighten and lift your face or does the colour make you fade into the back ground.
Have a look at the shades of yellow, you are bound to find the right shade for you.

Yellow shades

Image source Pinterest

Choosing the right yellow for your

A very dark or deep skin tone - Deep Colouring characteristics:
Hair colour ranges from all sorts of black, ash black, bluish black, reddish black to chestnut brown, and even dark auburn.

Eye colour is usually brown, black-brown, dark brown, medium brown, dark hazel or dark green.

Skin tone varies - from olive, dark olive, tan-brown to black skin

Darker skin tones like Alex Wek, look gorgeous in golden yellow

 Yellow 4

Image source Pinterest

 Yellow 2

Image source Pinterest

Also remember that your undertone will determine the right Yellow for you.

Warm Undertones look best it in rich, golden colours such as marigold, bright yellow, jade, moss and lime.

Cool undertones looks best in true colours like lemon yellow

Yellow 3

Image source Pinterest

Lighter skin tones – Soft Colouring

Ladies in this category have the most neutral colouring in the colour analysis because they have are a mixture of warm and cool undertones
Light brown hair, lighter eyes and skin tone, many mixed women with lighter eyes and/or skin tone fall in this group.

 Yellow 1

Image Source Pinterest

Dominant characteristics

Hair colour is often described as mousy - warm and cool - and often without any natural highlights.

Eye colour is typically hazel or brown.

Skin tone appears neutral, a little bit of warm and cool.

If you have a warm undertone try buttermilk yellow and if your undertone is cool try lemon yellow.

Compliment your yellow with

Complimenting colours

If yellow is your base colour you can pair it with blue, turquoise, pinks and purple just make sure to match the shades of the two colours you are pairing

Splashes of yellow

splashes of yellow

Be bright, let the sun shine and spread happiness Have fun with yellow!!!

Thursday, 21 May 2015 16:56

Crunch Time

The first day of the New Year we all make the resolution to stay fit. We do all the healthy eating and drinking for the first few months then we get bored off it. Come spring and we start to peel of the layers of winter and the looming of summer and that beach holiday, it becomes crunch time. With the bikini beach body becoming our goal so we try and fit in as much exercise and healthy eating as we can.


Some of my own favourite beach body workouts are from the Popsugar fitness channel on youtube I love the high intensity 10 minute workouts that you can fit in any time of the day. Workout ranges from yoga, boot-camp workouts and HIIT workouts. You can easily fit these workouts in anytime of the day especially if you are on crunch time. I like to switch things up so I do not get bored so I focus on just arms for one week and then switch over to just legs and then a whole week of full body workouts and then adding in yoga for strength and stretching.

Get your bikini body on in Active wear from Forever 21, at least you will look good while building up a sweat



Another of my picks for post workout is Cleanse water


Benefits of Cleanse Water

• Lemon juice and cayenne pepper are both immune boosters and natural detoxifiers

• Lemons aid digestion, help fight hunger cravings, and help stimulate the liver to remove toxins

• Cayenne pepper helps the body sweat out toxins while improving blood and lymphatic circulation so your cells get more nutrients

I always start my workout with a cup (not a full cup as it can be a bit hot) of cayenne pepper on hot water then enjoy the lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper and honey mix throughout the day.

With summer just a few weeks away, here are some helpful tips for eating healthy at the office.

1. Go for water rather than coffee Swap H20 for Coffee, I suggest taking with you to work the cayenne pepper, honey and ginger water or make your own fruit infused water.

2. It is often just easier to eat at your desk when you are supper busy but never eat at your desk. You can never really enjoy your food and do not feel like you are eating so later on you reward yourself with something sweet and nice. Go sit in the office eating space or go out to the park that way you are adding some exercise by walking.

3. It's okay to have just that one sweet treat, because telling yourself that you cannot have it will just make you crave it more and its then that we overindulge. So have the one but only the one.

4. Pack your own lunch it will not just safe you money but as you are on crunch time you will make sure that it is healthy.

5. Snack on nuts like Pistachios as they will keep you full until home time.

Good luck ladies!! Crunch time is not what I would recommend for a fit and healthy summer body but every little helps. What is best, is just to stick to that New Year's resolution, keep fit and healthy throughout the year for a killer summer body.