Maryanne Alabi

Wednesday, 24 July 2019 16:21

Feel'in The Void

Because one is more authentic, the more it looks like what he has dreamed of itself.

SAP Model Daniel TheLedMan 2 1

SAP Model Daniel TheLedMan 4 1

SAP Model Daniel TheLedMan 6 2

SAP Model Daniel TheLedMan 8 1

SAP Model Daniel TheLedMan 11 1

SAP Model Daniel TheLedMan 14 1

SAP Model Daniel TheLedMan 20 1

SAP Model Daniel TheLedMan 24 1

SAP Model Daniel TheLedMan 25 1

SAP Model Daniel TheLedMan 26 1

SAP Model Daniel TheLedMan 28 2

Look One

Beige Trench coat : fourteen zero seven

Black denims : Levis

Boots : call it spring 

Scarf : Mayreejay Fashion store

Rings :Mayreejay fashion store

Look Two 

Jacket : fourteen zero seven

Turtle neck Top : Rick Dusi Global

Leather pants : forever 21

Neckpiece : Mayreejay fashion store

Rings : Mayreejay fashion store

Shoes : Tommy Hilfiger

Look Three

Leather pants : Forever 21

Accessories : Mayreejay fashion store

Look Four

T shirt : Gdwn. studio

Hat : Mayreejay fashion store

Earring : Mayreejay fashion store

Style story and creative direction: MaryAnne Alabi

Photography: Shola Ajisegbede, @sniperajix

Stylist: MaryAnne Alabi

Model: Daniel Ajayi, @iamdanielajayi of ledmodelmgt

International fashion consultant / Stylist: Maryanne Alabi @mayreejay

Wednesday, 20 December 2017 12:17

The Adventures Of Being A Non- Conformist

This season's accessories and beauty trends are to die for. As we explore the adventures of being a non- conformist. This editorial captures the very essence of being bold and free while baring all that lies beneath.

SAP Editorial ItsWrapped 1 preview

SAP Editorial ItsWrapped 4 preview

SAP Editorial ItsWrapped 5 preview

SAP Editorial ItsWrapped 8 preview

SAP Editorial ItsWrapped 11 preview

SAP Editorial ItsWrapped 12 preview

SAP Editorial ItsWrapped 26 preview

Photo Credit: Photography- Shola Ajisegbede | @sholaajisegbede for Sniper Ajix Photography | @sniper_ajix

Model- Blessing Obila | @mz_basilia

MakeUp- Temitope | @adella_makeup

HairStylist- Tony Aigbogun | @beautyace7

Styleing & accessorries - Maryanne Alabi | @mayreejay

Location- The Range, Lagos Nigeria

Written by Maryanne Alabi